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  1. SkyRender

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    Found a few issues in the mission builder in Making History... * If you set a node to activate once N time has elapsed, it will auto-activate if the player restarts the mission no matter how far out it's set to * A number of trigger conditions won't happen if the conditions check current vessel and (specific vessel) when current vessel IS the specific vessel, nor will they activate if "current vessel" is a Kerbal on EVA * Checks for if a vessel has entered the SOI of a planet only happen when current vessel changes SOI; not a big issue normally, but problematic if you're warping Kerbals and/or ships about for mission purposes
  2. I'm trying out the mission builder, and I can't find any way to prevent the player from switching a ship I've put into orbit around Eeloo. I'd rather have them start at the Space Center and send a rescue vessel to help out said Eeloo-orbiting ship, but I can't figure out how to do that. Any help?
  3. Seems interesting, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how you create new vessels in Making History. It just gives me a blank drop-down list when I try to do a creator built ship and there's no option anywhere to build a ship. EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out. I didn't expect the option to be at the bottom of the list...
  4. I don't know for sure if this idea hasn't been fronted before, but KSP would really benefit from a mod that allows the player to propose contracts and get bids from companies on them. There is certainly real-world precedent for this sort of thing, and it would enhance the contract system considerably if it were in there. Basically, what I have envisioned is a system wherein the player can specify the mission they want to do (ie. all of the conditions they need to meet to succeed), and depending on the various attributes of the firms out there, there will be bids made on that contract proposal. To discourage constantly spamming easy ones like "transmit science from space around Kerbin", companies would lose interest in repeat contract conditions and eventually you wouldn't be able to get anyone to bite on a contract condition that you've done to death (or they'll pay you so little that you might as well not bother). Similarly, some contracts would not interest certain firms at all. Potentially it could even involve companies making a counter-proposal that alters your mission plan but pays out better if you accept their modified terms. And of course certain types of mission goals would be unavailable for logistical reasons (you can't tell a firm you want to propose a contract to rescue some random Kerbal from orbit, for example; where would that Kerbal even come from?). It's a very complex mod I have in mind, obviously, but it would really revitalize the contract system and incentivize more creative missions if players could actually get rewarded for their ideas instead of having to hope the RNG rolls a decent match to the mission idea they have to help pay for it. I've never had much luck with making mods in the past, so I'm interested in finding out if anyone else would like to help me out with this idea. Or even if someone's already working on a mod like this (or has released one; I've never been able to find it if it does exist).
  5. SkyRender

    [1.7+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.3

    I know KAS has always had issues with "mouse drones" (small often-wheeled probes attached to the main craft via winch that are designed to dock to other crafts or mouse drones), but they've gotten significantly worse lately. I have a pair of craft on the Mun right now (a fuel barge and an ore refinery) whose mouse drones won't move. At all. They don't respond to any inputs when selected in undocked plug mode. Even more unusual is that they DO work fine for about 5 minutes after being plug-undocked from their parent craft. But then suddenly they stop responding to all WASD input after a set amount of time. Ideas? EDIT: Nevermind, turns out it's a quirk of the comms network. Apparently small probes have a range of about a gnat's chuffs for antennae by default, and comms control authority is not inherited through winch connections unless in docked mode.
  6. SkyRender

    Stock fairings are cursed...

    I just switched to good ol' Procedural Fairings. Those have so many more advantages. Like being able to strut to the fairings themselves.
  7. SkyRender

    Stock fairings are cursed...

