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    [1.7] RealChute Parachute Systems v1.4.7.4 | 13/04/19

    Ok, some editing of the savefiles revealed that some pre-update chutes (in orbit) now miss this part of code in the vesseldata: } PARACHUTE { material = Nylon preDeployedDiameter = 1.25 deployedDiameter = 30 minIsPressure = False capOff = False minDeployment = 30000 minPressure = 0.00999999978 deploymentAlt = 700 cutAlt = -1 preDeploymentSpeed = 2 deploymentSpeed = 6 time = 0 parachuteName = RC_canopy baseParachuteName = RC_canopy capName = cap preDeploymentAnimation = RC_chute_semi_deploy deploymentAnimation = RC_chute_full_deploy forcedOrientation = 0 depState = STOWED After inserting it by hand (a chore with vessels that have dozens of them) it at least shows the right-click options. As if it now works, we'll see :-) Update: yes it works. But, a further question, since there is some mention about "spare chutes" in the info: when i arm a chute too early and it cuts / gets destroyed, shouldnt there be 4 spare chutes to activate / arm later in the descent? Never happened to me. Maybe these spare chutes are something different than i thought?
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    [1.7] RealChute Parachute Systems v1.4.7.4 | 13/04/19

    Ok, seems that in my save the newly created and launched rockets have working chutes (inkl. "arm" and "deploy") and the ones that were launched before the update didnt. The same with a completely new save of course. Any possibility to get these preexisting chutes working? The only thing clickable is "Toggle info", and this info looks normal. Thanx again.
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    [1.7] RealChute Parachute Systems v1.4.7.4 | 13/04/19

    Thanx for the fast update, but for me in my actual career all attached chutes are missing the right click option to "arm" or "deploy", and trying to activate them via staging doesnt work either.
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    Kerbal-Kon 2016- Let's Do This, For Real This Time

    The milestones are still the same, and still unsolved :-)
  5. smart013

    KW Rocketry Community Fixes, for 1.0.5 and below

    Right now the Redux seems to miss some Parts. As for example the part.cfg for the 1mMaverick1D (foldername) compared to the original KWRocketry 2.7 download is not in his folder. Having some problems here with missing parts (and other strange behaviour, maybe stemming from other mods). Is this working as intended or a packaging error. Disclaimer: i do not use CKAN and do not plan to do so. Would like to reserve an updated way to manually install the latest KW Rocketry and the Community Fixes. Thanks for all the work!
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    What do you think of the new forums?

    I like change. And I like that. Thanks!
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    MechJeb vs non MechJeb

    Mechjeb. Mods. Ignoring hogwash from amateurs. Staying Out late. Smiling about regex. Having fun.
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    Kerbal-Kon 2015: Can We Make It Happen?

