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  1. Mono Prop works diffrent from then the other ressources it is not stoped by decouplers you can see that by puting a comandmodule the a decoupler and a normall fuel tank if you put RCS on the fuel tank it will still work. To stop it from draining your other mono prop sources if you right click them you can make them unavailebal bi clicking on the green aroww to the left of them.
  2. Hi i have a question since i Instaled KW i somtimes have the Problem of the Camera zooming away from my craft [also screwes up manuvernods and the like] I thought i read somthing about that bug befor but i cant find the Post anymore. Has anyone an idea of where it might come from?
  3. HI i have a problem maybe its a bug but im not quit sure if i install dang it in my 0.24 version it srcese up the funds to be more precise when i build a rocket when i ad the first part instead of going up the 300 funds or whatever it cost it goes down 2000 Funds so beginning rockets are practicly for free. Im positiv it comes from dang it as when i take it out of the gamedata folder everything is back to normall
  4. I thinks so too but how about also add Contracts where you have to test a Part [like the ones that wil be in 0.24 already] and if completet gife that part a Reliability bost or somthing
  5. No problem thanks for the quike Answere but im usually only using Control surfaces in the Launch time so its no biggi if they dont break so i took out the Controllsurface.CFG from dang it and it works now
  6. Correct me if im Wrong but the Communatron 32 has a Range of 2.5Mm but a Geosstationary orbit is around 3.4Mm so if you dont use any Dishes as you say it wouldent reach KSC right, witch would explain why the manned vessel doesent work as a really (unless itself is above KSC then it should work if its Orbit is low enough)
  7. Actually somthing Intresting happend. I Copyed my entiere KSP folder to make a new Game where i will use Remote tech and i Forgot to take out Dang It befor i did so but at the moment the Game Runs Fine at least for now. Should i send you the OutputLog for that one as well as cross refrenc? Edit: After some more testing i found out the reason it workd was becouse i dident use any Control Surfaces as soon as i atach some it doesent work anymore Edit2: i Deactivatet the Control Surface module from Dang IT and now it worksfine just that the Controll Surfacec cant break anymore
  8. I had a bit a complicatet setup but i try to explain it anyway there are probably way better ones but it worked for me. I put 5 satelliats (4 would have ben enough but just to be sure i put a 5 one up) in Geostationary Orbit each of them with 4 Dishes. One of them was aimed at KSC then one to the next sat on the left and on to the next on the right and the Last one was set to Active vessel. With a setup like that you will be doing quit ok except if you try to fly close to the poles or of corse if you go behinde other PLanets and muns and so on. if the Mun and Minmus get in your way bring some sats on an Orbit similare to them. Important thing is the Dish on your Probe should be aimed at Kerbin espacially if you leave Kerbins SOI. To make sure i have conection during starts i usually use a couple of small sats on low Orbit usually120km so they wont Intervere with my usually Park orbit which is 100km. Oh i give them omni Antenas and not dishes and on the Probe i will put the omni antenna which doesent break in Atmosphere flight. Ofcourse this setup has a big problem 3 of those small sats cant cover the hole Planet i actually have them even quit close toghether, how i launch is i let them go past KSC just a little bit and then Start that gives me the Connection long enough to reach Orbit and Deploy the big Antenna if its gonna be a Flight in the Kerbel System (Kerbel orbit mun minnmus) Satelliet dishes i usually only use for rong lange Flights or ofcourse sats themselfs. hope this helped a bit even thoe my setup is kinda wierd i kindsa liked it xD
  9. No problem yeah it has to bea a 2 way always also both need to have the rieght rang and so on then it should work. I wish you good luck
  10. what i meant with pointing is that in remote contact so far (and i think still is) it was a 2 way conection so you need the Antenas you have around Kerbin to point outwards to meet with the Probe of coerse not physicly but Target wise a good thing is to put one antena on each satelite to aim at active vessel maybe a screenshot of your own setup could be helpfull.
  11. What kind of Antenas are you using and where do you point them at? Maybe there range is not far enough or they dont point the right way
  12. Thanks for the fast Answere. So if i delete that file i can use Mechjeb without delay but could also send commands to it if the probe is not connectet to a command center?
  13. Hi i have a question about remote tech can i compensate for signal delay using MEchjeb or do i have to use the build in system?
  14. How about making a Window that you can Open where all the Parts are Listet in and then Color the Text in regards to the Status of the Part for Peopel that dont want it to be on the Rocket, Problem will be thoe how to find that Part on the rocket if you have several similar Parts, unless it would be possible to highlight the Object if you hower over the Name of the part on the window. (BTW with the VAB style window i meant to put it together in a log or somyhing like the window above just with the current values vor MTBF and How long you used the Part especialy usefull for engins i think, and then the color of the Text tells you the current Status)