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  1. steam DB now shows the pull, so things should start to happen EDIT: download started
  2. same here. SteamDB shows update on Scratchpad 3 hrs ago. No offense, but you sure you promoted the right branch Kasper?
  3. mine's not... I want dutch internet by the way XD
  4. https://steamdb.info/app/220200/depots/ so why doesn't public read as updated yet? usually that updates pretty quickly
  5. Thank you for all the hard work you put in this game. KSP will forever carry your signature. don't be a stranger.
  6. it's actally not inclinatiopn, but heading over surface, I did not rename the variable. as for Normal vectors I'd love to go there. I even need that for some Information I guess, but when I tried i produced NaN's like Crazy, so I decided to try o go for Lat/Lon calc first to get an Idea for my target point... It did not fruit and now I'm stuck I got it Cracked. Funny thing with Trigonometry is it does not care if your distances are Linear or in degrees
  7. I am Working on an Addition to KER which I called Decelleration Readouts, which essentialy does the same as suicide Burn Readouts, but is more Versatile and gives more information. https://github.com/harryyoung/KerbalEngineer Video Demonstration (earlier iteration) https://youtu.be/6Rb1LDvKdok I am Stuck at accurately determining the landing point based on vessel lat/lon and the horizontal Breaking distance. Ironically I get the correct Longditude, however my Latitude is off, making all information relying on that unusable. I use the Following to determine Lat/Long https://github.com/harryyoung/KerbalEngineer/blob/master/KerbalEngineer/Flight/Readouts/Vessel/DecelerationProcessor.cs Lines 131 - 140 //do impact site calculations, special thanks to Muddr for Pointing me to http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html surfaceRotation = GetSurfaceRotation(); var incl = surfaceRotation.eulerAngles.y; var currentlat = FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.latitude; var currentlon = FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.longitude; var angdst = 360 * HorizontalDistance / (2 * Math.PI * FlightGlobals.currentMainBody.Radius); var bodyrot = 360 * DecelerationTime / FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.mainBody.rotationPeriod; impactLatitude = currentlat + Math.Asin(Math.Sin(currentlat)*Math.Cos(angdst)+Math.Cos(currentlat)*Math.Sin(angdst)*Math.Cos(incl)); impactLongitude = 360 + bodyrot + currentlon + Math.Atan2(Math.Sin(incl)*Math.Sin(angdst)*Math.Cos(currentlat), Math.Cos(angdst)-Math.Sin(currentlat)*Math.Sin(impactLatitude)); Do any of you know what I am doing wrong?
  8. That did it, thanks Necro Now i am looking for a somewhat elegant solution to avoid a NullRef exception when adding this to a mod-part which does not have any tags as of now. The simple solution would be to just check all parts in the mod's folder first and if they do not have the tags field create one with a generic tag for that mod. while that works fine on a mod basis I'd also like to do tags globally and may not need to tag different mods individually. I'd like to avoid a global search tag to avoid this nullref if possible. Any ideas?
  9. I am trying to add more tags to the parts for the search feature, however when I for exampe do this: // Kickback @PART[MassiveBooster] { %tags = sounding } The previous tags get overwritten (no moar boosters), it will be found under the new tag tho. Is this behaviour correct or am I taking the wrong approach?
  10. Hey cybutek, since I send one of them what are the plans for going over the open pull requests on GitHub?
  11. I'd rather have diferent flavour in contract. Simple Depth contracts are tracked trough the world first passive achievements
  12. I've been giving the Otter a torough Exam. It is alive and healthy Great Mod Roverdude, I watched you building that sub and i love playing with it. That being said I have a few things that bug me... 1.: ThePod's Center of Mass sits awefully weired: Right where the Kerbal has his/her place. If kerbals have that significant an influence in a 1t craft there would be no Space Program I think the CoM should be lowered to be inline with the aft attachment node and put a little back, hopefully stopping it from splashing and turning on it's back. 2.: I know the cutoff when no longer Splashed is intentional, however be aware that when you land your craft reasonably intact on the ocean floor you are no longer considered splashed but landed on ground as far as science sirtuation goes. I'm not sure how vessel.checkSplashed() handles things, however I have not had an auto cutoff, so it's plausible that function has a failsafe thingy built into it for just such cases (or just can't tell the difference here). 2a.: Also I flat out dislike that Cutoff when no longer being considered splashed; it's such fun to ride an oscilating sub breaking trough the surface and falling back just to come back up again so instead of checking if the craft is splashed I'd rather have it check if the altitude above sea level is higher than 10 meters. If you go above 10 meters, chance is you'll break something and the trip ends regardless, so it seems a reasonable limit It also adds a failsafe for the above. 3.: Whenever I hit Jettison the game sends a message that it also dumped the IntakeLqd, however that does not happen, either because that msg is not intended but technically not easily avoidable (in which case the button should be renamed to Jettison Lead) or because it does not reset the intake percentage to 0, 4.: Not sure if intended: The IntakeLqd for the RCS in the Pod does not get replenished. On a side note I went ahead and added a Readout for Altitude over Underwater Terrain to KER, pending Review and Approval by Cybutek: https://github.com/CYBUTEK/KerbalEngineer/pull/71
  13. It would be nice if you could reflect this in the first post. While i was aware of the move to stock I was not sure if this mod was still required (just presumed it was not)
  14. Hey everyone, I tought I'd just start a new tread because I don't see one around, and I don't feel like posting it on the modding mondays post directly, cause it's not just about the last one. "Three makes a trend" and over the last 3 Weeks (and even a bit before that) there have been Mods in the Modding Mondays (Kerbal Attachment System, RLA Stockalike and TweakScale) that I (!) consider pretty mainstream. Most pepole have heared of them trough some channel or have actually used them, so they do not need the publicity - however they deserve the credit this form of publicity grants them, cause they're great mods. Those mods that need the publicity are the mods that are new or that are less frequently used or have a specific target audience. They have been the main Focus of MM's but seem to be falling to the sidelines. I therefore suggest to either do a more balanced 2 new + 1 major mod approach over 3 weeks to give publicity where needed and credit where do or extend Modding mondays to feature 2 Mods each week with one being a more famous mod of the week and the other being a New Frontiers mod (it's the best name I could come up with that sounded better than "Recommended mod" or the potentially inaccurate "Newbie of the week")
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