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  1. Without reading 9 pages of posts, does anyone know if the reactor science nodes got moved back to come off the propulsion nodes? It's weird to have all the late-game nuclear engines and reactors that are all used for propulsion to sit off the electrics branch of the tech tree.
  2. OK, I've made it a simple constant efficiency recipe, with 10x the energy cost, and now it seems to be working fine. It's a shame to lose the efficiency/heating mechanics, but I guess that's how it is. Thanks for your help.
  3. OK, thanks for the advice @taniwha. I'll try that tomorrow.
  4. I thought I'd chuck in some examples of what I tried, and that isn't working: Input { efficiency = 1 ... //LFOMix = 864.49048 -5186.94288 // 6MJ/kg of LFO, 0.86449048kg of LFO ElectricCharge = 5186.94288 -5186.94288 MetalOre = 1596.882 } Output { efficiency = 1 ... Metal = 1116.9 -9627.678 // 8620MJ/t of Metal, 1.1169kg Metal //CarbonDioxide* = 1056.228 //Water* = 288.24448 } Input { efficiency = 0 ... //LFOMix = 864.49048 -5186.94288 // 6MJ/kg of LFO, 0.86449048kg of LFO ElectricCharge = 5186.94288 -5186.94288 } Output { efficiency = 0 //Carbon* = 24.0214 //CarbonDioxide* = 176.038 //CarbonMonoxide* = 476.1717 //Formaldehyde* = 30.02598 //Hydrogen* = 14.11116 //Water* = 144.12224 }
  5. I'm having NaN errors when I try to edit the recipe for the smelter. It's pretty clear I'm messing it up somehow, as when I revert to the un-edited recipe config, the errors stop happening. I'm trying to remove the LFO requirement for smelting and scrap remelting. My idea is to simulate something along the lines of Molten Oxide Electrolysis. For now I'm ignoring the oxygen this would produce, and just trying to set it up to produce metal with an equally high energy input, coming from electric charge only. (I use KSP Interstellar, so powering smelters from a nuclear reactor is viable option). Does anyone have ideas on how to go about correctly editing the recipe file to achieve this?
  6. Consider me corrected. I understand and agree with what you're saying. I guess I figured that if I personally hadn't acknowledged something after 2 weeks, it means I never will, and then applied that here. Apologies again to @Booots. Awesome! I'm going to check it out right now!
  7. I've been digging into this for several days now, as I can see that there are modulemanager patches that are clearly intended to add life support resources to the command capsules. I think there's something wrong with these patch files however. I've managed to get things working again by replacing this condition: @PART[*]:HAS[#CrewCapacity[>0],@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[>0]],!RESOURCE[Food]]:FOR[TacLifeSupport] With this: @PART[*]:HAS[#CrewCapacity[>0]]:FOR[TacLifeSupport] I don't really understand what I'm doing, and I expect there will probably be some unintended consequences, but this change has got it working again for me.
  8. Awesome to hear from you @Booots. Apologies for offending you with my post. I did legitimately think that this mod was abandoned - as you say, the issue was raised 2 weeks ago, and this is the first time you've acknowledged it. Combine that with no activity on the Github or this forum thread in approximately 4 months, and I thought it was a reasonable conclusion. A small correction here: I have identified no workaround. I found that uninstalling Wind Tunnel fixed all the mod issues I was having, including the one I first raised with the kOS team. That's the only solution I've found. I agree, it's an awesome mod! I hope it to see an update at some point so I can continue using it
  9. There's been no response from the mod author, so posting here as well. It looks like this mod is broken and abandoned at this stage. Dunbaratu from the KOS mod narrowed down the exact cause of the problems this mod is causing to all other mods installed with it, and posted here: Just thought everyone else should know before trying this mod, seeing as the author seems to have abandoned it. (Which is a shame, I really like the concept for the mod).
  10. OK, that makes a lot of sense about preventing using the drinking water as propellant. It took me a minute, but I've now spotted how to convert between the two. I was going to go back and be more specific about which parts, but looking at it now, it's literally every single fuel tank that isn't from this mod. Edit: OK, acting on a hunch (I was wondering why you would ask me "Exactly what parts are missing KSPIE fuels?"), I removed the Cryo Tanks mod, and voila! KSPI style fuel options for all fuel tanks!
  11. Dang, just saw your message, and I don't have time to go back and get the exact part names. I have a spaceplane built with Mk2 parts, plus B9PW wings with internal tanks. But in other news, I was playing with the atmospheric resource harvester thing. It seems to be only capable of collecting drinking water, not liquid water? Is this on purpose? why is there a difference between LqdWater and regular Water?
  12. I think I have some kind of modulemanager error going on. None of my crewable command pods have any life support resources added. I checked and I have the MM_AddResources.cfg in my install, but it doesn't seem to be working. Log file: Does anyone know what might be causing this?
  13. OK, this leads me to my next problem: None of the fuel tanks I have to build my spaceplane out of can carry KSPI fuels, like Liquid Nitrogen, or water, or whatever. What do you guys do in this situation? Cryostats inside a cargo bay? Edit the files to add KSPI tank functionality to other tanks? I'll take any suggestions!
  14. OK, I just tried both the Thermal Turbojet and Thermal Ramjet, on a craft that had Xenon, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Helium and Liquid Water on board. I could still only switch these thermal nozzles between Atmospheric and IntakeAir/Hydrogen modes. Edit: Never mind I just realised that I didn't have cross-feed enabled on the tanks I added. Yeah it's working fine for the other propellants. Thanks for your help.
  15. Huh OK. I tried with liquid fuel, LFO, hydrogen, Lox, methane and methalox I think it was. Had no clue the chemistry of the propellant would have any bearing on things whatsoever. I'll try a non reducing propellant when I get home. I was specifically in Sandbox mode, trying to figure out how this mod works through trial and error.