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  1. Kerturn-X rocket, finished it yesterday It can send three people to Minmus or the Mun and back. http://imgur.com/a/P5cXc#0
  2. Over the course of about one Kerbal year this probes vertical orbit will allow it to scan all of the kethane deposits on Kerbin, So far the most useful thing I've launched in a while. Titan rocket launch stage: http://imgur.com/HRkj2P8 Titan Orbital stage: http://imgur.com/QZpYbbe Krol fully deployed: http://imgur.com/4vMFdUp Woot, launching a vehicle on this kind of course saved me a lot of time.
  3. Thanks, I've created a lot of interesting things on K.S.P.
  4. Will be uploading more images of it soon, just so you can get a better look at how it works.
  5. The Mun and Minmus aren't safe anymore. http://imgur.com/cdOPuYP
  6. Finally finished it, already three missions completed with it, one failed due to my stupidity to orbit in the wrong direction to get the Thor lander back to the Odin return module, had to send a rescue vehicle over to get them. The other two were pretty good, both got all crew back in one peace. I'll be sharing some pics soon, it's by far the largest rocket I've built.
  7. I've been playing K.S.P for a while now, but I quit it because I was having troubles updating, now I got it on steam and I'm pretty much all set up again. I just saw this and I was curious to see what other people were making and stuff, that's all pretty much.
  8. Modified my Kerturn X Mun/Minmus rocket. Launched a deep space probe to ablate (Planet factory mod.) So, yea not really much to talk about. However I have been planning a landing in the munar poles, which should be interesting and should rack me up some science.
  9. I do have a novapunch thor vehicle that could probably make it on the list, however I have no idea how to set up folders, however I do love all of these designs but I'm a bit nitpicky on launch vehicle looks, which is probably why I have so many mods that provide fairings.
  10. Billy Boblong, He's always been on my Thor lander missions, and my Kethane mining missions. He's come back from all of them in one peace, no matter the odds. He was also the first Kerbal of mine to ever set foot on Minmus in the heavy Kethane mining lander, was an emotional moment for both of us...
  11. And still no crash, huh also S.X.T. Ion engines, other stuff, and still not crashing. Probably because novapunch and squad both have texture reductions on them. So, what mods do you use?
  12. Both of these mods would be more useful if you made them career compatible, perhaps it's just me but I can't find any parts in the tech tree after installing this mod. Nowadays people are going to be focused on career, and it's a personal suggestion to make it compatible. However if this is compatible I would gladly take a notice on that, thank you perhaps it's just the way I installed it.
  13. Had to go into an orbit seven KM above the mun using a nuclear engine, realized I didn't have the required fuel, I tried to return using the return capsule but didn't have enough fuel, now Jeb and bobgun be needing rescue.
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