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  1. How does one, get to the recycling bin. I have no exact idea where it is in my maze of folders.
  2. Yes, it's career so I'm using hyperedit to spam science so I can hopefully regain my once glorious space agency. Things I had. -14 flags on the Mun -3 flags on Minmus -one flag on Duna and a colony -A space station -Two deep space probes -Probe landers on all the Muns of jool. So, yea.
  3. I already put seven Kerbals on the surface of duna using a dragon II, so I decided to send them a little home. https://imgur.com/a/h3JkY#0
  4. Took two tries. In the first image the machine in the background is what's left of the landing vehicle, I had to disable the retroboosters from blasting it away because it would've smashed the entire rover into the terrain.
  5. http://imgur.com/a/P5cXc#4 Good times, good times. It was the golden age of my KSP travels.
  6. I like how they used the LK as an american lander, Huehuehue
  7. I've calculated that it should be travelling at 0m/s in an in game 64 years. Kerbin was our cradle, Kerbol was our prison, we're breaking out- Jebediah Kerman For some reason Mechjeb stopped working, it was originally designed as a low solar orbit mission but when this happened I decided to prograde and call it an interstellar mission.
  8. I might be an average mechjeb user, but in my career time the one thing I learned was this. The best way to make an efficient landing vehicle is to have it like this, in the centre you have your average 1.25M fuel tank and engine, then you want a set of six decouplers on the outside where you should add more 1.25M fuel tanks, then hook them up to the central system, if this is a single lander and return vehicle in one, I recommend you add another stage after that just to de orbit after you reach H.K.O (High Kerbin orbit) This is purely a design tip. Also, try not to be too ruthless on your eng
  9. Yar meet the swashbucklin space crew of the Space Kirateers ye
  10. Yar me mate, welcome ye swashbuckling space captain.
  11. 11/10, Can't wait, do want, need release date, much NASA. Will it be tech tree integrated?
  12. Stretchy SRBS, procedural everything, Procedural fairings for launch system, KW Rocketry, some science map thing, Mechjeb2, Kerbal texture reduction for the reflections, Circular panels (For the orion return vehicle), and other stuff.
  13. The lander yes, but probably not the launch system. But first I need to figure out how to put these things on download, probably not that hard.
  14. This monster is well, a monster. It functions with relation to the N.A.S.A Altair project, the lander is launched in a separate rocket then the return vehicle, then the return vehicle is launched with its own rocket and they meet up in orbit. No pics of the launch vehicle yet, it'd take an entire new mission to get those. Has an incredible amount of fuel, so far the best lander I've created yet.
  15. Thank you for helping mankind (And Kerbalkind) reach the space age. Here is an accurate replica of the Orion MPCV
  16. I think the education level may rise a bit more, not as in it's a science lesson, but N.A.S.A may point out to change some physics in K.S.P, which is fine by me.
  17. The only difference between this and the real orion, is the larger second stage and the real Orion has one SRB at the bottom, mine has five. This vehicle can reach LKO and MKO and is designed to be a less complex replacement for my shuttle, it can carry a crew of three. The vehicle if modified with a compact push or tugboat can be sent on minmus/mun flyby missions, it can also be used as a low profile escape pod on any space station. Mods used: FASA, Realchute, KW Rocketry, Mechjeb, and the ever so lovely service module system. It took me about seven tries of test flying to perfect the design
  18. And it seems now we're just talking about conspiracy theories now.
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