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  1. KerbalX's latest rocket the Kraken-10 which will replace the losing its time Kraken-9 will be the launch system, the Naval satellite (Ktrak-21 KORL) Will be assigned to handling aircraft karrier communications, however it will be limited due to its planned inclined orbit. KerbalX will soon begin assisting the national Kerbal Peace assistance operation all over the globe launching up geosynchronous satellites to provide a much wider communications array. Ignition and launch clamp separation. The first stage engine is providing 2000KN of thrust (I edited the CFG, I do that a lot.) Launch clamp
  2. Contracts, hopefully more parts, and looks like we're also going to have a second gas giant (according to the wiki) http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Gas_planet_2 And It will bring us a new arsenal of moons to explore! I will finally have something to do with my arsenal of deep space probes. Edit: Oh, so we don't know when gas planet 2 will come out then.
  3. I've been hearing people talking about this and a unity update or something. Does this mean we'll be able to use more ram ingame? Or if this thing is true at all?
  4. Yes, the second stage is made out of five skipper engines, but I'm trying to change it up a bit so I don't have to re config all these engines.
  5. The craft file will be available soon, but if you want it to work properly you'll have to edit the mainsail CFG to provide 2500KN of thrust, and the Skipper CFG to provide 1500. I'm going to try and replace the lower stage with K-2 engines with their gimbal locked and then the second stage with mainsails and then the third stage with a skipper.
  6. Anything is possible! Had to edit some engine CFG's to make it work though.
  7. What song would it be? Mine would probably just be this, just because.
  8. Me too, my KSC is underground and all planetary textures (Except Kerbin and the mun) Are missing?
  9. No windows, it's still good compared to what it was previously.
  10. I can finally hold planetfactory with my three hundred other mods.
  11. 1. Lack luster labs stockalike. 2. KW rocketry. 3. StretchySRBS. 4. PandaJager rover/science. 5. Hullcamera VDS. 6. Aerojet Kerbodyne. 7. Dustbin expiriment. 8. Radial experiment storage container. 9. Mechjeb. 10. Compact Mechjeb touchscreen. 11. Environmental visual enhancements with astronomer CFG. 12. RasterPropMonitor. 13. Active texture management. 14. Procedural fairings. 15. KW procedural fairings. 16. StretchySRB texture pack. 17. Stock parts expansion.
  12. Wait wait, you worked for nassault? That other guy? And that danny guy? Dear Allah!
  13. Yesterday I launched my Koyager I on my Kikan IV centaur, I did my best to try and match the flight path of the real voyager during this great attempt. I forgot to take pictures of the launch, but I still have some pictures of it's Journey to Jool. First we use the Kikan centaur stage to transfer too Jool. The little probe says goodbye to home. When I arrived two years later, I started to retrograde to decrease my periapsis over Jool, this way I could get the most out of my gravitational slingshot. When we get even closer I burn the rest of my fuel in my centaur in order to perform the slin
  14. The external boosters aren't making any noises or external affects, is this because I'm using active texture management? Or am I bugged with something.
  15. My first rover to discover traces of water on duna, My first rover to have a hipster looking camera mast, My first rover to have cool looking science stuff on board, My first rover to land using landing legs. This is also the rover that taught me something pretty interesting, turns out Ike is in a geosynchronous orbit, never knew that... Reply with what you think, I might put up a download link for the rover and landing stages.
  16. You failed to glorify Jebediahs bravery.
  17. Today I'm going to be launching an unmanned rover onto the surface of Dres, It will hopefully not be eaten by space aliens.
  18. No problem, be free to mess around with my replica subassemblies when I release it. If you'd like I could provide you with a pre release ish sort of thing, and a list of mods you require.
  19. Because it's being constructed in orbit no, I'll have to give you the entire save file. Don't be shocked if you see random landers and probes everywhere. I'll make a list of the mods soon.
  20. Mediafire download will be up and a list of mods required will be up, when it is completed. I started building this thing about two days ago, it's currently made up of about five or six separate modules, I'm planning on adding five or six more. It orbits Kerbin 100KM from sea level, and it can hold a crew of up to ten Kerbals. It's current Commander Is Jebediah Kerman, the next commander in expedition 5 will be Billy Boblong Kerman. Two of the modules were lifted by my tyberdine space shuttle, the much larger ones were lifted by custom triple core heavy lifting rockets. (How else would I get t
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