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  1. You aren't asking for a mod, but a full game.
  2. just download and place in Gamedata; Lilleman has made masks for all the stock parts.
  3. which UV channel did you unwrap on? should be 0
  4. when you all get KF up and running in 1.1+ http://i.imgur.com/yNNo4z8.gifv
  5. Unity does. KSP doesn't include all the features of Unity engine yet, or if ever; probably big reason why there are so many different plugins to enable stuff that's built into Unity but not used in KSP. Reflections for example (see Lilleman's plugin thread; and TextureReplacer Reflection; and Starwaster's Reflection Plugin); Scatterer; list goes on and on. and lets not start a game engine apple juice squirt match.
  6. It's possible to manipulate the skybox orientation in Unity5; it would be better visually if the atmosphere and galaxy map cubes were replaced by the real skybox that blends between atmosphere and galaxy. Otherwise you'd have to resort to a lot of orientation matching to get different camera layers to all line up in the reflections. I don't know which one is easier... probably equally difficult. I don't think there would be any issues... it doesn't follow the vessel because there was never any reason to. All it does is project the sky in the bottom layer of player camera. I think the bigger problem is the galaxy box blocks out planet's (or the sun) reflection while in orbit.
  7. there's a color property in Unity materials that usually defaults to a middle gray, that could be tinting the texture making things look dark. KSP shaders generally defaults to white.
  8. The navball did the same thing before it was culled from reflection probe. the galaxy map could physically be anywhere really, even a tiny cube for all that matters, if it's just a camera projection layered onto the player camera. it doesn't have to move at all. it certainly makes it difficult to get an accurate reflection that way. At least with the way it looks, it's a sizeable box that contains the player vessel. Planets/Sun are outside of it seen by a different camera, which is what you see in the video, the vessel and it's reflection probe passing through the galaxymap box, and reflect the actual Sun geometry in a black void, since there's no real skybox at all.
  9. probably just needs to reassign texture? does the material have appropriate shader assigned? as long as it's not bright pink
  10. Not sure to be honest... I don't know exactly what flight scene setup is, I understand it's a bunch of cameras render different scenes layered together, but apparently they don't all move the same... looks like it's reflection of galaxy map mesh being left behind. I guess it shows the galaxy map is on a mesh object and not a real skybox, and its position is reset when you timewarp
  11. Is there a way to override/turnoff the global red tint from skinMaxTemp and only use ModuleAnimateHeat on a part which driven by maxTemp?
  12. If you can switch premade cubemaps/skybox per flight situation or biome, then you already have more than 75% reason to use PBR shaders. Ambient lighting, strictly speaking a reflection, doesn't require Reflection Probes, neither does light maps nor realtime GI. the only thing that requires reflection probes is real-time reflection like mirrors and polished metal, things that you would only see when you're close up. Reflection Probes add a lot to the visuals, and as you said, there're probably only need to be 1 in the scene. It maybe required for KSP because of how the flight scene is setup but it's certainly not required for PBR rendering as PBR shaders already account for ambient lighting from skybox/gradient/ambient color without expensive reflection calculations.
  13. 1. you can use transforms to specify attach nodes at precise angles, +Z pointed at the object/node you want to attach to. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/105766-friendly-psa-stack-node-fixes-in-10/#comment-1860523 nodes specified this way will only attach at the angle of the transform in the MU. 2. there's angle enforcement for ModuleDockingNode, you can set acquire/engage/snap angle deltas. e.g. begin acquiring when angle difference is less than X degrees; dock when less than Y degrees, only dock at Z degree increments. the settings you need should be in Nertea's docking port config files
  14. reflection probes are not absolutely necessary. A proper skybox for planets instead of the color gradient will make the biggest differece. Same transition point from planet to galaxy skybox. Probably make a noticeable different by changing Ambient Light source from skybox (unity default) to gradient in the Lighting setup, and match the gradient colors to the specific planet's atmosphere gradient. It would even make a noticeable difference to legacy shaders. Using reflection probes just to get ambient lighting for PBR is an incredibly wasteful.
  15. does't solve the problem that there just isn't a whole lot to reflect while on a planets surface... especially one with atmosphere. Squad's got their work cut out for them.
  16. probably got lost in the shuffle, just pull it back from the other parttools
  17. you have to import them from the unity package in PartTools 1.1.2
  18. I didn't save the Unity setup. here's the part file and a save game if you want to look at it. you can use the MU importer for blender to load up the MU. https://www.dropbox.com/s/recv64ir06q5nef/centrifuge.zip?dl=0 All Unity cubes with box colliders.
  19. you can adjust the config of fuel pipe to make it a heat pipe, and it works to some extent; but without heat conductivity adjustments to many, if not all, other parts. the actual in game use is limited. @RoverDudeDo they work shipwide? deployable radiators doesn't seem to draw much heat from insulated parts like the deployable heatshield, maybe because both parts are super insulated to begin with. with normal parts all seem to behave as expected.
  20. awesome mod, why Squad couldn't have done this to begin with is forever a mystery. how do I get my mod loaded by filter extension with icon? include mod_config and 32x icons? All I'm looking to do is manufacturer/mod group. Edit. woah already got an icon nice! how does the plugin match icon with mod? by icon file name = mod folder name?
  21. Yeah the parts that have deployable dock/grabber have rotating docking nodes to prevent them from sticking to stuff when in "OFF" mode. ControlTransform are separate and should not be a problem... I'll check the setups in Unity before next update. I've had navball reversing on plain stock parts when I'm testing parts and have to switch back and forth between spacecenter and the launched craft often.
  22. what kind of collider are you using? I just made one... probably 80m across. 11 box colliders per segment, 6 segments. no problems. Won't be able to walk or drive on it. but other than that it's doable. kerbals or anything with mass will stick inside of it as long as you don't time warp.
  23. you should run this again when I get my 100m sunshield finished
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