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  1. Part 4: Gregby Kerman, our hero, after successfully having set foot on the surface of Eve for the first time in history, now returns to the Orpheus lander to attempt his perilous ascent. He detaches the ladder. …And then the parachutes, which violently explode on the surface of Eve. This is why I’ve been nervous about the ascent in the first place. Things tend to get twitchy on the surface of Eve due to the high gravity and dense atmosphere. Orpheus is meant to fire its engines to full throttle at the same time as it jettisons the decouplers connecting the l
  2. Part 3: In this installment we’ll witness the terrifying descent of the Orpheus lander, piloted by Gregby Kerman, into the unforgiving atmosphere of Eve. The nuclear tug has lowered his periapsis to 40km over the largest portion of solid land on Eve. Since I don’t have a way of targeting descent trajectories in atmosphere, all I can do is hope that the lander will land on something reasonably high. Ascents get much more difficult from lower elevations on Eve, so we’re hoping that Gregby lands on a nice flat mountain. Once his altitude falls below 100km, he ditches the
  3. Part 2: In Part 1 we saw the design for the lander, Orpheus, and the launches of it and a refueling payload to Kerbin Orbit. With these ships positioned in orbit, the crewed Command vessel, “Lavender 1” was launched just before the Eve transfer window opened. Aboard are the three crew: -Pilot, Gregby Kerman Gregby was, in this save, the first Kerbal to set foot on Duna. He’s my most experienced pilot, and I’ve credited him with making a landing on Ike with very narrow delta-V margins, using only the remaining fuel from that same Duna mission. Fearless, strong and stu
  4. Hi all! I’ve been playing Kerbal Space Program since 2013. I recently got back into it after the recent Breaking Ground and ESA-mission expansions, and thought it was about time to complete a couple of objectives that I’d never got around to doing over the years I’ve been playing. One of these is a crewed Eve return mission. This thread will showcase the designs and mission profile that I have used in my attempt. I present to you: “Operation Lavender” Part 1: This thread is going to have a lot of pictures in it. Below we see the first one, showing the l
  5. My first attempt at an Eve return mission! I think I'll do a full mission report later.
  6. If they're going to add this they'd need to add fuel slosh and ullage mechanics to complete the realism. Maximum fuel flow rate dependant on how effectively the engine turbo-pumps are primed. Which would be cool. While they're at it, different fuel types, etc.
  7. Huzzah! FL-T series revamps. Almost feel like I owe SQUAD an apology after complaining about how horrible the current ones look.
  8. Seems like a reasonable explanation to me, and is similar to my own theories on the matter. However, much as I'm grateful to the modding community and their dedication to addressing stock limitations, I'm still not satisfied with having to resort to mods. Not because they're poor quality, far from it; I just don't like having to rely on someone who could stop updating the mods at any time for no reason without warning. To the point where I've considered learning Unity and Blender for this exact contingency, so at least I can always be sure of being able to address these things myself.
  9. Thanks @Snark for your reply and fantastic mod. Making History was released on March 13th and as far as I can tell you put your mod together a day later. I find it bizarre that Squad couldn't put in the same effort. It makes me suspect that they don't possess the IP for Porkjet's work and they'd need to negotiate with him some kind of arrangement, since they'd be adding it to their game which they charge money for.
  10. Are the 1.25m parts going to get a model / texture update like the Rockomax ones did?
  11. Would Squad be allowed to make these models stock? Or do there exist legal peculiarities? All the fuel tanks and the Mk-3 Capsule got an overhaul in 1.4, now the old engines (LV-T45 etc.) look sorely out of place.
  12. Wonderful series, good to see it through to the end.
  13. Thanks for continuing to update, Hotaru! My favourite thread on the forums. When it's over do you think you'd be willing to compile the whole thing into a PDF and make it available for download?
  14. Man these are great. Would be nice to have something like them in stock though, so I don't have to worry about them being discontinued or abandoned.
  15. Can we please have an option (or an entirely new part) to have elevator-style doors on service bays? Ones that let you have a part that's flush with the rest of the stack regardless of whether or not the doors are open? Ever since the original ones were added I always hated how the doors swung really far open on both sides, often clipping into things that were radially attached to whatever stack the service bay was part of. Also, the big stock service service bay looks horrible; it's got big comical cupboard handles and it's textured like a corrugated bin. 1.4 added new service bays
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