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  1. Please don't do this. He'll update when he updates. I'd rather have a product that is highly polished than one that's rushed out the door.
  2. hey is there a link for that Component Space Shuttle

  3. Thanks for keeping this mod up to date, man. Much appreciated.
  4. He was doing a lot more than just config maintenance, mate; I haven't been personally involved in development since late July (hiatus because of school reasons). Dragon's done a lot of good things for this mod, so we'd best not downplay that. I don't know what he did to get banned, and I don't care. All's I know is that I don't want this mod to die. Raidernick has PM'd me, and since I like the work he's done with Skylab and Soyuz, I gave him the go-ahead. While you may have a point there, it's just tactful to talk to him, smooth things out, and clean up any loose ends.
  5. Thanks for making christmas come early, squad! totally not studying for my last final now.
  6. sweet jesus so it really is today? Father Christmas is coming early this year!
  7. à ² _à ² ã€€                
  8. I'm a proponent of "Soonáµ—áµÂ." You can't miss a deadline you don't set.
  9. Forgive me, but did you remove some of the parachute models? I can't seem to find this one. http://i.imgur.com/PepO0T8.png
  10. Well that's not exactly accurate: "the temperature X m away from the solar corona is YYYY Kelvins"
  11. I wouldn't call it "working." It goes up, and it does a pretty decent job of that. Coming back down, not so much. Plus a host of other things are wrong. It just beyond my expertise and skill.
  12. We do also have other obligations, I've got school, and the rest of the team has their commitments as well.
  13. Long story short, you can't do that without a mod. In stage view, just zoom out. Way out. You won't even be able to see the ship.
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