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  1. KSP checks 1.05 * WheelRadius sphere from the center of wheelCollider, if there are any colliders from other parts in range, the wheel is blocked.
  2. that's an odd one alright. might be part of the issue with that specific part.
  3. compiled animations aren't flagged as Legacy, minor oversight in PartTools. to set the compiled clip to Legacy, select the anim clip, in the very upper right next to the Lock icon, click the 3 lines with downward triangle icon, select Debug, you'll see more information about the asset, near the top is a check box "Legacy". tick that, and set inspector back to Normal mode.
  4. setup looks okay in Unity... config match object names? suspension distance long enough to reach ground? really hard to say for sure with the new wheel modules unfortunately.
  5. why not just a green capsule roughly 1m tall? AFAIK assets inside KSP/GameData are okay; but EVA Kerbal and associated assets are not part of that set, so I assume it's not okay to redistribute the mesh made by Squad. If you modeled a Kerbal yourself it would be fine.
  6. looks to be about that... so it makes the whole model around 8" tall.
  7. try adjusting this value in the config, I'm guessing it's in degrees/sec actuatorSpeed = 20
  8. you can use separate mesh objects in the part that pull from different textures. pinstripes for example can be separate mesh objects that use a small tiled texture while rest of the model use a larger texture. There's also _MainColor property in most KSP materials you can leverage for color variations on identical textures; and RimColor/Falloff properties can be used as self-Illumination as it's not affected by lighting. These do require separate MU exports since material properties are embedded.
  9. here's a E-Class with bunch of parts for scale. looks a bit larger than 18m, more like ~30m diameter... there's probably a large variation in sizes https://imgur.com/a/VOE40
  10. if it *looks* good the whole way through. then it's "proper"
  11. in Tools->KSP Part Tools setup tab? that sounds like PartTools isn't setup correctly
  12. you can delete it without harm. KSP will start a new one next time the game starts.
  13. MODEL { model = path/to/your/model texture = texture_toBeReplaced, Squad/Parts/model/texture }
  14. probably too big an undertaking. best thing to do is open up assembly-csharp.dll in Mono or VisualC and look at the modules in there. luckily most of part modules start with Module+Descriptive name... like ModuleAnimateGeneric... or ModuleGenerator... etc. If you know the basics of C# it'll be fairly easy to figure out 89% of what you see. the other 10% takes some trial and error, testing in game to see their effects,,, like TsubSys in ModuleWheelDeployment. the final 1% will forever remain a mystery of the universe.
  15. would it be possible to disable whatever dynamic suspension adjustment that happens after launch? Not only does it lead to situations where a few toothpick lander legs can support enormous amount of mass, it also makes it very difficult to tune suspension parameters for mod parts as there's no real way to anticipate what the dynamic stuff will do. I know you guys made the small legs much much more susceptible to stress, but that's kind of a round about solution... the suspension forces should be linear (more or less) and different sized legs should have an absolute maximum mass it can support under 1g.
  16. mod it shall be.. and it is. Adds ladders to truss girder 1x and 3x pieces https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7lzkfz9bd73hkda/AAAXQeUygn3XkK7omw9W0VaFa?dl=0 place in GameData; make sure you got module manager. or you can manually edit the configs for those parts.
  17. probably not gonna be a tutorial.... way too complicated to try to explain in any clear fashion.
  18. @Geschosskopf check new version... fixed the configs on the pusher adaptors, should be back to normal for attach nodes. only Adaptor have docking port (staging option); Changed the configs some, maybe it's improved. Carrier adaptor doesn't have docking port, should not have staging option at all can't replicate your issue with cabin light... did you test on a clean install? Added cross feed toggler to Grappler Jr. Draws from stack attached tanks inside to bay, but not surface attached tanks inside. Helper drones have to be attached with angle snap off for whatever reason, or they snap to non-existant colliders. the carrier is more of a compact way to get the helper drones into orbit, after that they can be put anywhere using their grappler. I've considered adding docking nodes but that'd just be a staging icon nightmare with 5 docking nodes on a single part that small, plus inflated right click menu. turning the carrier into actual bay doesn't have much utility either as you'd have to manually dock each back into the bays,
  19. Ikerus Mk1 (Left): Single part solar heat shield in 3.75m diameter housing, deploys to ~38 meters in diameter. Deploys once only. Generates small amount of EC through thermoelectric effect. Kerbal for scale. Ikerus Mk2 (Mid/Right): multi-part solar heat shield for KAS/KIS assembly in orbit. Central hub is 5m diameter and is applicable for variety of situations that require high temperature tolerance so long as active cooling is available. Most effective against radiative heating. Total of 12 panel sections to be attached around the center hub piece, can be built to any size between ~11m (17 pieces total) to 100m (449 pieces total) in diameter in roughly 10m increments. Every 4th ring section have additional structures for strut attachments. Pics in OP
  20. fixed some scale issues with Grappler JR. adjusted arm geometry for shorter reach. adjusted command seat ejection angle to avoid teleporting kerbal.
  21. clipping detection is a sphere from the wheelCollider's center, slightly larger than the wheelCollider's radius. you have to make sure there's enough clearance in all 3 directions, not just the 2 of the visible wheel mesh.
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