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  1. Clearly one of the requirements for the environmental review is to install heatshields on all local wildlife. Also this is fun. Those walkthroughs with Everyday Astronaut were great. Wonder if they'll take him up on venting gas to protect the flap hinges too. https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/one-of-the-biggest-improvements-elon-musk-fixes-starship-rocket-after-youtubers-query-2982535
  2. Im guessing many will, but probably not the robotic parts. Id be pretty happy with a full overhaul of the part inventory because there are a lot of weird gaps. Structural parts particularly. (Can we just have low-profile, medium, and steep adapters with tank options between each form factor?) Im also pretty happy for them to restructure the engines to make a solid set of intermediate size/ power options for each fuel system. Im sure we’ll have big parts but a big question is the 1.875m parts which are super handy. And Breaking Ground also did a bunch of interesting things with the science system that I hope are considered in more integrated way. Long story short we don’t really know?
  3. Edit: Ive retracted this post in the name of mutual civility. I think we can all be more patient with each other, even me.
  4. Sorry guys. Im a patient guy but we’re done here. If this is about a last word have at it. We’ve acknowledged and given you answers to all those concerns so many times now there just is no point in trying to get through to you. I cant fix your emotions for you. Please don’t continue to clog up the conversation and hold the board hostage.
  5. And if the only thing that will address your concerns is a full gameplay walkthrough you'll probably have to wait another 6 months. The game is not yet complete. You'll see things like colonies and multiplayer when they're ready. Complaining about that every day until then isn't going to change anything.
  6. Which you will get, probably in 6 months or so. You can choose to deal with that however you like.
  7. [snip] We get it. We hear you. You think its all secretly a disaster and you won’t believe otherwise until you see it. Thats fine. Just sit tight and wait to see it then. Once again, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  8. Well then you know by now that we are nearly a year from release and the things you are asking to see are still being actively worked on. It'll be ready when it's ready. I don't think it could be simpler. If for some reason the game gets delayed until summer or fall or if T2 suddenly goes bankrupt and the game is shelved literally nothing bad will happen to you. Your life will be exactly like it is now. Sitting in the back and asking "are we there yet" every 5 minutes doesn't make the car go faster. It just makes the ride unpleasant for everyone involved.
  9. A quick note for the kids watching from home: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  10. The other thing is your average gamer isn’t necessarily a good game designer. They aren’t bad at identifying problems, but they also aren’t necessarily good at coming up with solutions. To ask them to design the game is to ask for a bunch of discombobulated features that don’t necessarily work together. This is generally why “design by committee” doesn’t produce good results. One example is the mission builder from Making History. Folks were never very happy with the generative contracts from KSP1, but if you were on this board around 2016-2017 you would have heard a lot of players asking to be able to define all their own mission parameters rather than rely on random ones. Hence the mission builder was born. It wasn’t a crazy idea, but sadly it never really caught on and mostly flopped. People thought they wanted to define their own missions but thats because they felt frustrated by arbitrary contracts and kinda just preferred sandbox. But the solution was not to give them what they thought they wanted and leave all the constraints to players. The solution was to carefully build a set of backbone missions that aren’t arbitrary and give progression a more defined structure. Thankfully that sounds a lot like what Intercept has in mind for ‘adventure mode’.
  11. And 20 years ago you got a game from the store on a CD rom and it had the bugs it had and you fixed them yourself or learned to live with it. 20 years from now it'll be climate change wars and global collapse and video games will be a forgotten luxury. We're literally living in the golden age of Dev's giving a damn and still its not enough for some people.
  12. Since most of your post is gobbledigook I would like you to tell us in explicit, inside knowledge terms what you think you know about the dissolution of Star Theory and the formation Intercept, since you have clearly divined something that no one else has any evidence of. I need you to tell us exactly what supposed harms were committed against you by dorks making a game about green men going to space that we are ignoring. Be as clear on this as you are able.
  13. I don't think they've grown so much as two or three of you just repeat the same arguments over and over again. We have indeed answered in good faith, offered completely reasonable and obvious explanations, you just don't agree. I still don't entirely understand why you're so disgruntled about all this or why you seem to take any of this personally, but thats okay. You're completely entitled to your opinion.
  14. It's really just 3 or 4 people here who are feeling particularly anxious, and even a full 15m dev video didn't settle them down for more than 24h. Most of us get that we've got 9 or 10 months before release and we're happy to wait.
