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  1. This is kerbal space program! Besides, what other animals can I think of!
  2. Every time I enter VAB, Tracking station, SPH and Flight Mode, there a random chance my my will crash! Here's the computer's spec: Type of os: Windows 32 bit Ram: 4gb Processor: Intel Pentium CPU G2030T @ 2.60GHz Here's the crash report:
  3. Raised the science provided by cats and monkeys!
  4. Hey guys, I came up with a suggestion of adding animals in Kerbal Space Program How to get animals: The first way to get animals is click on astronaut complex and at the top left corner, there's a hire animal button!**** The second way is accepting a contract that require's you to get animals to a specific destination!* Animal Capsule: This is where the animals go! There are two kind of capsules: One is a cylinder shaped capsule and the other one is a cone shaped capsule, both of them have small radial size and have 5 monopropellant and 50 electric power! Please note that they are not able to control the ship so put a probe core on the capsule! Animals: There a 3 animals to choose from: Dogs**: Dogs are the least expensive animals to hire and are usually light green with yellow spots!*** They cost 20,000 funds to hire and recovering it from orbit gives you 10 science! Cats**: Cats are cute furry felines that are usually brown covered in green spots!*** They cost 40,000 funds to hire and recovering it from orbit gives you 30 science! Monkeys**: Monkeys are furry animals that are red and there the most expensive animals you can hire! They cost 60,000 funds to hire and recovering it from orbit gives you 50 science! Hope you like my suggestion! *You will need to unlock the animal capsule in the tech tree **Those names will be "kerbalized" ***They can come in different colors ****You will need to upgrade the astronaut complex to level 2 and you can only hire 3 animals!
  5. Can you close this thread please? Link=
  6. That's not a very nice welcome! Read the community rules!
  7. I'm sure this was suggested before!
  8. How can you tell if the entries are lying or not about time.
  9. Warning, This is not a stockcraft, you have mechjeb!