    Hi, since i live and work in europe thats not really my parade, granted. This con will never happen in europe, since everyone wants it to happen in his own backyard. But i wanted to give it a try to post some important and hopefully conctructive questions that should be answered if this Con should be anything else than a bit akin to some adorable kittens trying to build a Space Shuttle Really, i will try to be constructive, sorry. I really, really like your ideas. So, first question: 1. Who is responsible? Whatever you do, if you want to spend any money on the location, potentially having a hand in giving out tickets of any kind, or even to have some kind of real communication with all the organisations involved you need some people that sign the papers. Names, faces that can be hold responsible. Ok, i do not know how the renting of any kind of place or services on conventions is handled in the USA. Maybe its a whole lot easier than in europe. But i somehow doubt it. You can delegate all you want, you can bring as much forum people in as you want that mostly wont even lift their identity let alone take over any kind of real responsibility. It wont help. Yes, big things some times can come from small groups of people, but these people nearly always have close communication, know each other in person and live in or around one place. A city maybe. Not a continent. Yes, you can kickstart or otherwise gather money, but you will always need names, faces and responsibility in return. Add to this the need for speed. Casual organisation will not bring up any chance to realize this in august of THIS year. Casual organisation will probably not even realize anything next year. Or any year. So get ready for some real hard work and quite a lot of invested time. To call threetimes, get no answer and call it a day is no option. tldr: The people that want to realize this need to name themselves, in person, to get together with the other people who do so too, and this way found the core organisation. And this will lead to a lot of immediately responsiblity, and i think that one or two adults could be great too. But, again, i do not know the restrictions in the USA. You people were on the moon, not we europeans 2. Where is the money Organisations that have places to rent for any kind of convention want to make money. And they want to know who pays for damages great and small (and there WILL be damages, cleanups, emergencys and problems at least if more than 20 people attent the convention). They need IDs and signatures. They might talk about deals that allow you to pay parts of the running costs not upfront, but i really doubt that anyone will give you anything without cash. Any other convention that potentially could let your KerbalCon slip unter his blanket has already done so much exhausting work that they are maybe not too exited for you to take over from there. Even more if there are no public (!) faces to speak to. Smiling faces So, the people who organize this (not some kind of anonymous group of forumers) have to find together, and together they need to get the cash they need to pay whats necessary for the con. Then they could use all the nice ways to gather money over the internet since the project is relatively clearcut. They have a name, a product, an idea, maybe a reputation and the proven intention to go the extra mile in showing their faces and this way become accountable. People maybe give you money for that. tldr: If you want to organize this convention but dont want to show your face here in this thread your chance for this plan to succeed is nearly zero. There may be ways to reserve some personal security, but you have to stand in for your project. 3. What to do and where to go? Look, there is a reason why nearly everyone in this thread simply states his idea WHERE to go. Of course to his neighbourhood Its one of the easiest ways to participate. Others post more or less motivated speeches in the hope that anyone gets motivated to rise up to the task of providing the solutions in terms of responsibility (1) and money (2). Add to this the fact that quite a lot of KerbalCon adepts lack the legal age to organize anything, let alone a full blown (or partial included in a existing one) convention. Any gathering of a lot of people is automatically a nightmare in organisation, since people get hurt, people make strange things, and .. people are people (tm depeche mode). tldr: Be the one that is legally capable to organize this thing. Find people that do the same. Lend your faces to this project as real existing people and others - maybe even some anonymous - will follow. Use this credits you earn by standing up for your project and you will be able to gather some money (kickstarter, patreon, whatever) and more importantly help that otherwise would cost LOTS of money - for that you will be held responsible. Now you can realize the next steps to be able to at least include KerbalCon into an existing con anywhere in the world (or, to be more realistic, in the US eastcoast as always). At this stage maybe even organisations that have some credits in organizing this stuff will present themselves. Maaaaaybe even squad may take a closer look, since people that take risks by standing in with their faces for their plans tend to take notice of other people that do so. "Build the field, and they will come" (K. Costner ... or maybe Waynestock too) Any ideas you state in your kickstarter for example for what money can be used for is a pledge, one that the organisators give to the people that want this to happen and give money. You will be held responsible again of course. Location, name of the organisation, color of the logo, marketing, potential guests (to whom?), panels with rocketbuilders (?) yadayadayda ... all this is low priority. Who are you? This is first and second. tldr: get personal, or get out Really, i like your elan. Maybe i could include some thoughts to this. Organizing things was once upon a time my job, so excuse the harsh words here and there AAAAannd... a little bit for the mood from Waynes World:
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    What is the rationale behind playing completely stock?

    Thank you, really appreciated your Statement.
  10. smart013

    Devnote Tuesday: Greener Pastures mk2

    Thank you so much for this. The day the Word "broken" was introduced into conversations all around the Web was a very dark one.
  11. I like to think that the rumours about any kind of "death" of this mod are greatly exaggerated. But i am pretty sure its a problem of understanding the language (and maybe an age thing too considering your profile page). So, here is my analysis: - the mod is alive and working on it is in progress (also known as "WIP" - Work In Progress) - if you want to test something cool thats NOT already safe to play with in games/careers that matter to you: fine - if you dont want to encounter potentially gamebreaking bugs: do not use this mod - if you want to help: be as precises as possible when reporting bugs - think if its REALLY necessary that YOU report THIS bug NOW. Maybe someone else did this before? So: - READ at least 10 pages back into the thread; maybe someone reported it already - think again, then post. Maybe. Think again - if you want to say this mod or the modder is cool: fine. Do it short, and without passive-agressively combining it with some "but" at the end, as in "This mod is GREAT! But when will there be a update (to fix XYZ)????" - think again - maybe a new post by you in this WIP thread isnt needed for now. Just saying Keep calm and leak memory!
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    Christian Songs

    Easily this one: A perfect christian message, combined with catchy whistling and the right amount of humour
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    How Close are YOU to Your Next Reputation Rank?

