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  1. So, i found a couple of bugs: 1. FMRS window and the hide UI button (F2) You can "toggle" where the FMRS window is visible. I dont know how to explain it otherwise. Steps to reproduce: - Open FMRS window - Press F2 - Press F3 - Press F2 again The FMRS window is now visible when the rest of the UI is hidden, and invisible when the rest of the UI is visible. This can be reversed by doing the F2/F3/F2 combo again. I'm guessing the Plugin doesnt actually check if the rest of the UI is visible, but just if the user pressed F2. So its state gets toggled whenever the UI gets enabled by something other than F2. Same problem with the escape key. 2. FMRS kills Science I suppose this is because i'm using Galileo planet pack and the science definitions all have different names from stock. It looks like FMRS isnt adding the appropriate Science { } blocks to the ResearchAndDevelopment Scenario block in the savefile. Example; something like this should be added to the Scenario block after running an experiment on a vessel: Science { id = [email protected] title = Surface Sample from Gael's Tundra dsc = 1 scv = 0.25 sbv = 0.300000012 sci = 9 cap = 12 } So whenever i'm doing science on a dropped stage in a new situation that is not already in the Scenario section, the Science{} block wont get added after returning to the main craft and i'm getting zero science after recovering the dropped stage. This results in Error messages like these: [ERR 02:14:19.985] [Research & Development]: Experiment in mk1pod has scienceSubject [email protected] defined, but no such subject exists. [ERR 02:14:19.988] [Research & Development]: Experiment in mk1pod has scienceSubject [email protected] defined, but no such subject exists. Exact steps to recover: - Launch vessel with separable stage with science into a new situation, which you havend received science for before - Decouple stage - Switch to stage via FMRS - Land stage, do science - Return to main mission and do whatever - Upon recovering your dropped science-stage, you get 0 science. Error message above. Logfile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lcimt4gavhlezor/FMRS_science.txt?dl=0 I tried to keep it simple, but KSP still managed to produce 32.000 lines of logs... 3. Doesnt automatically return to main mission after recovering dropped stage What i mentioned earlier. - Launch vessel - Drop stage - Go to stage via FMRS - Land stage - Hit KSPs "recover vessel" button - You end up on your space center screen and nothing further happens. Expected behaviour is automatically jumping back to the main mission from the space center screen. Logfile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/80teiwlsh79a668/FMRS_ReturnToMain.txt Again 30k-ish lines. Lots of clutter from other mods apparently. I can work around all of those problems but i thought it would be worth reporting By the way... Thank you for picking up all these mods. Thats really cool!
  2. I guess that is because landing gear and wheels get autostruttet to the root part. You cant disable this autostrutting either.
  3. Hi, The way scott manley is using this mod in the video above does not work for me. Im doing: - Have FMRS enabled (timer running) - Separete stage - Jump to separated stage via the button in the FMRS window - Land it - Click the ingame "recover vessel" button - ... nothing The stage gets recovered and thats that. All the videos on youtube show the mod jumping back to the main ship after recovery, it doesnt happen for me, instead the main ship is just lost. Now i do have a boatload of mods installed that may be interfering, can anyone confirm if this works in a stock game? Oh and i tried both the beta and debug-beta builds. Same.
  4. Next Issue: The utilitron sampler doesnt work. I'm using IR 2.0.10 and got the IRSurfaceSampler.dl from github but the following happens: Sometimes, the sampler wont sink into the ground but hover over it, as it ifs collosion box is larger than it should be. It cant collect a sample: Other times, when i drop the exact same vessel in a different place with hyperedit, it will sink into the ground, but still wont be able to take a sample: Bug, user error, interference of other mods? Your guess is as good as mine...
  5. Cool, i'll try that next time. For the vessels that are already launched the F5 & F9 trick seems to work. Undock -> dont touch the IR controls -> quicksave -> quickload -> now you can move IR without it freaking out completely. And i shall have a look at that as well. Whats one more mod, my PC is coping fine with the 48 i already have Thanks.
  6. That's unfortunate. What other mods are there that would allow what i'm doing here? (connecting and disconnecting vessels for resource transfer) I know KAS, but i'd like to do it unmanned. That did indeed work, thanks! If push comes to shove i can always edit the savefiles.
  7. Hey, thanks. I just had a somewhat of a what experience with the default UI because you absolute cannot tell the yellow and green apart if you happen to be part of the 8% of people with a red-green colorblindness. So... It's a good thing there's a feature to change that. Its a bad thing to have a UI that has Colors by default that cannot be told apart by a not even particularly small fraction of users. I see no logical reason to do that. Either change the default color layout or add a note to the manual in the "Button switches" section. Enough complaining. I really love your mod. Keep up the good work.
