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  1. I think it would be cool to have landing struts that could auto level your craft when it lands on a slight incline? Can't always find a level surface to land on. Basically independence suspension for a lander.
  2. Minor problem concerning science. Just started playing again, uninstalled/reinstalled KSP and all my mods. Brought everything up to date mod wise. When I have scanned Kerbin in it's entirety with the Radar Altimeter(Lo Res) and I go to collect my science and transmit it shows my antenna transmitting it but there is no message in the top left part of the screen like normal. All of the science is still there and no matter how many times I try to transmit it, it won't. Any ideas? Fresh install of KSP and latest version of SCANsat.
  3. Move if this is in the wrong section. Instead of clicking on a research icon and going over to the right side of the screen to select "Research", we should have a hotkey or be able to double click it. Just a thought.
  4. Did some some searching, couldn't find anything. Was wondering if there was a way to see the g force applied to a vessel through the mechjeb UI? I want to see actual numbers, not just the gauge beside the navball. Any help?
  5. The guns don't show up in my menu. Are they missing from the link?
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