    Kids, dont protitute yourself for teh shallow internetfames, go get some fresh air and chase some skirts!
  14. So, here my 2cents. Installed everything and updated most of it, and it seems to work. Played for quite some time and there were no crashes, and every texture looked great. Performance was snappy . Here is what i did: - everything runs fullscreen + opengl (1920x1200) - installed latest version of KSPRC (first page here) - installed latest version of texture replacer (2.1.2) and replaced files when possible - installed latest version of [0.24][7-4] Sep-9-2014 EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (NOT the WIP version) - installed latest version of Distant Object Enhancement 1.3.1 - installed latest version of PlanetShine (v0.2.2.3) - installed latest version of Active Texture Management (Release-5-0) First bootup took some time since ATM needed to convert some textures. After that everything runs fine, looks really great (imho) and shows a good performance. Of course i can only say this about Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus for the moment. But i did everything you do in KSP and there were no crashes or glitches. For the moment Hope it helps!
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    Public Service Announcement regarding Aero

    This and the need to create a forum persona with "an edge".
  16. Great mod, trying it out right now. Does anyone knows why its not possible for tourists in stock to EVA? If i bought a flight to the mun that would be the one important thing i wanted to do
  17. I really like (and occasionally hate) career. Mostly because it forces me to get things done with limited ressources (duh), parts i would normally rarely use, and methods that mean leaving my confort zone. Right now i am playing on "hard", something i normally wouldnt do because i really dont like the "everything hardmode" poser people that seem to play everything with humble-bragging on reddit in mind. My opinion of course. But because of this i had to do quite a lot of things i normally wouldnt have to do ... at first managing a mun- and minmus-flybys with extremely low fuelmargins and without any manoevernodes whatsoever for example. Didnt done this for a long time, because i am lazy Right now i am really struggling to hit the right spot in things like max-launchmass (because of padlimits) while trying to build a suitable spacestation. In Sandbox i would simply build "everything goes" launchsystems, but the buildingupgrades are really really expensive. Yes, sandbox is fun, but getting things done with minimal funds and equipment is a little bit more on the nasa way of spacetravel for me
  18. 100% agree. My day to day playing experience (note the word "play") has massively improved to .90. The update to end all updates? No. A great and necessary step forward? Yes. In my opinion we would have had the exact same amount of more or less fair criticism when 1.0 hits - mostly from the same people i suspect - even after .91/.92/.95 or whatever. It lies in the nature of the community and their view of themself that every release of 1.0 would maximise drama. The now possible quatum leaps for nuFAR, deadly reentry and the complete works of roverdude, let alone the imho massive performance gains of 1.0 is more than enough for me to keep smiling when thinking about the future of ksp. 3c from me.
  19. smart013

    Nay-sayers, unite!

    Never said that, talk to the statue
  20. smart013

    Nay-sayers, unite!

    You know as much as i do that at this time all this is long forgotten by the usual suspects and something completely different shows the complete and utter disaster of KSP
  21. smart013

    Nay-sayers, unite!

    And that makes it ok to imply that the developers are nothing more than a bunch of liars that prepare to take the money and run? On releaseday?
  22. smart013

    Nay-sayers, unite!

    No further questions.
  23. smart013

    Nay-sayers, unite!

    So what you are saying ... sorry, "suspect", is that SQUAD are nothing more than a bunch of liars, and all the explicit statements to the contrary concerning the continuation of KSP development in the most recent Q&A (yesterday) are pure and simple lies. Amirite? Do you really think to have any reason to say something on this lines about people like maxmaps, harvester, roverdude and all the others?
  24. What really makes me wonder is why all the streamers up until now have so great problems with spaceplanes and overheating on launch (to say nothing about reentry). In FAR+ Deadly Reentry it was a distinct learning curve to handle the heat with the right launch / reentry angle, speed and such plus some new lessons about building spaceplanes. But from what i have seen in 1.0 it seems that the cockpits and wings dont show any heatshielding at all. Is this correct? Or is it simply the problem of these people transitioning from the soup to some kind of legit athmosphere?
  25. smart013

    Proper Fairings ASAP

    I approve this posting. Thank you very much. Also: "nay" to overreacting and drama from the usual suspects. I am pretty sure that there will be some different styles to chose from in relatively short time. Give them a break, seriously.