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  1. Good call on the atmospheric pressure scans. I'll fix that next I'm I'm working on it.
  2. Thanks guys (especially NathanKell, cybersol, and OhioBob)! I was looking for a way to be very accurate for flight simulation purposes. Since KSP 1.0 does not have a single simple formula for pressure, accurate numbers either need to come from field work or table of real world measurements. Again, following the what-would-Jeb-do philosophy, I've built a table for every 100 meters of Kerbin's atmosphere by recording the values of several points within a few meters of each 100 meter mark, then linearly interpolating the measurements to the now bracketed 100 meter marks. This should be the most precise table around. Here's the full data: And here's the cheatsheet version:
  3. Given that we've tracked this down to it being defined in game as a Unity AnimationCurve, could anyone dig up the raw curves points/tangents for kerbin from the game's data? I wasn't able to find it in a quick look through the configs. Where are the bodies defined? Is that outside of config files? If so, would anyone be up for pulling that data out through a c# plugin?
  4. Two, that doesn't seem to work for me. It isn't possible to match the shape. Given the two humped nature of the pressure shape on a log scale, it does seem likely to be coming from some kind of defined unity curve.
  5. I was failing to get an SSTO craft to orbit. I decided to make a nice chart for myself of aerodynamic drag. I figured I could either dig up a formula to calculate the air pressure at each altitude, or I could do it the Jeb way, and launch a spacecraft with a barometer, and record measurements at different altitudes. Of course I had to do it Jeb's way. To my great surprise, the values I measured were up to 300% off the published formulas of pres = 2.718^((0-altitude)/5000). This means there is actually a lot more drag loss over a launch than previous math would have shown. Method: Create any spacecraft. Add a barometer. Add a KOS computer from the KOS mod, with code below. Launch from KSP at any angle, altitude, or speed. Things I've tried to invalidate my data: - Multiple launches (no change) - Different vertical velocities at various altitudes (no change) - Different angles (no change) - Barometer on top of bottom of launcher (no change) Here's a sample of my data over a couple launches. (/snipped/) Update - 5/25/20015: KSP no longer uses a simple formula for atmospheric pressure. Rather it uses a bunch of spline points, picked to roughly matched a scaled down version of the earths atmosphere. This means that the only way to really know atmospheric pressure is to look it up in a table, or to calculate it from the spline points. Here's an accurate table of experimentally verified altitudes and pressures:
  6. I've published serg.bloim's fixes, and confirmed that this works with 1.0. Let me know if I'm missing any biomes.
  7. POllik, can you post a link to your save file? I'll check it out in Firefox and see if I can find what the issue is.
  8. Thanks guys. I've released a new version that fixes the bug with the East Farside Crater, as well as the bug with the Kerbin Deserts.
  9. Thanks, ELF! That was just what I needed. I fixed the issue reading your file. Give it another try! (And hopefully I fixed other people's problems as well.)
  10. I made a tool to load your save game files and see the Science Remaining. And I'd second for figuring out where the biomes are located for landing planning.
  11. Heh. I'd be concerned that would make an ugly curve to the science rate, with the last bits taking forever. Alternately, you could also just avoid landing on the Mun or Minmus, which would force you out into the solar system much earlier. Personally, I love the buckets of science everywhere - the world feels like it's full of possibilities.
  12. I have a spreadsheet with all science that I know of. (Actually, I started out only making the spreadsheet so I could do the Mission Control Challenge). You can download it here: As with everything built by Kerbals by hand, it's probably not 100% accurate, but it's the numbers behind the remaining science app. When I total up the numbers on the page I get 74,282. I think this overstates the numbers from Laythe, but does not include the recovered spacecraft science.
  13. It's probably that it's having a hard time reading the save game file for some reason. Could you upload your save game somewhere and private message me a link to it? I'll try debugging what's going wrong.