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  1. oh and this one with gang signs
  2. I generally listen to a variety, protomen, iron maiden, etc. but this one is one of my favorites.
  3. She's got 6 engines, weighs 27 tons and has been tested to carry 1.5x her own weight on her back. I use her to carry heavy experiments and drop them in places across kerbin, you could probably modify it to be a passenger carrier or something too if you wanted. Probably handy if you wanna go make a base on the north pole and haven't unlocked the mk3 stuff on career yet. The 6 engines let her survive at incredibly steep angles while carrying oversized payloads, handy if you need to get into a tight approach or whatever you're using it for. (Carrying a 47 ton spaceY boos
  4. it was pretty beanboozling landing without seeing the runway
  5. so i've been a student pilot with 35 hours and 5 solos and i got to land a pa28 wearing those weird face covery thingies guiding the thing down by instrument with an instructor ofc was pretty neato and pretty beanboozling
  6. I'm a bit of an enthusiast so. Core i7 4770k. GTX 980 twin frozr V. 2tb of hdd 250gb of ssd 8 gigs of corsair vengeance its pretty dank
  7. Mind If I make an F86 to compete?
  8. I'll build the good old Titan Gemini spacecraft, it's been a while since I've made something hip and cool.
  9. All my guns are .17 cal, I might be stepping up to .22 hollowpoint since .17 is a bit weak for shooting hard targets at distance.
  10. I'm a bit of an airgunner, up here in Canada it's a tad bit of a challenge to get firearms so I got the next best thing, I got a good family of them going.
  11. Jeb was in a very interesting mood at the time, but he insisted.
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