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  1. Hi, I am noticing that MKS throws a number or errors during start up related to textures not found and i observe that there is allready a ticket opened for this for some time now. Can you please, please plan to include the fix in an upcoming release of yours. I understand that this is not impacting the game or anything though would be nice if you can update so as to avoid errors in start up. This will help in identifying issues with other mods/core ksp Many thanks, Tsuvekio
  2. Hi, I have noticed that when this mod is installed we get the below error: [ERR 20:18:58.778] Error: Empty part config file [WRN 20:18:58.797] Cannot create config from file 'D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\CommunityResourcePack\AsteroidScannerSetup.cfg'. I understand that this is nothign to worry about as this config file is empty, though would be nice if you can remove/update it so as to avoid having errors during loading. That will help in debugging other mod issues Thanks, Tsuvekio
  3. Hi, I have also seen, as some posts above, that the location of Universal Storage DMagic parts on the science tree with CommunityTechTree installed, is somehow 'wrong', at least for my perspective. As indicated above the US material study comes before the actuall material study box :-(. I checked a little bit further and observed that even though the US parts configurations (under folder DMagicOrbitalScience\UniversalStorage) allocate tech at the end of each file with CommunityTechTree is on, there is also a second file (under DMagicOrbitalScience\Resources) called DMagicCommunityTechTree.cfg that redistributes the parts again in the tech tree, and is that file that is considered as it uses the ":AFTER[DMagic]" config. Any idea why this double science allocation was done? In any case, I removed this 2nd file and things look better (to me) but please keep note that this file seemed a more concreate way to allocate the parts in the science tree as it considers a lot of mods and not only CTT. For me that i don't use those mods, things work fine ok. Tsuvekio
  4. Hi Everyone, Just in case anyone reads that, after the latest update of TCA (and some of the other mods i had), i don't face this issue anymore Long live TCA!
  5. Ok, thanks for that. I will try to find some time to reproduce but if you have failed i don't believe i would be the unliky one... Maybe because the craft was created prior to the 1.1.3 upgrade (?). Anyway thanks.. I need to see how i can continue using my orbital station now with TCA in .
  6. Hi Allista, Have you manage to check the issue i have spotted? Do you believe it has to do with the specific craft or combination with another mod? Many thanks, Tsuvekio
  7. Hi, Today i have encountered a strange behavior and it seems to me that it relates to this mod as i found the below logs. [EXC 20:23:17.011] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ThrottleControlledAvionics.HorizontalSpeedControl.UpdateState () ThrottleControlledAvionics.AutopilotModule.UpdateCtrlState (.FlightCtrlState s) Vessel.FeedInputFeed () FlightInputHandler.FixedUpdate () This has happened when i undocked a craft, got away (more than 2-3k) and returned back again. The end effect is that my vessel becomes virtually non-responsive to any command until i get far from the other vessel again (more than 2-3k). I am in latest KSP version 1.3 I understand that i have numerous mods installed and haven't tested with only TCA installed but though to raise this till i find the time to do so. Please note though that i have tested it without TCA and there is no such issue. So it is TCA's thing, no idea if it's only TCAs... :-$ Also excuse if there is missing info above, it's my first time a report an issue, first time to open the Debug window and read logs so... please let me know what you need to check this further BTW do you want my log file and if so where? Log file below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dtshur3jg8bnoyt/KSP.zip?dl=0 Thanks, Tsuvekio
  8. Hi All, Can I please ask whether this mod is available through CKAN? I know it used to be *Rework* something but i can't find it anymore Sorry in advance if there is post allready that replies on this but however hard that i have tried searching in this topic i couldn't any mention of it... Many thanks Tsuvekio
  9. Hi Guys, I checked and unfortunately KSP interstellar is not fully compatible with Tweak Scale. Main issue is that you cannot launch anything from the Runway as when you are redirected there from SPH you can see only the sky.... From what i checked the conflict is with the core Interstellar DLLs (interstellar*.dll) Would be nice if we will have a fix for that. PS: Reactors are working, i have just tested one and produced power
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