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  1. The newest version( seems to have a bug where m/s is displayed after the mach speed in the dV window in SPH/VAB. Great work porting it to 1.0 so fast though! Edit: here's a screenshot of the bug:
  2. Computer Name - Operating System - Windows 8.1 64 bit CPU - i5-4570 Motherboard - ASRock Z87 Extreme3 RAM - 2x4gb crucial ballistix sport GPU(s) - Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming Optical Drive(s) - LG M-Disc something HDD(s) - none, though I will soon get one SSD(s) - Crucial MX100 512GB Chassis - Sharkoon VS-3S PSU - Thermaltake Hamburg 530w CPU Cooler - Be Quiet Shadow Rock 2 Additional Internal Components - Some TP-Link WiFi card
  3. That's a pretty nice rig overall. Though I've never heard of Akasa, so I can't really decide wether I would trust that PSU. Besides, 750w is WAY too much for that build.
  4. I know that. That is why it won't get much benefit from having more than two cores.
  5. It would run the same on an overclocked 4690k if it was clocked to the same clockspeed because ksp doesn't take advantage of hyperthreading. Heck, even a Pentium G3258 could probably get the same performance as the 4790k when overclocked, because ksp can't take any advantage of the extra cores.
  6. What is the purpose of that pc? If it's gaming, the i7 processor is way overkill, especially given that you are using a GTX 750 Ti in there. Anyway, here is what else came to my mind while looking at this: - the processor is haswell refresh, which requires a BIOS update when using a B85 mainboard. Many motherboards don't support a BIOS update without already having a CPU installed, which would mean that you would need to have a haswell non-refresh CPU to update your BIOS before you could use the 4790s with that motherboard. Make sure that the motherboard supports a BIOS update without a CPU or use a H97 board that would natively support haswell refresh processors. - the bearing type should not be the reason why you choose a fan over another. It can have effect on how quiet a fan is, but a cheap fluid dynamic fan can be a lot louder than a good fan that's using another type of bearing. You should look for reviews of the fans to judge how quiet they are. - if silence is a factor in your part choice, you shouldn't use the box cooler for the CPU. Get an aftermarket cooler instead.
  7. GMT -3.5? Only cheaters can live in a timezone with a ".5" at the end.
  8. Due to the recent doubts about the legimity of GregoxMun being the driver of the HypeTrain, I started this HypePoll to determine whether we officially acknowledge GregoxMun as the driver of the HypeTrain. http://strawpoll.me/2647996
  9. I wouldn't buy that pc and upgrade it. You would need to replace at least the motherboard, the CPU and the GPU to be able to play anything on there. Buying all the components yourself would most likely be cheaper. Also, what exactly will you use the pc for? Is it just KSP or also any other games? What is your budget?
  10. Copying Apple? Sorry, but could you tell me one feature of the iPhone 6 that didn't exist before in competing phones? If you dislike Google for copying Apple, you should also dislike Apple for copying Google.
  11. That demo is DEFINITELY 99% scripted(the 1% is the timing off that character speaking). Also, who the heck would want to talk to a virtual character pretending to have feelings anyway? Even IF they were able to make a working AI like that Xavier it definitely wouldn't be able to run on a Xbox 360.
  12. Isn't it a bit early for this? Anyways, #HYPETRAIN4EVER
  13. I don't think there will be too much of an impact as ksp is limited by CPU power, not GPU power(unless you happen to be ferram). Adding in an additional shader shouldn't give too much of a performance impact.
  14. That power supply certainly has no 6-pin connector. Most likely the gtx 650 is using an adapter. Add to which power supply to choose, Techquickie has a nice video on what criteria to look at: The corsair CX series CX500M, seems to be a good quality cheap 500 watt power supply, which should be enough.