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  1. Xenon2462

    KOSCH Halogen Ion Propulsion

    if i'm going to put a license on it i need to know were it is and for pics i'm on the case on that
  2. Xenon2462

    KOSCH Halogen Ion Propulsion

    (This is my first mod so don't exspect anything to fancy yet) Hi this is Xenon Kerman speaking i'm a head developer at KOSCH and i have recently made a brake thought in ion propulsion. i done this because xenon is overpriced and heavy not to mention that is requires lots of energy to ionize so i developed a Halogen fueled system that's cheaper to run and easier to work with. O and did i mention the lifetime guarantee it comes with please give it a go and tell me what you think. as for licaneing its open to public no restrictions because well its just ion engine with halogen. (i apologist on my terrible spelling) also if you want to make models for the mod ill be more than happy to use them. oops forgot link: https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/331/KOSCH%20Halogen%20Ion%20Propulsion
  3. Xenon2462

    KSP wont load to start

    just incase how do i change ksp from 64bit to 32 bit?
  4. when ksp loads compleatly it goes off without warning if you need the log file ill provide but i don't know how to get it on
  5. Xenon2462

    [0.90] Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System v4.13

    so? whats the plan for phase 5? i think a shuttle-C should come next also if your intrested i could provide the kerbal design i have of it. thank for reading
  6. i can't seem to be able to download from the two links
  7. that effect resembles the blackbirds afterburners
  8. good come back to the modding screen i'll test these parts in the morning
  9. Xenon2462

    [0.24] StarSystems v0.2

    same here i have a concept about them
  10. Xenon2462

    [0.24] StarSystems v0.2

    i didn't know it was in the next update to be honest and i wanted to have a go using this mod for modding practice and i'm more than happy to wait
  11. Xenon2462

    [0.24] StarSystems v0.2

    I'm going to try something never done before in ksp a brown dwarf star (i need help) for this to be achieved i need some help like how big would a kerbal brown dwarf should be, were can i find the perfect texture and how to make it glow with a thermal affect.
  12. Hi Devo you wouldn't know me but that is not the point. I was looking on about the valkyrie shuttle on ksp and saw a post of you doing one. I got excited and read up more but then i read a post saying it was causing you stability problems and you stopped work on it. Now to the question if you still have the models would it be ok if i took over that project?
  13. Xenon2462

    [0.24_2][PF-Independant]Relsah System

    has this fix some of the laging issues? because i might have an idea on how to reduce it
  14. Xenon2462

    Renameing stock resorces

    i just think its a bit more kerbal
  15. Xenon2462

    Renameing stock resorces

    well from what I've been told ksp fuels make no sense so maybe i could rename them kerbal like etc. Solid fuel could be gunpowder lol or liquid fuel could be Petrol (gasoline to the Americans) and oxidizer could be liquid air or lathing fluid (lathing gas in liquid form) Sorry if i misspell anything