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  1. Just wondering if anyone has or would be interested in a mod that would create a post apocalyptic scenario. where after spending an allotted sum of money and science points you would be unable to build from the space center any longer. You would have to depend on interstellar launch pads and other mods to mine distant distant bodies for resources and build your space agency from scratch. Pretty much it wouldn't be much of a mod, just disabling contracts and returns on landing on kerbin. So the only way to build a ship would be from resources. The mods I think that would be dependant would be Rover dudes MKS/OKS Tac life support Extra planetary launchpads KAS Karbinite And a mod or even a save file that would Alot you enough funds and science to get you a space station and space miner in space.
  2. Great mod and i really enjoy playing it, but the memory leak is unbearable. With everything set to low and i am only able to play for 10 minutes before the game crashes. i have taskmgr open on a second screen and i can just watch it start from 2 gigs and end at 3.7 and crash in a matter of minutes. I've tried removing mods to figure out what it is but nothing works. anyone else have this problem? I've completely deleted the game and reinstalled it twice hoping it would work.
  3. Just wondering what you would think about adding a feature that with time and experience points would allow you to upgrade isp, thrust, maybe gimble, alternator, energy storage, solar panel efficiency?
  4. Thanks you for your awesome mod. I've been using it since like ksp version 18 or something. But could i offer a suggestion for v.90 I know code has changed alot, but think it would be possible to tie your mod to the engineer's ability. like level 1 he can use a few features and as he progresses he can tell delta v left and biomes or such? Just thought this would really add to the class, which right now is pretty useless, unless dang it's modder can add to it.
  5. great thank you for your fast reply. Also i think it would be awesome if they gave the engineer the ability to tell it. right now there isn't much use for him :\
  6. Just wondering, is there a reason why vanilla KSP doesn't display your current Delta v that you have left on the ship?
  7. Granted, hes still a baby I wish for world peace
  8. tweak able everything was causing, just disabled it and was working fine.
  9. Just wondering if i'm doing something wrong but the heat shield keeps blowing puffs of smoke