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  1. Looks just as awesome in-game as expected from the previews. I'm finding a small bug in a similar vein to the misaligned solar panels, engines on previously-launched ships have their shrouds attached: As far as I understand from poking around in save files, it's to do with different values for "activejettisonName" in the engine's "ModuleJettison", e.g. an existing Spark engine (as in the screenshot) has "activejettisonName = Shroud" while a newly-launched one has "activejettisonName = ShroudSparkBasic" (and no shroud).
  2. As I said over on Reddit, lovely. Looking forward to seeing more. With some thinking and reading this thread, suggestions: Redstone for the 1.25m tanks is cool, just make sure and stripes line up better than the stock 3.75m parts... Four nozzles on the BACC sound like a fine way to set it apart from the RT-5/10 and make an otherwise plain-looking part a little more interesting. If anyone complains, show 'em this. For my personal taste, the decouplers (and separators) could definitely be more restrained with their colours. The red triangle is important, obviously, but the stripes could be tone
  3. QuickScroll is something I just can't play without. Really speeds up the build process and it only gets more useful the more parts mods I get.
  4. I do hope this mod will get an update, in-game joystick calibration and controls editing is amazingly useful.
  5. I'll join the chorus and say I love the scroll and search functions. I already miss them in 0.90 and it'd be lovely to have them, whether standalone or in some version of Part Catalog.
  6. Excellent stuff, solves a lot of problems. One tiny issue, if the brakes are triggered while the gear is moving, the indicator light won't go back to blue again. Also a thought: Would it possible/useful to have the leg's forward/backward angle adjustable as well?
  7. Name tags on flares, that's gonna save me a couple of missions. I don't know how often I've missed a transfer burn or somesuch because I was lining things up in map view to identify the little spot of light...
  8. Darn, so the official 64-bit still breaks KAS. Anyway, the update looks great, fuel and monoprop tanks are a wonderful addition.
  9. Switchable main display, awesome stuff. Now that I've also found my favourite MFD screen again (Target), all's good in the 25's cockpit. The trucks and bus are also looking very promising, a perfect fit with the background vehicles scooting around in the game. KAS support for the container truck/container part should be pretty easy, the part config just needs a section for KASModuleContainer with a sensible storage size set, and without KAS installed the game will just ignore that bit.
  10. Downloading, will play tomorrow. KSA's Managing Committee is already trying to find a budget and operational need for acquiring more orbiters.
  11. Yeah, that's gonna need a refly... only a few more millions thrown at the program, right?
  12. Wow, that really drives home the size difference. Awesome stuff. And bug-squashing is good news, looking forward to release.
  13. Very nice, looks promising all round. Improved cockpit visibility is always welcome.
  14. Love it, the EWBCL stack really looks like it means business.
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