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  1. One of the .cfg files needs a minor change to fix this - once done, it has been working well for me. Please see this post, above.
  2. [1.1.3] Part Wizard (1.2.5) [22-Jun-2016]

    Sorry for the delay, I was in the process of releasing the new version but had forgotten to make the necessary changes for Blizzy's Toolbar. Those changes have been made but am now fixing a bug I found where the icon isn't displaying properly switching to Blizzy's toolbar when previously using stock toolbar.
  3. [1.1.3] Part Wizard (1.2.5) [22-Jun-2016]

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll include the fix nightingale suggests in the release. Everything seems to be working except a UI issue but I'm planning to do the next release Soon(TM). (Tentatively today.)
  4. [1.1.3] Part Wizard (1.2.5) [22-Jun-2016]

    Quick update: The 1.3.0 release of Part Wizard is nearly ready. I'm testing it and working on a few tweaks and bugs I've come across. Soon(TM).
  5. [1.1.3] Part Wizard (1.2.5) [22-Jun-2016]

    Yes, I plan to update for 1.2...but looks like you beat me to it. Great, many thanks! Yes, please send all PRs, I'm thrilled to have someone else interested in improving PW. Sweet. Stop reading my feature plans list!
  6. Yes! I've been distracted by other things the past week or so, but I'm getting in to this next. I haven't forgotten! Did you install any of the KerbinSide packs or other mods that use KK? Your log files would be useful, as well as a list of mods installed. I'll look at the code for ILS with this idea in mind. My first thought is that it should be adaptable if it doesn't already work.
  7. Thanks for the great report! I'll look at this later today.
  8. I'll take a look and I'm happy to work with you to figure out what's going on. Thanks for the full log, always helpful. Unfortunately my work day just started so I can't really do anything for the next 12 hours. I have some other minor fixes I've been testing, so hopefully this one is easy and can get rolled in to an update.
  9. Ah, the editor, of course. I didn't follow that key point, derp! I'll check it out later tonight when I get a chance.
  10. Sure...but using the 0.13 version (the one you marked as beta) it seems to work just fine for me. Are you using any other mods? Any other KK scenery packs? If you would, please turn on Debug Mode in Kerbal Konstructs settings (or via DebugMode = True in the KerbalKonstructs.cfg file) and send the KSP_x64_Data\output_log.txt log to me? (Debug Mode just does a lot more logging than normal - you should keep it turned off except when trying to fix a problem.)
  11. Good find - I noticed the .cfg.cfg too but didn't think it'd cause a problem either. Hmm, we might need some advice from other modders on the best approach to achieve the visibility you're talking about over large areas.
  12. I've picked up maintaining Kerbal Konstructs while @AlphaAsh has moved on to other interests. Off hand I don't know why you'd see that error. I'll place your building and see if I can reproduce the problem, tonight when I get back to working on KK. I noticed your new project, Kerbal Cities, and I'm planning on trying it out in any case. I also noticed the map that shows your goal - and I think we might be working together more as that becomes a reality. Looking good so far!
  13. @m4ti140 and @orfest - I'll try to recreate the problems you both are describing. @CaoCao - first, static structures on bodies other than Kerbin have been known to have issues, but it should at least work if everything is configured properly. There's no set directory for scenery, except that it has to be in a folder in GameData.
  14. @Seth Kerman, yes, the link to the mod hosted on Alpha Strike Games on the first page is version and is the last version available that works with KSP 1.1.2.