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  1. I will admit that I'm more than a little rusty on this sort of thing, but how can this mod be considered updated for the current version of KSP when one of its dependencies (EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements) is still 3 versions behind?
  2. The only condition not met on the list is "Hold a stationary orbit directly above Area C-BHKZ". It is located perfectly below my craft, and all other parameters are met. There's no list for how long I have to hold the position, but time-warped I sat there for about 20 minutes and it still didn't clear. EDIT: Just how precise does the positioning have to be? Because it's not absolutely dead-on, it's technically a bit off by about 1.5 degrees or so to the east going by a placed Kerbnet waypoint. The game doesn't really tell you how precise it expects you to be.
  3. So I took a contract to keep a stationary orbit over a given location. Easily done, orbital parameters matched for geostationary orbit at 0 degree inclination, target is exactly below me. The condition will not complete, and thus the contract will not complete. Do I have to maintain the position over that location for a specific duration, or? What does KSP want from me here?
  4. Eight years ago, I saw a video showcasing a strange game featuring simple rocket-building where you actually had to respect the laws of physics to get anywhere. I threw my lot in with that game and became an early backer of it, the only time I have ever done so. I do not and never have regretted that decision. This announcement has left me quite happy indeed, as it means that that strange game which won me over in late 2011 has become something far greater than I could ever have imagined. As Scott Manley implored you, please don't screw this up.
  5. What's interesting is, KSP itself has a tool built into it to prevent this sort of thing: physics smoothing. It runs it whenever you load a save, and also when you come out of timewarp. I don't know if there's any easy way to access it, but the code is already in the game to prevent the rover jump problem: basically just activate and deactivate timewarp upon docking for just long enough that the physics smoothing activates. Done by code, it would probably be almost imperceptible.
  6. I have a save in progress that I can pretty easily set up to see the "rover blast-off" effect at will. It mainly seems to happen on lower-gravity bodies (especially the Mun and Minmus). EDIT: Here we are: The craft to test it on is Mun Mining Operation Driller; just undock and/or dock the cables leading to the mouse drones to see it in action. I have a few other mods installed that might also need to be loaded to get this save to work. They are KIS, Planetary Base Systems, TAC Life Support, and Kerbal Alarm Clock. Both of the expansion packs are installed as well. I also set up custom flags, but I doubt that's going to make the save unloadable (if it does, I can provide them as well). EDIT 2: Just to clarify, I am building a testbed save with just KAS installed to showcase the issue. However, that won't be ready for at least a few more hours due to existing obligations in Real Life(tm). As such, I figured I would provide the offending save now if anyone wanted to see if they could muddle it out before then. EDIT 3: I was able to build the testbed before Real Life(tm) intervened, and actually got the bug triggering on the launchpad no less! Not quite as dramatically as on the Mun, but close! This just requires KSP 1.7.1 and KAS; no expansions or any other mods. Hope it helps! To see the effect the quickest, select UNDOCK and then DOCK on the left hose port. It will jump a tiny bit when you undock, and jump a few meters into the air when docked again. EDIT 4: Wow, I didn't realize what a goldmine of docking testing this save is. The right hose port requires a bit of ship swapping to test this on, but the jump is even more grand. And if you do it a few times it will jump about 10m in the air! From the launchpad, mind you!
  7. So the fix for the various winch types definitely works for newly-created ones, but pre-existing parts will still do the "not available" bit. Gonna see if I can isolate the save file info difference to fix that... EDIT: Figured it out! Find the RTS1 listings and revert all malfunctioning ones to: persistedLinkState = Available persistedLinkPartId = 0 persistedLinkNodeName = Doing that will "unstick" them. EDIT 2: I have found a new bug (well, bugs really) while experimenting with this. 1.) attempting to switch between docked and undocked will launch any rovers involved in the process sky-high (often ejected at 20m/s or greater vertically). 2.) If an RTS-1 hose gets disconnected at any length greater than 30m, it can never be recovered. There is no "retract" option, and any Kerbal attempting to pick it up will get an error claiming that the distance is too great on the hose.
  8. I am starting to wonder. It's not letting me interact at all with winches of any type when I attach them manually; it just makes an error beep when I try and shows the "not available for a link" message. Trying to do it manually from the craft says the winch is locked.
  9. I guess I was expecting them to be able to lug them on their backs. Or at least be able to shove them in a storage container (which small reaction wheels are blatantly smaller than) and carry that.
  10. Alright, so I'm a bit lost here. The manual says Kerbals can carry quite a bit of weight. The smallest reaction wheel is quite clearly much, much smaller than a Kerbal. So why can't a Kerbal grab a small reaction wheel? Or a small radiator panel, for that matter? They're both lighter than some of the items they can pick up (in particular most KAS parts), yet they're listed as having volumes 2 to 8 times the Kerbal's volumetric carrying capacity.
  11. More experimentation on deployed science reveals that, even when not in time warp, they work VERY slowly. I left KSP running and focused on my deployed Mun experiments for 10 hours while I was at work, and when I got back, the progress on the experiments had only gone up by about 3%. The requested ~40,000% of 50% of Mystery Goo science for the Mun is not going to happen any time soon (and by the time I even got to 50%, that request would probably read around 150,000% of 50% anyway).
  12. Not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but KPBS habitat, lab, and greenhouse modules do not contribute to contract requirements for having room for X Kerbals in contracts. They also don't register as viable TAC LS locations. Pretty sure this is not intended behavior.
  13. I don't remember seeing this happen in any previous version, but mini-docking ports sometimes just sort of... bounce off each other now instead of actually docking. Angle and speed are completely irrelevant, they'll just slam headfirst and then jettison the craft that should have docked away in a random direction at 0.5 to 2m/s. It's weird, and annoying.
  14. Alright, more problems have emerged with deployed science. It only works when you're not in time warp; as soon as you time warp, it becomes disconnected from its power sources and does nothing. This includes when you time-warp from another vessel. This, needless to say, is a big problem.
  15. Either there's some bad mod synergy going on, or the "gather surface science" mission is buggy right now. It started out saying "gather 100% of 50% of surface mystery goo science", but now it's saying something absurd like "4,538% of 50%" instead.