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  1. Engineer of Stuff

    Maps of Kerbin?

    Kerbal Maps is the best. It is like Google Earth for Kerbals. Someday Squad might add cities/towns and other species of animals. Someday they might add volcanos too.
  2. Multi-core support is something that KSP really needed.
  3. Engineer of Stuff

    Unable to do a clean install with steam

    You will have to remove all your workshop content. Go to your steam profile and find KSP. There will probably be a button that says "Workshop Content". Click it and find "Subscribed Content". Click "Unsubscribe" on all the addons. This was from memory, so it might not be exact.
  4. Engineer of Stuff

    Devnote Tuesday: Everyone Pitches In

    Kill those bugs!
  5. Engineer of Stuff

    How do you find your mods?

    Added a CKAN option.
  6. Engineer of Stuff

    How do you find your mods?

    Oh, right.
  7. Engineer of Stuff

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Almost 2 million views for this thread.
  8. Engineer of Stuff

    How do you find your mods?

    I would like to know how many people like Curse over the forum for finding mods. This poll is probably going to be biased towards the forum, because the poll is on the forum.
  9. Engineer of Stuff

    Image of KSP running on a PS4

    I expect many console gamers to be dissatisfied with this game because it it to "realistic" and hard to play.
  10. Engineer of Stuff

    KSP Thumbnail on the Steam $20 gift card

    Do you see KSP's thumbnail on there? I just noticed it.
  11. Engineer of Stuff

    What do you think of the new forums?

    I think it looks more modern than Vbulletin. But I dislike the "Like" button too.
  12. Engineer of Stuff


    Asteroids have always been bugged. Just try your best to work around that.
  13. Engineer of Stuff

    The NEW Kerb Kerman Show! (Now with 85% less evil!)

    Yes! It is back!
  14. Engineer of Stuff

    My username is completely borked on the new forums

    Keep it! This is the coolest username I have seen!
  15. Engineer of Stuff

    What I hate about KSP forums/IRC! (not a moan, don;t worry!)

    I am one of the younger users of this forum, but I always assume everyone else is older than me (I am not one of the so called mannerless young people). There are a lot of rude kids out there, and they think that they own the internet. Just ignore them and find people who understand the meaning of "Internet Courtesy". BTW, the KSP forum is one of the best on the internet. Most of the people here are respectful. The KSP community is just special that way!