  15. I just don’t think any of these things are that unusual nearly a year out from release. You probably won’t get specifics on multiplayer or colonization or tech progression for several more months. KSP already has a pretty devoted core following and its kind of a waste of time and resources to gin everyone up this far out. As has been pointed out we’ve gotten way more information and feedback about KSP2 than much bigger games like Starfield and Elden ring at similar stages. It doesn’t say anything negative about the PR team at all. The dev blogs and dev videos and occasional show and tells are great. The default is to just keep the powder dry until a month or 3 before release, so anything we get now is gravy. As far as multiplayer goes we’ll just have to see. I think it could be a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t pin all your hopes on it being exactly what you want.
  16. No you didn't. That show simultaneously destroyed my childhood and made me the weirdo I am today. I just wrapped Better Call Saul season 5 so I can dive into 6, and couldn't help but revisit Breaking Bad. I've revised my vote: Best Series Pound for Pound/ Per episode: HBO's Watchmen Most Perfect TV series: Breaking Bad Best TV series: The Wire I can pretty honestly say nothing else even rates.
  17. Take Two is also a publicly traded company in a relatively volatile marketplace. We're probably headed toward a (hopefully mild) recession in the next 6 months and capital is moving to safe harbors or big returns on easy gambles. Then there's that whole SEC thing which Im not particularly an expert on. Needless to say any public announcement by Intercept has to be cleared.
  18. Yeah just start with the New Home campaign... and keep in mind.. you're not supposed to go as evil as possible. Ahem. yes, though. On topic about Hype for Good Game Mechanics!
  19. I have! and its great. Prison Architect is great too, but there are some other weird ones like Block'hood that employ slightly different balance/sustainability mechanics that are super interesting and probably applicable to this whole resource flow problem. The really clever bit comes when its not just min-maxing production, but carefully balancing the right amounts of each resource to convert and flow efficiently and keep the whole system alive. Another good example is Frostpunk. Really dark aesthetic and ethos, but the way they balance a relatively small number of basic resources to eek out survival is just *chefs kiss*
  20. Given all the mess that happened with Star Theory we'll probably never see a full explanation for obvious legal and professional reasons, but, just me guessing, I don't think it was ever actually possible to release a quality game with the advertised scope within that timeframe. To actually make the game we saw in the trailers was probably always going to take 4+ years start to finish. Maybe Star theory was never able to admit that. The truth is we'll never know. At this stage, seeing the care and thought they've put into little details like radiators and plumes and tessellation and realistic scatter and a dozen other things I have all the hope in the world the same level of thoughtfulness will be applied to resource collection and colonies. Thats just me though. Like I said pessimism is absolutely your right.
  21. Well as has been discussed in several other threads we saw almost nothing from Elden Ring or most other games when we were nearly a year from release. It doesn't mean anything, good or bad. The core gameplay from KSP1 is known, and the bits we're missing--colonies, multiplayer, and other nice things like mission planning and how UI will handle interstellar encounters and long-duration burns are in all likelihood still being developed. If the game is coming out next Jan-March we'll probably see demonstrations of most of that late fall/early winter. From what I've seen Im pretty optimistic. It's perfectly okay if you wish to see a negative result as a default assumption, but there's no evidence to support that either.
  22. I think no to both, and Nate was pretty emphatic that KSP2 doesn't want to be a management sim with some building and flying attached, it wants be the other way around. At the same time even KSP1 is absolutely about managing resources in space--different fuels, power, heat, etc. and I'd love if colonies follow the same kind of logic, that they were machines with different lego components that consume and produce resources. Otherwise they're just window dressing. Its obviously not Factorio, there are no belts or logic gates, but because of ISRU and off-world VABs and supply routes there is going to be resource inputs and outputs that you'll have to balance. Now, it was some time ago that they talked about water and cesium, so these could have been abstracted or eliminated, but if those are important resources in the game I think it raises a lot of interesting questions about how intermediate resources are produced and combined. Do you need water to produce LH2+02? Or snacks? Is cesium just spent reactor fuel that you can feed into MH engines?
  23. Man Id really advise you to take a tour through the dev blogs and show and tells over the last 18 months. Many of those interstellar engines were shown before Nertea signed on, not to mention a lot of other development both in terms of environment and terrain and things like resource processors, reactors, orbital shipyard components, etc. Maybe you just missed this stuff?
  24. @PDCWolf Of course, we have no idea whether the game will be great or flawed but great or a let down, but a 3 month delay also doesn't change what we could know about that. All Im saying is when you hear these people talk about the game--the people who are actually doing the work--they seem completely passionate about producing a great product and I see no sign of deception or ill-intent. They're obviously hard at work, and if T2 is allowing them to take an extra couple months to get there and forfeit that lucrative pre-christmas sales window to get it right I see nothing wrong with that.
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