  8. I'm aware that real life rovers arent going particularly fast. This is a game. I'm not quite ready yet to stare at my screen for 12 years to go 40 km on duna. Whats the point of having rover wheels if you cant go anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. In any case, the crashTolerance code snipped determines when the entire wheel explodes, what needs to be increased to avoid flat tires when you glitch along the surface is impactTolerance.
  9. So, rover wheels are quite fragile. Because i hate driving over the mun at 3 m/s, because i hate having to constantly quicksave & quickload, i thought i'd just increase the crash tolerance a bit. (read: a lot). The config files of some of the rover wheels contain gems like that: crashTolerance = 7 maxTemp = 1200 // = 3600 crashTolerance = 100 Why is the crashTolerance defined twice? Which one is used by the game? Which one are they supposed to have?
  10. Cool mod, i really like it. Just one question - the landertrons dont fire over water; is this normal or a symptom of my mod infested ksp installation? (KSP 1.0.5; Landertron release 0.11.0 from Github)
  11. Ah i see. Yes, i do in fact have tweakableeverything installed. I figured out a crude workaround. I increased the minPhysTicksPerUpdate ... now its working fine. No idea what other effects that might have, i'll just set it back to 30 when i launch a vessel.
  12. Hi, Is there a way to disable the constant voxel updating in the VAB / SPH, increase the interval, or make it so that it's only updated when i press a button? I'm a mad man whos running KSP on a kind of ancient Laptop (XP 32 bit, Core 2 Duo T7400 @ 2.16 GHz, 4 gigs of RAM with PAE.. ) - Surprisingly that works really well for the most part, but FARs continuous voxel updating makes the VAB kind of unusable. It's more of a slideshow than anything. The KSP debug console is full of lines like this: Etc... The obvious solution would be to deinstall FAR, but ... Meh ... Its such a great mod! I cant live without it
  13. Yeah, i meant 45 degrees. Dont ask me why i wrote 22.5 ... I know full well that a quarter of a circle is 90° not 45°, but tell that to my feeble brain. Sometimes i make silly mistakes like that. Might be because it was late, too. By the way, as it turns out, this is probably more of a problem with RCS build aid. I only became aware of the whole hatch / control axis offset after starting to use RCS build aid. Unfortunately RCS build aid ignores the selected root part as basis for its calculations at the moment, so sticking a clampotron or a probe core on the craft and making that the root part doesnt help inside the VAB at the moment, only after the vehicle is launched. See here for reference: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/35996-0-90-RCS-Build-Aid-v0-5-5?p=1705155&viewfull=1#post1705155
  14. Thats... Thats... Why didnt i think of this. *facepalm* I'll try that. Sorry. Wasnt sure exactly where this should go. T Thanks!
  15. Hi Guys, I'm having a slight symmetry issue with the MK1-2 command pod and RCS. Whats considered left, right up and down by the game seems to be defined by the command pod. Let me try to explain what my problem is..: The exit hatch on the MK1-2 pod is'nt exactly at a 22.5° angle to the left/right/up/down system in the game, so if i want to stick RCS pods with 4x radial symmetry on my spaceship, i have 2 choices: Either one RCS pod is closer to the exit hatch than the next one, or i build it symmetrycal, and then the RCS system has to compensate by firing 2 nozzles at once. This is especially annoying if want to build a ship or lander with 4x radially attached tanks where i'd like to stick RCS pods to. If i build it symmetrical so i can put ladders in between the two tanks, the RCS pods have to fire in 2 directions. This is an issue since this reduces efficiency and wastes RCS fuel. Looks like this: (The arrows are RCS build helper showing which direction the RCS thrusters will fire if i'd want to go "up" for example) Long story short: Can i rotate how up/down for the mk1-2 is defined? Maybe by editing the .cfg file? Thanks
  16. Thats too bad. But thanks for looking into it. I guess i'll just use stock structural panels.
  17. Hi Guys, Awesome mod. This is a great thing especially for people like me, who play on kind of outdated systems! I'm currently trying to build a large docking bay from B9 structural Panels. Unfortunatelty those panels have 3 different meshes/textures (not sure) that you can change by right clicking on them. Now when i weld that docking bay together and load the welded part, the game tries to display all 3 textures at once which makes the part look like this (I would be fine with it if it just looked weird, but its flickering rapidly and thats really annoying): The model/texture (i really dont know which it is!) is saved like this in the craft file. Is there any way i can incorporate that manually into the welded cfg? MODULE { name = FSmeshSwitch isEnabled = True selectedObject = 0 EVENTS { nextObjectEvent { active = True guiActive = False guiActiveEditor = True guiIcon = Next part variant guiName = Next part variant category = Next part variant guiActiveUnfocused = False unfocusedRange = 2 externalToEVAOnly = True } previousObjectEvent { active = True guiActive = False guiActiveEditor = True guiIcon = Prev part variant guiName = Prev part variant category = Prev part variant guiActiveUnfocused = False unfocusedRange = 2 externalToEVAOnly = True } } Thanks
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