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  1. I've started a thread for my on-foot circumnavigation of Gilly here.
  2. I've been wanting to do the Elcano challenge for a while, but I've never had enough free time to dedicate to developing a rover which won't flip in low gravity. But recently, I realised that Gilly was probably small enough that an enterprising kerbal could circumnavigate it on foot. The only question is, who would be insane enough to go along with this plan? Sorry Jeb, but I want to do this stock, and since not having access to VOID means I can't guarantee I'll build something capable of making a two-way trip, I don't want to risk an orange suit. Maybe one of the new recruits will be
  3. It can go anywhere inside your Game Data folder. Personally, I would recommend creating a new folder within Game Data where you can store it along with any other custom patches you may download (or write yourself).
  4. The same node it's in is you don't use CTT (which I believe is Meta-Materials) - Taurus HCV doesn't come with a CTT patch. If you'd rather it was somewhere else, I made my own patch which moves it to Heavy Command Modules.
  5. I'm considering attempting to circumnavigate Gilly on foot. How insane am I?
  6. Not in the list of followed content it's not. And while I'm complaining about things the new forums should have but don't, I've noticed a distinct lack of forum settings. There is, for example, no way (as far as I can tell) to change the number of posts per page.
  7. I posted a config for this mod in the CTT thread a few weeks ago that puts the radial chute there. Here's a download link if you want to use it as the basis of your changes to the tree.
  8. I've been using my patch in 1.0.4, and it still works fine.
  9. Worth noting: it did so in 13 seconds. Here's the thread where he showed it off.
  10. Found a bug: achievements involving getting into orbit don't trigger if you haven't unlocked patched conics. Screenshot showing the issue:
  11. I started a new career mode game, and when I started getting tourist contracts, Jeb and Val started one-upping each other fulfilling them. First, Val took four tourists suborbital (read: flew straight up until their apoapsis was 75km, then used the rest of her fuel to make sure they slowed down enough for parachute deployment to be safe). Jeb only took three tourists with him on his next mission, but he took them to orbit, despite them only wanting to go suborbital. Finally, Val took just two tourists (who actually did want to go to orbit) to orbit with her, and decided to do it in style by do
  12. While I was playing today, I listened to Public Service Broadcasting's album The Race for Space.
  13. I made an unofficial CTT patch for this mod which, among other things, moves the pod to Heavy Command Modules. Click here to get it.
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