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  1. I'm happy to contribute and try to understand more in pursuit of a proper fix for the issues, but I cycle between other games too frequently to take on PP. I further lack enough understanding of its operation to be comfortable maintaining the code. Lastly, if I were to return to maintaining mods, I have my own that is already being cared for by someone else! No, the new bug was caused by the existing code not being compatible with whatever changes were made to nodes. When the shape changes, all attach nodes on the part are "processed" - this would seem to allow nodes to be relocated and if another part is attached, it is repositioned according to the new geometry. However, in the changes to nodes, for some reason, the top node is processed twice but appears invalid on the second pass. (See ProceduralAbstractSoRShape.cs:498 for my change and comments.) The fix was to check for null and skip processing if it's an invalid attachment. This is another hack because it works and I didn't have time to follow the logic and see what is the underlying cause. And more questions I've thought now put to words - unfortunately I haven't had time to revisit the logic to improve my understanding. Now that PP works, I'm drawn back in to playing.
  2. I am using these changes with my career save, which I started with KSP 1.7.0 when Procedural Parts was working normal. The vessels in flight have all loaded normally for me, so I think it should be fine. However, I keep backups from each play session and am completely comfortable repairing my save files if needed. Your mileage may vary, but know that I have not found any breaking issues so far. I don't think a permanent fix will cause any issues either. One of the things I reviewed was to make sure the data in the save file was correct and made sense. The changes I have made don't change how the data is stored and loaded. I feel confident that although my changes are likely a temporary solution, any crafts made or in flight won't be affected by a permanent fix.
  3. I believe the fix to the shape change issue is another hack - this time I just don't have time right now to look further in to the problem, but after some testing, I don't see any adverse effects of the change. Please find the latest patch below, and for those interested, the diff files with the changes I've made. As before, this is an experimental patch for the community. Please use test files and make backups. Do not report issues to @Tidal Stream. These changes are donated to the community and released under the same license as Procedural Parts. See this post for more information on this series of hackery fixes. Procedural Parts Community Patch 2 for KSP 1.7.3 - Unzip to GameData, this just includes the new ProceduralParts.dll so you need the latest Procedural Parts release installed as normal, first. Procedural Parts Community Patch 2 for KSP 1.7.3 Source Diff - For anyone who wants to continue this effort or just see the changes I made, apply this patch to your working copy.
  4. Issue: When switching procedural tank shape the action menu loses the Procedural Parts tweakables. Workaround: Saving and reloading the craft restores the menu and the part has the selected shape. I will try to fix this problem in the next few hours and post a new build.
  5. No worries, it's a hack through and through. I think the tolerance is included to account for possible rounding issues when (if) any rot/trans calculations are needed. But, this check passes if the part isn't resized and fails in pretty much every other case. I couldn't come up with reasoning for fudging the math to make it work, so removing it entirely seemed like the least bad way. Hmm, maybe it is there in case someone defines a procedural part that does have side nodes. Interesting thought. And your questions are much like mine, and I haven't yet had the time to wrap my head around the larger picture of the process. I'm hoping yours and others observations of this area of code will lead us all to a satisfactory fix. So, everyone, this is experimental and you should definitely only use this with test saves and test files. Keep backups. Moar struts. Fly safe. Wear seat belts at all times.
  6. I have some good news and some bad news. Good news: Below is a link to an updated ProceduralParts.dll compiled for 1.7.3 with the node issue "fixed" and resource duplication on the action menu fixed. Bad news: The "fix" for the node issue is a hack because I can't explain why it works. Comparing a resized and a non-resized tank craft loading, it comes down to the resized tank failing some sort of bounds check and the non-resized tank passing the check. I removed this check and it works - but I am afraid there may be unintended side affects of this change because the logic was there for a reason. So, back to the good news: In testing, I've found this seems to work. Multiple tanks, resized, reshaped, etc. all load fine in the editor and on the pad. Node attachments, surface attachments - it all seems to work as expected. (You may need to fix some older .craft files by restacking parts connected to procedural tanks if they initially load incorrectly. It seems in some cases the node problem would be saved incorrectly and now loads incorrectly. Restack, save, load and it should now be corrected.) So, I wanted to let everyone try it out and see what problems could be found. If you have problems, please make your .craft file available (PM me if needed) and describe what you expected vs. the actual result. Procedural Parts Community Patch 2 for KSP 1.7.3 - Unzip to GameData, this just includes the new ProceduralParts.dll so you need the latest Procedural Parts release installed as normal, first. Procedural Parts Community Patch 2 for KSP 1.7.3 Source Diff - For anyone who wants to continue this effort or just see the changes I made, apply this patch to your working copy. I'm hesitant to make a pull request for this change since it is a definite hack, but if requested, I will do so as-is. NOTE: This is an unofficial release, please do not contact @Tidal Stream for support. I make no claim to the Procedural Parts mod and all changes are released under the mod's original license terms. UPDATE: Please see this post for more details on a newer patch.
  7. Doh! I got the update to ToolbarController but missed the new requirement for unBlur. Well, at least when I'm the idiot it is easy to fix. Thanks for pointing that out and all your work to keep mods alive!
  8. I'm running a heavily modded KSP 1.7.2 and found that the Patches.cfg with FuseBox seems very much to be causing an issue where (almost) all the parts fail to load due to every part receiving the following error: Line 62176: [ERR 23:59:28.636] PartCompiler: Cannot find Part of type 'PartTapIn' If I remove the FuseboxContinued/Patches.cfg file, the parts then load as expected. I have tried it with a fresh copy of KSP 1.7.2 and just Module Manager 4.0.2 and Fusebox Continued loaded, repeating the same issue of all parts missing. Full Log w/All Mods Full Log w/Fresh Copy + Fusebox Happy to provide more details or any other assistance needed!
  9. One of the .cfg files needs a minor change to fix this - once done, it has been working well for me. Please see this post, above.
  10. Sorry for the delay, I was in the process of releasing the new version but had forgotten to make the necessary changes for Blizzy's Toolbar. Those changes have been made but am now fixing a bug I found where the icon isn't displaying properly switching to Blizzy's toolbar when previously using stock toolbar.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I'll include the fix nightingale suggests in the release. Everything seems to be working except a UI issue but I'm planning to do the next release Soon(TM). (Tentatively today.)
  12. Quick update: The 1.3.0 release of Part Wizard is nearly ready. I'm testing it and working on a few tweaks and bugs I've come across. Soon(TM).
  13. Yes, I plan to update for 1.2...but looks like you beat me to it. Great, many thanks! Yes, please send all PRs, I'm thrilled to have someone else interested in improving PW. Sweet. Stop reading my feature plans list!