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  1. Erm, are Orange Suits supposed to not need supplies to avoid going on strike still?
  2. Urk. I lack all of those. Oh well, at least I asked! Thanks for the speedy reply
  3. Are there any skillsets that are needed to be useful in helping, or is there some "grunt" work that needs doing?
  4. Can anyone link me to where the planned Antenna Diversity and Range system was talked about? (I know it's not coming this update. Trying to decide if I should download Remotetech or not
  5. My only "complaint" about this awesome mod is that it makes docking so wonderfully simple I'm worried I've lost all ability to dock without it :P.
  6. Oh please lord can we have a separate UI scaling for the Navball? I really hate the new ginormous navball which fills half my screen D:
  7. Sorry, I wasn't clear; I was wondering aloud about launch options in case I succumb to muscle memory and just hit "play" in Steam. Thank you though! Zips my jacket up over my head
  8. Hmm. Surely there's a way of setting 64-bit in the launch options? (but I've no experience with it x_x)
  9. Hmm. Is there an idiot's guide to playing with Principia somewhere (Or an accessible real life text that would help)? And does anyone have any suggestions for mods that complement it?
  10. Adding mods until the game runs out of memory in a couple of minutes. After a new update I tend to drastically slash what I have installed, but then it starts creeping up again... That, and I keep getting to a point after landing on Duna where I'm a bit "Oh well, time to do exactly the same thing on all the other planets!"
  11. The main thing about Jool-diving I find annoying is the fact that once you've got the Low science, if you're planning on letting it go all the way down to crush depth, then you have to sit and watch it fall the whole time. I'd much rather leave the thing to it's fate once I have all my delicious science.
  12. Well, that was... Interesting. CARGOBAY, SMASH!
  13. Well I'm rather pleased with this development! It'd be good to have it rolled out on future updates - dependent on people not complaining about pre-releases being a tad ropey.