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  1. Ok, some editing of the savefiles revealed that some pre-update chutes (in orbit) now miss this part of code in the vesseldata: } PARACHUTE { material = Nylon preDeployedDiameter = 1.25 deployedDiameter = 30 minIsPressure = False capOff = False minDeployment = 30000 minPressure = 0.00999999978 deploymentAlt = 700 cutAlt = -1 preDeploymentSpeed = 2 deploymentSpeed = 6 time = 0 parachuteName = RC_canopy baseParachuteName = RC_canopy capName = cap preDeploymentAnimation = RC_chute_se
  2. Ok, seems that in my save the newly created and launched rockets have working chutes (inkl. "arm" and "deploy") and the ones that were launched before the update didnt. The same with a completely new save of course. Any possibility to get these preexisting chutes working? The only thing clickable is "Toggle info", and this info looks normal. Thanx again.
  3. Thanx for the fast update, but for me in my actual career all attached chutes are missing the right click option to "arm" or "deploy", and trying to activate them via staging doesnt work either.
  4. The milestones are still the same, and still unsolved :-) http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/114069-kerbal-kon-2015-can-we-make-it-happen/&do=findComment&comment=2030074
  5. Right now the Redux 3.0.1.zip seems to miss some Parts. As for example the part.cfg for the 1mMaverick1D (foldername) compared to the original KWRocketry 2.7 download is not in his folder. Having some problems here with missing parts (and other strange behaviour, maybe stemming from other mods). Is this working as intended or a packaging error. Disclaimer: i do not use CKAN and do not plan to do so. Would like to reserve an updated way to manually install the latest KW Rocketry and the Community Fixes. Thanks for all the work!
  6. I like change. And I like that. Thanks!
  7. Mechjeb. Mods. Ignoring hogwash from amateurs. Staying Out late. Smiling about regex. Having fun.
  8. Hi, since i live and work in europe thats not really my parade, granted. This con will never happen in europe, since everyone wants it to happen in his own backyard. But i wanted to give it a try to post some important and hopefully conctructive questions that should be answered if this Con should be anything else than a bit akin to some adorable kittens trying to build a Space Shuttle Really, i will try to be constructive, sorry. I really, really like your ideas. So, first question: 1. Who is responsible? Whatever you do, if you want to spend any money on the location, potentially having a h
  9. Thank you so much for this. The day the Word "broken" was introduced into conversations all around the Web was a very dark one.
  10. I like to think that the rumours about any kind of "death" of this mod are greatly exaggerated. But i am pretty sure its a problem of understanding the language (and maybe an age thing too considering your profile page). So, here is my analysis: - the mod is alive and working on it is in progress (also known as "WIP" - Work In Progress) - if you want to test something cool thats NOT already safe to play with in games/careers that matter to you: fine - if you dont want to encounter potentially gamebreaking bugs: do not use this mod - if you want to help: be as precises as possible when report
  11. Easily this one: http://youtu.be/jHPOzQzk9Qo A perfect christian message, combined with catchy whistling and the right amount of humour
  12. Kids, dont protitute yourself for teh shallow internetfames, go get some fresh air and chase some skirts!
  13. So, here my 2cents. Installed everything and updated most of it, and it seems to work. Played for quite some time and there were no crashes, and every texture looked great. Performance was snappy . Here is what i did: - everything runs fullscreen + opengl (1920x1200) - installed latest version of KSPRC (first page here) - installed latest version of texture replacer (2.1.2) and replaced files when possible - installed latest version of [0.24][7-4] Sep-9-2014 EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (NOT the WIP version) - installed latest version of Distant Object Enhancement 1.3.1 - installed latest v
  14. This and the need to create a forum persona with "an edge".
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