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  1. I have one for LKO rescue missions. Small spaceplane with two expendable BACC-10 boosters and one aerospike. dV is about 3700m/s, more than I need for such missions. Technically, it is not pure SSTO as I decouple boosters. But then, Atlas V with boosters should be 3 stage rocket, not two as introduced everywhere.
  2. In 0.25 I did highly eccentric orbit with periapsis of 50km above Kerbol and apopapsis near Eve's orbit. Also did some Pioneer-inspired mission out of Kerbol system (>10x orbit of Jool), where Deep Space Kraken lives. In 1.2.2 closest is Moho mapping satellite and farthest is some debris around Jool's orbit.
  3. I tested Jool direct reentry in similar way as NASA tested Orion reentry in EFT-1 misison. Just get into highly eccentric Kerbin orbit (Ap around Mun orbit, Pe at 70km) and when my vessel passed apoapsis and went back to Kerbin's gravity well, I set and performed maneuver node to speed up the vessel towards Kerbin with periapsis about 20km. In map view I look at predicted orbit around Kerbol - it must (at least) reach Jool orbit. But, surely, predicted orbit went never into real, as I aerobrake. Of course, you'll need right argument of periapsis of your eccentric orbit to correctly determine your entry speed.
  4. At least minimum time to complete one probe/rescue contract or so - about 10-20 minutes. At most more than 10 hrs. But usually all my RAM is eaten and after 2-3 hours my OS starts swapping.
  5. At least in 1.1.3 (didn't try to rename vessel in 1.1.2) renaming vessels from tracking station is back. The only change is, that you need doubleclick vessel name in info box (in 1.0.5 single click did its work well). Tried on one of my space stations. No mods needed to do that.
  6. If patcher doesn't work, just download fresh full copy at https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspstore/ - log in, click your name, then click download and select desired version.
  7. Did two satellite contracts inside Kerbin's SOI, rotated Minmus Science Station crew (4 only), docked Minmus lander there, redesigned 15,20,25 and 30 ton main stages, so they are able to reach 100x100 LKO, deploy payload and return back. Prepared two satellites and tourists to visit Duna/Ike. Now waiting to transfer windows Kerbin-Duna and Duna-Kerbin.
  8. In one of my old saves I left Jeb on Laythe for about 50 years. I never captured class E asteroid into Kerbin orbit. I use timewarp cheat to stabilize rotating vessel.
  9. Align RTG unit with fuselage, which means half of RTG is clipped through? Yes, no problem. Clipping one strut into another to make angled connection? Again, no problem. Clipping fuel tank into wing? Occassionally no problem, depends of entire spaceplane design. Clipping smaller tanks into larger ones in stock atmosphere? No, thanks.
  10. I experienced warp speed thanks to NaN Kraken, with result of lost ships and damaged save. So started new game again, with 4th flight I planted first flag on the Mun.
  11. Set last flag planting base on last moon. Although Ike is one of easiest (if not the easiest) non-Kerbin moon, it was my last target for flag planting base What to do next? Huge Munar base to get my framerate under 1 or just start new game?
  12. Usually around √30000 for LKO rescue craft, √70000 for Mun/Minmus manned science modules. Don't count retured funds.
  13. System gives me contracts on TT-70 Radial Decoupler, LV1 engine and KR-2L engine. Still only these three parts. Orbital / sub-orbital contracts: The first two parts listed above are not so heavy to place them on rescue craft for saving stucked Kerbals on orbit or Munar lander, so you can do more contracts in one flight with roughly √30000-5000 rocket (or maybe less for LKO-only craft or SSTO). The KR-2L is quite a heavy, but it gives much more funds, so it is still pretty gainfull, doesn't matter, if you leave test rocket as a debris. (testing on Gilly's surface gave me approx. √7M total) Fly over Kerbin situations: Use jet for light parts, or crappy-looking test vessel for heavy parts. Splashed down situations: Use a rover and go east to the sea. Science data: Set probes by every celestial body, one landed and other one orbiting. You will do it only once for funds, but next science contracts will be pretty easy, just select probe, send some data (thermometer + antenna) and you are done without aditional funds. Flag contracts: just set permanent bases on celestial bodies and plant these flags. Immediate taking down doesn't affect contract accomplishment. What do you mean by crappy-looking rockets? It is testing, not an expo You can always decline contracts you don't like before you take them without any penalties.
  14. I don't strictly use following naming method, but: Almost all manned interplanetary ships are named by well known astronomers or scientists with prefix KSS (e.g. KSS Albert Einstein) Unmanned probes are named by celestial body and situation, e.g. "Ike Orbital Probe", "Ike Surface Probe", "Eve Mobile Lab" etc. Others are simply "Munar Lander" for Mun/Minmus return modules or "Rescue Ship" for rescue contracts. Lower stage subassemblies are named Carrier X Mk.Y, where X is payload weight in tons they are able to lift to LKO and Y is revision number.
  15. You can also set permanently occupied base at any possible celestial body and set probes orbiting these bodies. This makes contract "send science data orbiting ..." and "plant flag on ..." really easy, fast and without additional funds needed.