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  1. Once again, made an error recreating thread
  2. Well, you could imagine the conflict that all the spacey types would have here.
  3. It took about seven test flights to perfect the design.
  4. Made an error during thread construction, remaking it now.
  5. Tubes of uranium and plutonium can produce extreme amounts of heat, heat can be used as a source of propulsion. #NorthKoreanScience
  6. Thank god, we'd be getting moon hoax everywhere. Thank you moderators!
  7. Sadly this rocket has been discontinued, It's been officially deleted in a big mod migrate I've gone through. The reason why it has been discontinued is because I don't plan on returning to the mun again, I've already mined all of the science I can out of it on career. Planning on launching a final single man mun mission just to put a flag saying "Kerturn X memorial." Now I'm focused on my space station project, which involves developing the vehicles that will be able to ferry up crew members. I'll be sure to get some pics up of some of my latest spacecraft including my custom Orion orbiter/F
  8. One time I set mechjeb to land at a speed of 2m/s and it landed at 9m/s causing the landing gear to do abit of a jig during my EVA, lucky it didn't go to crazy or my ride home would be gone.
  9. Mechjeb is very good for pre landings and such, but certainly not the last thirty seconds I must agree. If your lander is complex and filled with scientific equipment like my thor, then you'll find it's slightly unbalanced. Even the tiniest unbalance in such a light vehicle makes it bug out horribly, it's incredible how easy it is for mechjeb to fail like this. So yea, generally let mechjeb do the work until you think the time is right to take manual. Mechjeb orbital stuff and such is really the useful stuff, landing not so much unless you've got a well balanced machine. I'm a career player, s
  10. All of those are covered, and like I said it was happening before I installed F.A.R
  11. Yes, I do use FAR, but I just got it and this problem was going on before I started using FAR. I've also removed the draco system all together just to see if that was the case. I think it might have to due with the dragon capsule itself, if it helps you figure it out I'm also using mechjeb.
  12. That might be it, but allow me to give a more descriptive explanation of what happens. When I first begin my gravity turn on the first stage, it takes about five seconds for the thing to react. After it reacts, I can't stop my gravity turn from turning, it just keeps on tilting forward until I'm in a spin.
  13. Yea, I found it I didn't notice the code.
  14. So far it can barely get into L.K.O and has a few annoying problems, but I've completed one mission with it, but it's still extremely limited in its current state, anyone have any suggestions? <a href="http://imgur.com/dF5eaVY"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/dF5eaVY.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com"/></a>
  15. I get major control problems when firing up my dragon on the falcon nine, it doesn't seem to react to my controls and when it does I can't stop it from continuing until I'm spinning and out of control.
  16. Nice, I like the work with stock there, but can anyone tell me how to actually put pictures onto your posts? Thanks.
  17. http://imgur.com/a/P5cXc#0 The Kerturn-X is mine. It's a minmus/mun lander.
  18. Yes I do agree, I'm starting to prefer manual landings over automated landings. But if I attempt to do an orbital rendezvous without mechjeb, it generally goes wrong, one time during space station construction I tried it manually and I impacted the station at about fifty M/S. Also my current Mun/minmus lander is based off of the apollo system so orbital rendezvousing is a large priority.
  19. My missions are generally extremely complex in order to get the maximum amount of science I can, and I don't like taking risks. Generally my dockings, orbits, launches, and de orbiting is done by mechjeb to ensure maximum survival. I generally do manual landings. I think I'm abit overdependant, but I'm not a rocket scientist.
  20. Today I was landing my thor on the surface of the mun, and mechjeb started jittering about, I took manual control and landed it just fine. After that I took off using mechjeb and met up with the return module. So, mechjeb is good for anything but landings.
  21. Oh and, it can carry practically anything, it has enough fuel to go kerbin escape, but not enough fuel to navigate to any other celestial bodies like Duna.
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