    This is getting ridiculous. I built a craft that is perfectly stable on the launchpad with no fairings, doesn't wobble one bit. I add a fairing to it, it explodes on the launchpad. I adjust the fairing to be a bit further away from the payload, it explodes even more violently. I'm pretty sure that's not how "physics easing" is supposed to work!
  8. It's been a long time, hasn't it? I'm still here! I was working on my second novel (Torvista), which I finally published. You can find both it and my original novel (The Barrier Key) on Help support a KSP fan and aspiring author! Anyway, let's get on to the latest article on Kerbals, shall we? Kerbals and Cameras It has been noted with some trepidation by those visiting Kerbin that Kerbals do not seem to know what cameras are. Which is not to say that they don't have equipment which utilizes visual sensors, of course, because they do. However, no Guide writer or ill-fated Kerbin tourist has actually observed a Kerbal taking any sort of photograph or recording any sort of video. This seems particularly daft given that historical data shows that there is extensive video footage of the Kerbals' first visit to the Mun. In an effort to discover the root of this anomaly, our lead Kerbologist of last week took some time to return to Kerbin and research firsthand just why this was the case. Our current lead Kerbologist is currently out on a rescue mission to save said former lead Kerbologist from the impact course with Eeloo that he is currently on, which leaves us with no staff to look into the matter. In proud Guide tradition, therefore, it has fallen upon the editor to write this article and make things up as he goes. Kerbals once used cameras extensively, recording every achievement they made and also silly videos where they would challenge one another to Bop-eating contests. This footage covered every moment of Kerbal history, from the first member of the Church of Treerock to defect to Ikeism, on up to the last known recorded footage of Kerbals on the Mun. While there was a massive purge of any and all knowledge prior to the Kerbal Space Program's existence, footage of Kerbals after the program's start should have survived. And it did: the only video footage any Kerbal recorded after KSP was founded was of the Mun landing. This footage was deemed so embarrassing and detrimental to the space program that it was locked away and all cameras were destroyed to prevent future records from escaping. To this day, no Kerbal spacecraft is equipped with any cameras, and all Kerbals not part of the space program simply take KSP's word for it that missions succeed. UPDATE: Our Kerbologists returned ahead of schedule, and even got some research done on the subject. It would seem that our editor was completely off once again. The Mun landing videos were staged back in the early days of the space program. Their distribution to non-Kerbals was a joke, because no Kerbal actually believes they're real. Kerbals actually have thousands of video records of their many, many voyages. Every single Kerbal vessel is equipped with a massive array of tiny cameras that records every single moment of every flight, and we never saw the footage because we didn't think to look on KerbTube before writing this article. In the editor's defense, nobody besides a Kerbologist would be brave enough to check KerbTube, given that you have to be on Kerbin to access it.
  9. I kind of feel bad now, having been one of the first to bring up this bug... I feel like I'm the one who heaped all this extra work on JPLRepo because of it. I realize someone would have brought it up eventually, of course, but still.
  10. 3 years after I put my first novel (The Barrier Key) up on Amazon, its sequel is now available! This one has some space travel in it, just in case that's a selling point for you. You can get it here: If you missed the original novel, it can be found here: And if you're the sort of person who prefers a physical copy to read, paperbacks are available for both: Enjoy!
  11. This is why I love the KSP mod scene so much. Such dedication! Thank you for all you're doing for us humble TACLS users, JPLRepo.
  12. Good, I'm not the only one who's run into this! More data points means more angles to attack the problem from.
  13. I'm having trouble reproducing it on a new save too. So I've uploaded the offending save and the log file: The Mun Station Alpha craft is the afflicted one. Any time you EVA from any craft, the station reports negative power remaining. As well, it reports much-too-low power remaining before anyone goes on EVA. Mods you'll definitely need installed to test it are TACLS (obviously) and KER.
  14. It would be best to list off the mods installed first, as there's likely some synergy between mods going on that's causing this issue. Particularly if it's not showing up on anyone else's save, which I suspect it's not given that it would have been mentioned by now! The mods currently installed are: Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Inventory System 1.5.0 Kerbal Attachment System 0.6.3 TAC Life Support 0.13.2 Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Planetary Base Systems 1.4.3 Environmental Visual Enhancements Background Processing (as provided in this thread) Stock Visual Enhancements 1.2.3 There's no need to test all of those mods, however, for compatibility. The problem exists between the first four mods on the list, as the problems began as soon as I installed TAC and after I'd installed the other three at the top. I have done additional testing, incidentally ,and discovered that it's actually two issues. The first one is the aforementioned EVA causing the game to go nuts and predict negative electric charge remaining on vessels. The second one is that somehow it's calculating electricity usage based on the total Kerbal capacity of the vessel instead of the actual Kerbals on board. So when I load the save, it's reporting 2h10m of power on a station with a 9-Kerbal capacity and 5110 Electric Charge which has a crew of 2 Kerbals on board. Enabling and disabling power sources on board shows that each battery and capsule is contributing to the calculation.
  15. So I've done a bit more research on this issue I'm having, and it seems it's not the problem I thought it was. I launched a new vessel with around 800 overall EC on board (more than enough for the solitary Kerbal riding), only for the TACLS panel to unceremoniously inform me that he had around -2 days' worth of power left. Something somewhere is off in the math, although it seems like the internal math for Kerbal survival is correct (at the very least, I haven't seen any Kerbals get offed due to this reading; it just keeps killing timewarp to incorrectly tell me that vessels are out of EC). EDIT: Well now I have a save that can faithfully recreate the issue at will. When the game loads, both Kerbal-carrying vessels report correct power levels. Upon EVAing from either vessel, one or both vessels will erroneously report a massive deficit of power. The problem seems tied to going on EVA.