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  1. Cheers @Shadowmage, I've been mucking around to reliably use KS3P lately, so this is great! Using forced DX12 for scatterer, EVE and no problems running TUFX (now just need to tweak settings I guess) No: Yes:
  2. I always would say Kerbal Space Program, as acronyms are just there to save keyboard strokes. Just like one should always say Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, cause LASER is too mainstream. Back on topic: Kay Es Pee
  3. Please see: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/content/350-Development-Relay
  4. I want a little tool in the editor to determine to what extent bay doors open. Much like the slider we have for engine power. Half way open would stop them from clipping my engines on a spaceplane ssto while still allowing the content to come out.
  5. Clap clap, I approve of this. Giant SSTO spaceplanes are awesome. well done
  6. Why use 3 landing legs when you can have 18? The super over-engineered way too heavy for the job, but (in my opinion) awesomely stable Moho lander You need to slam it pretty hard to get it to tip
  7. Haha, another update. This is truly brilliant. Hope they keep it up
  8. Well, this game has changed over time and so has the opinion of the devs. It's almost like they are humans that can change their minds. It probably isn't a last minute addition, that we don't know about it beforehand doesn't mean they weren't planning it already. Hate is such a strong word though, what do you expect them to do? Crawl through the dust and apologise for introducing it and acknowledge they were wrong in the past? (even though you say you like the idea)
  9. To quote some other forum user (who? forgot) on this issue: it's becausing you are flying a flag, no?
  10. Ore as a name for fuel is actually not that weird I think. Also, it has been done in other instances such as the battlestar Galactica series where fuel would be refined from mined Tylium ore. I just imagine it to be a similar concept.
  11. When testing new spaceplanes and shuttles I often use the stretch of sea towards the island runway for testing stability, control etc. If they manage to touch down there in one piece, a lot of them will stay there (including pilots which go on a well deserved tropical island holiday )
  12. Rovers are definitely at the crossroad where fun/realism is a problem. While it is true that real rovers maybe only drive a few meters per hour, this would be incredibly boring gameplay wise. While curiosity has been spending 2 years driving to mt. Sharp, I intend to invest nowhere near as much time to drive to a target zone for a contract.
  13. When I made my laythe colony mission using a few motherships (carrying SSTOs) I landed most of the stuff at what brotoro called Fido bay on Dansen Island. Also inspired by his detailed travel report thanks for that
  14. I guess mostly an engineer as I spend most time in the SPH building ridiculously big spaceplanes, then after that a pilot to get them airborne Also, what did you use the get the screenshots creating a sort of depth perception?
  15. Crawlerway is seperate? You learn something new all the time Also, I'm not sure how "science-science" has been rebalanced in value (if at all?), but before, the career mode was only from science reports and no contracts. The only thing you would need the contracts for now is well, money and rep.
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