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  1. For my Hitchhiker's Guide to Kerbals and my ongoing Dunaverse story, there's already names for at least two continents. (Since all major landmasses on Kerbin are interconnected, you kind of have to define "continent" to mean "large areas between land bridges".) The continent that the Kerbal Space Center is on is called Lovotrazi (and the nation behind the KSC is called Lovothoria). The continent with the desert is called Devatrazi (and has its own nation, Devathoria). Haven't come up with names for the badlands continent or the trailing western continent beside the badlands.
  2. You are the hero that KSP submariners need. Thank you.
  3. Prototyping for the mission to come after the Dunaverse. I'm sure this design form factor will seem familiar to at least a few folks!
  4. They happen a lot on Kerbin since the Mun and Kerbin are perfectly aligned with the sun. I seem to recall that it's not quite a daily occurrence, but certainly it happens at least once every Munar day.
  5. My personal breakdown of KSP's eras are similar, but distinct since I was playing this game since 0.11 and have a LOT of memories of its earliest builds: The Before-Times (pre-development): KSP was merely a concept. Pre-Public Era (0.7.2 and earlier): Initial development, nobody saw anything about this era save what HarvesteR shared years ago about it. Prototype Era (0.7.3 to 0.13.3): Earliest development, most of the releases during this stretch were focused on fleshing out and stabilizing the base game itself. Local Era (0.14 to 0.16): Development expanded to make space e
  6. I remember being pretty excited about the Mun being added for 0.12. Finally, somewhere to go besides just to orbit! Not that I got to orbit in 0.11, I was still in the "haha rocket go boom" phase back then. 0.14 was the first big game-changer update, I remember being stoked about being able to actually save my flights in progress. 0.18 was kind of the "legendary release" back in the day. Since it added docking, it expanded our possibilities so much! It was wonky and unreliable back then, but it was still awesome. Most of Scott Manley's most popular KSP videos came out during the
  7. I too would appreciate a decent ballast system. Perhaps when active the ballast would cause the buoyancy of the craft's collective parts to be set to the inverse of (90% * ballast setting). Not especially realistic, but it would serve the fundamental purpose of allowing a craft to sink or float at a controllable rate. Seems like that would be a fairly simple mod to make, but I don't know nearly enough about KSP modding to do it myself...
  8. The Dunaverse continues! The south pole awaits, as does a little surprise in space...
  9. No amount of effort to decode the corrupted logs seems to have helped. We are once again presenting the relevant data as-is. KSD 2049.2 (Eveday, November 11th 1895) - Duna's Surface We're finally rested enough to make our polar expedition. It was a tense few days, I must say! We caught up on the two weeks of news reports we'd missed, and things were pretty bad on Kerbin for a while there. Prime Minister Atis was very nearly deposed in the coup attempt by the Devathorian extremists, and there were a number of skirmishes on the borders between the nations. The only reason th
  10. The hardest thing for me is sticking around long enough in a given Career mode save to actually reach the interplanetary stage of things. I usually stop some time around turning the Mun and Minmus into gas stations. The sheer tedium of the ISRU process just wears me down and I call it quits. If only it were possible to fully automate the process...
  11. Hbav-Wpsva hjapchalk. Haaluapvu, vul vm fvby zopwz pz bukly haahjr: Mhyuoht'z Slnluk. 1 npnhqvbsl zoplsk puzahsslk. Wshzth ilht jhuuvu puzahsslk. Wshzth ilht jhuuvu puzahsslk. Wshzth ilht jhuuvu puzahsslk. Wshzth ilht jhuuvu puzahsslk. Qbtw klcpjl johynpun ha 10 wlyjlua. 20. 30. 40. 50 wlyjlua. 60. 70. 80. 90. Qbtw klcpjl johynlk. Lualypun zfzalt: Mhyuoht'z Slnluk. Wpyhal Lspal. Ahynla pz uvd pu yhunl: Wpyhal Lspal. Uv hpt. That was a lot of interference! Where did that come from? Seems like it's out of the system now, at least. Anyway, the Dunaverse will soon resu
  12. Taking another breather from KSP to avoid burnout. Duna's south pole is quite an expedition! I just noticed something. I was one of the first posters to this topic back when it was started in 2013, and everyone who posted to it before me save Xeldrak has vanished from this forum in the intervening years...
  13. A quick maneuver node check on a craft in a near-Kerbin orbit shows that it'd be around 13,500dV to go from 0 degrees to 90 degrees about the sun.
  14. Nicely spotted. A shame that Kerbals have no idea what ROT13 and ROT10 are, but outside observers like ourselves do. (Obviously I didn't want the garbled text to be very hard to figure out!)
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