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  1. If there is a Kerbal Space Program horror movie, then that is what it will be called.
  2. Just the idea of going there makes me think that it's going to end up being like that movie prometheus It's just so barren that you feel like something is watching you, it's even scarier then Moho. Even though the Kraken is on Bop, you still have that feeling that your lander crew are going to be eaten by a sandwich monster or something.
  3. The fact that your solar panels did not disintegrate well you were hopping in the atmosphere, it confuses me.
  4. Er...I'll look into mediafire but I can't gaurauntee anything, plus there's no way I can list all the mods used in this stuff.
  5. I use R.S.S. so, I'm going to get this when it comes out but... Going to need to strap to a helluva launch system.
  6. But we have to account the fuel in order to get to the slingshot area, let's say we're going to use Kerbol as a slingshot, then we'll have to retrograde off quiet a bit of speed off in order to do that, and that'd take up fuel. However if you're already at the slingshot zone and on an ultimate supership exploration mission that involves going to all the planets in one mission, well yea it's useful then.
  7. Performing a gravitational slingshot from the Mun to Minmus would require you to first hohmann intercept to the Mun, that takes up some fuel, after that you have to pro grade or retrograde based on if you have an escape or not, after that you have to pro grade until your escape is lined up with Minmus. Why do that when you can jut do a hohmann transfer to Minmus? It takes up no more fuel because both can be intercepted by going into an escape trajectory, even if it did take up more fuel it'd be very little. In my opinion gravitational slingshots are not only inaccurate, but a waste of fuel. Wh
  8. That's pretty hard to engineer with 10X Kerbol stock, so I had to improvise a bit.
  9. It currently orbits Kerbin at an altitude of 110KM. May we never forget the day we set course for the stars. Reply with what you think! And a lovely view of the city lights. Thank you nathankell for making your awesome rescale! Craft file/download link: http://www./download/ck4d47yuuz1c4bb/Stayputnik+1.craft Required mods (Please warn me if I missed one): Mechjeb2, KW rocketry, RLA stockalike, Ferram aerospace (Might work without), Recommended for use with 10X Kerbol system (Alternate CFG for R.S.S.), stretchySRBs, Procedural fairings, stock expansion pack, and the lack luster labs
  10. I just find the rescales a bit to strange, I'll be sure to find a way to build better launch systems. Don't take it personal nathankell, and thank you Nathan for helping me get R.S.S./10X Kerbol to work. Do any of you guys use realism overhaul with the 10X Kerbol/R.S.S. mod?
  11. Sorry for the bump, on other forums I've been on people bump things practically right after. (Edited after I saw the replies)
  12. It's pretty great for a stock vehicle, but as usual my ambitious self decided to slap the whole S.L.S together.
  13. This thing has a number of applications including Minmus and Mun flybys, it's also my primary ferry to the K.S.S. (Kerbinational spaces station) for other extremely advanced situations it can be modified with external fuel tanks and NERVA engines to be a lander, pretty much only for Duna. It also acts as the mother ship on missions to the Mun or Minmus, my Alcor lander is generally launched up first in it's own rocket then the Orion docks and provides a method of crew return. I built this vehicle because I was having a constant issue of having to have a vehicle for everything, so I built this
  14. I personally don't find it too overpowered, let's compare it to KW rocketry for example
  15. That'd be interesting for science, but it might take up memory
  16. Please do good sir, please do.
  17. I did this using my Orion MPCV, I got my Perpiapsis to 3.7KM above sea level. Rules: No hyperedit, no cheating (But I can't find out if your cheating or not really.), Craft must return back to Kerbin in one piece (Image required), MechJeb is allowed, you must show images of you skimming over the surface of Minmus, it does not have to be a full orbit for mine was a high velocity flyby. Excited to see some fancy pictures.
  18. Problem: Doesn't seem to work with the new update, I got the patch but my rockets still wobble.
  19. I can't give you credit for mixing up the analogue's with Pluto and Europa, but it still seems like a good mod
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