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  1. Thanks for taking the time to give me such a thorough reply. Steps 1-4 are pretty much what I already do, with my current 'step 5' being to upload a manoeuvre node to execute. From what you're saying, it comes down to just coming up with a direction to point the vessel, burning for a set time, and hoping for the best. I'll just have to put up with any steering and velocity errors and do a later mid-course correction or something like that. OK, I still don't have the first clue how to use the X/Y/Z mode. Given that step one for, say, a trans-munar injection burn would be to cr
  2. A slight side-track, so a separate post, but this last conversation got me thinking about how everyone else executes manoeuvre nodes. The reason I want to be able to follow the in-game node pointer, is that I can access that vector from inside kOS, and I've written a manoeuvre node execution program that can get extremely high burn accuracy, by adjusting the pointing direction to follow the node vector to compensate for any errors during the burn, and throttling down to a stop with sub mm per second precision. It's so good that I have to be careful using the Rendezvous Maneuver Sequencer
  3. Good to know, thanks! Ah OK, that all makes sense, thanks. OK, I've dabbled with the LVD, so I at least know what you're talking about when you say 'steering law', but I've yet to figure that one out fully. I'll assume for now your reply there will make more sense as I figure the LVD out more. In the meantime, using the Mission Architect, does this mean that if I want to be able to continue following the manoeuvre node in-game (for a finite duration burn), I need to set the mission up using inertial vector mode? Can you give me a hint as to where the X/Y/Z components point
  4. I'm also finally getting into Ion engines. I have questions about the manoeuvre execution assistant (MEA), as well as finite duration DV manoeuvres in the Mission Architect. The questions are around when the burn will be executed for the finite duration burns, and where the rocket is pointed for both. For time, am I correct in assuming that the for finite duration manoeuvre's, the idea is that the burn will start at the end of the previous event (e.g. coast to a specific TA etc)? (As opposed to impulsive dV Manoeuvre's, where I'm used to starting the burn before the node's time, so
  5. I found someone interested in letting me play mission control with the MCC RTS, for them as they play KSP. Doing a search of this thread, it looks like we'll need to forward ports 8282 and 8295. Anything else?
  6. Yeah I'm having the same issue. The wheels turn only when they're retracted. It's like there's a variable or something that's out of sync with whether the wheels are deployed or not.
  7. Now for another one unfortunately: I tried to set up the same mission in the LVD. (I can set initial state now, so that's working ) I didn't get as far as optimising this one however. I had two main problems Putting in coast events to True Anomalies (to coast to apoapsis or periapsis), it didn't always propagate to where I'd expect. i.e. if I set the Termination condition to a TA of 0, the event would end immediately at apoapsis. 90 degrees and 45 degrees both got the graphic to display periapsis. When I set two body propagation, I get this: Mission file: https:/
  8. Thanks again for all your work on this. I think I've found a bug though. I keep getting this error message when trying to optimise in the Mission Architect: Mission file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d2-ljODWscWlpxRf4HZOGO9LywzkSIhy Log file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=136mMM_Dxa8itown92urP4s-UbsLqvAvZ I've tried turning off Parallelisation, restarting KSP TOT completely, and changing optimisation algorithm. Same results every time.
  9. OK, here's the .mat file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d2-ljODWscWlpxRf4HZOGO9LywzkSIhy/view?usp=sharing This was made in pre-release9, if it matters.
  10. It's literally just: Import initial state -> add coast to ascending or descending node -> errors. I'll fire it back up and upload shortly.
  11. OK I got an additional out of memory error on pre-release 7. Next up pre-release 6. That's awesome, I look forward to start learning how to use it. While you're squashing bugs... Pre-release 6 is the latest version I can find that has a working Mission Architect. See posts above about the orbit propagation erroring out.
  12. It does right? As you can see from the first screenshot, the vessel most definitely is not on the ground. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16y6PYyZa5qR4Ya2bF0BbL-3z36dIPvBJ/view?usp=sharing In the meantime I'm rolling back through pre-release candidates to see if I can find one that works.
  13. OK, now I'm having problems I haven't seen before with the Mission Architect. I'm trying to set a coast to ascending node to zero out inclination, and I'm getting error messages. The scenario below highlights the issue. The green line is set to coast to the _Ascending_ node.
  14. Is there any more documentation on the LVD anywhere? I just can't seem to get started with it. The tutorial isn't much help, because it starts from a rocket launch, and at this point I build all me vessels in LKO. When I try to import the orbit data for a craft, it just... doesn't? I feel like there's an option somewhere I'm not setting, but I don't know what it is, hence asking about documentation. This is the problem: I select the craft I want to import data from: And then after I hit 'Use Selected Orbit', the values copied across are wildly different: What's going o
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