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  1. After a bit of testing, the issue appears any time I fire the engines, causing them to recharge.
  2. @Nertea Not sure whether to report this bug here or in DynamicBatteryStorage. I have a ship with 4 JX-200 Z-pinch fusion engines, and an FX-2 fusion reactor. At high time warp it was running out of electricity, and the NF Systems Manager was showing "Required Buffer: 0.00 Ec" under the compensation system. I also noticed Systems Manager was reporting a negative 3300 Ec/s Power Flow, even though this wasn't the case and the ship was generating plenty of power. Digging into the power consumption details, it turned out the fusion engines (which had Engine Charging enabled) were each rep
  3. Should the Bussard particle scoop work while in Jool's atmosphere, at about 180km altitude? I have it harvesting, and the "Intake Flow" and "Resources" fields are both completely blank, and no resources are coming in. Despite the Trace Gas Analyzer and the Spectrographic Gas Scanner both reporting 7.3 units/meter^3 for LqdHydrogren, and my craft having space capacity in its tank for LqdHydrogen. The Bussard scoop is definitely harvesting, and has power and is cooled. I can provide my log / mod list, but first am I just misunderstanding how it should work? Thanks in advance. ETA:
  4. *rubs eyes* Am I seeing things or are the kerbals orange? I've got night light on my phone but that can't be it.
  5. But surely SQUAD had a contract with PJ which ensured they owned the IP for the work he did for them? It really doesn't make sense.
  6. It seems nothing came of this discussion and Xenon/Argon are still impossible to harvest from the atmosphere on any planet? Most recent CRP Xenon config: GLOBAL_RESOURCE { ResourceName = XenonGas ResourceType = 2 Distribution { PresenceChance = 50 MinAbundance = 0.00000005 MaxAbundance = 0.0000005 Variance = 5 } } GLOBAL_RESOURCE { ResourceName = XenonGas ResourceType = 1 Distribution { PresenceChance = 50 MinAbundance = .0001 MaxAbundance = 0.01 Variance = 50 } } PLANETARY_RESOURCE { ResourceName = XenonGas ResourceType = 2 PlanetName = Kerbin Dist
  7. I'm struggling to work out how to use the medical bay (trying with the 2.5m one). I'm using latest (0.55.0) version of MKS and have USI LS installed. KSP 1.4.4 64-bit Linux. So, once my kerbals' hab and home timers run out, I transfer them to the medical bay and turn it on. Colony supplies are being consumed, but nothing happens to their hab and home timers, still expired, no matter how long I leave it running. I've tried with just two kerbals, which should work according to the docs. Does it not work when the home timer is expired? Does a non-tourist scientist have to be present or somet
  8. I just want to post to thank you for making this mod available and getting it working on Linux. This has made my joystick work on Linux way better than it did via KSP's native support, even before they broke joystick support on Linux completely. I can actually use my £160 joystick, completely, and know it'll still work next time I start KSP! BTW it seems Ubuntu 18.04 based distros already have SDL 2 installed, I didn't have to do anything in that regard, which was nice.
  9. Obviously Squad need to fix joystick/controller support on Linux, but in the meantime, I'd strongly recommend using this mod: It's made joystick support work absolutely perfectly for me, way better than KSP's native support was even before they broke it completely. And you can switch between config/layout presets on the fly!
  10. Yep, the server admin can just hold down F9 to bring them back.
  11. You have to add it to the Orbital display yourself by clicking edit, it's not there by default.
  12. Can't you just do a search and replace in any text editor?
  13. Y'all'd've thought it would be more common.
  14. I was actually on the previous version. 2.6.24 fixed it Thank you!
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