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  1. Since I'm almost done with DSEV Restocked, I'm looking at how to fix the EVA resource problem. As I mentioned before, I want to build a new cargo part that kerbals can take with them on EVA. Think of a lunchbox: but with something more kerbal related like @JustJim's Saga of Emiko Station:
  2. WB-6 "Viper" Nuclear Aerospike, Restocked: Almost done with the retexturing
  3. What version of Buffalo are you using? The latest is built for KSP 1.11.1.
  4. @MOARdV I am currently converting my old DSEV ASET RPM IVAs over to MAS 1.2.2 on KSP 1.11.1, and have run into an issue: I have the flight computer added to the part config, and this is happening during game startup. Has anybody else seen this? To convert my IVAs, I've been doing a 1 for 1 swap of the RPM prop to MAS prop. I wonder if that's causing problems.
  5. That purple pink exhaust looks like methane. Love the effects, reminds me of Nertea’s Waterfall!
  6. Updated Clydesdale and Danube Delta, with Restock tank to the left:
  7. Retexturing efforts continue, here are the restocked DSEV hex truss and saddle truss parts: The next update will convert the fuel tank options over to omni-storage. They'll be able to hold just about any resource that way. The K2 storage parts will also support stock inventory. Existing parts will be deprecated so that craft don't break. Once again, this isn't a redo of DSEV, it's just a texture update so that they look better when combined with Restock parts.
  8. Is that your first discovered gate? You need 2 or more.
  9. From the sound of it @Issac is doing something similar to KIS, which attaches the mesh to the bones in the kerbal. The backpack and parachute and new experiment/equipment pack are built into the kerbal mesh directly.
  10. Blueshift 1.3.5 is now available: Changes - Added Max Warp Speed display field to the warp engine PAW. It is available both in flight and in the editor. - Added Effective Warp Capacity field to the warp engine PAW. It is available in the editor. - Added new FTL Check field to the warp engine PAW. It is available both in flight and in the editor. It will let you know if the warp engine lacks sufficient effective warp capacity to achieve FTL. - Removed vessel size restriction on jumpgates; the stock vessel size calculations are too inaccurate.
  11. No ETA. I have other projects that need my attention. Yes. Ships should be no wider or taller than 24 meters.
  12. Next update I'll add a max warp readout. One already exists, but it is lumped in with a bunch of debug data. you can set debugMode = true in WBIWarpEngine as a temporary workaround.
  13. The Rotating Hub won’t be available if you don’t have Breaking Ground.
  14. Return of the DSEV Rotating Hub, updated for Breaking Ground:
  15. Yes. Simply right-click on the control segment (it has a bunch of alien symbols on it), then press the "Select Destination" button. If you built and/or discovered only two gates, then the portal should already be open and you can just fly through. Otherwise, you'll need to build and/or discover three or more gates in order to select a destination.
  16. Thanks for the feedback, here is the fixed version that works with Community Tech Tree . Glad you're enjoying the mod. As for the lag, I haven't seen that unless I install Galaxies Unbound- in its defense, the mod has many planets and stars to explore...
  17. With Blueshift in a good place, I'm starting to make some texture updates for DSEV. The goal is to not redo the mod, just update a few textures here and there to make them closer to Restock. Here's a preview:
  18. Blueshift 1.3.1 is now available: NOTE: After installing this update: 1. Disable space anomalies from the Game Difficulty menu. Be sure to apply the changes. 2. Exit the game back to the main menu. 3. Re-load your save. 4. Re-enable space anomalies and/or jumpgates. Changes - Fixed issue where jumpgate anomalies would continually spawn at the last planet in the star system. - Fixed issue where newly created anomalies were immediately cleaned up. - Fixed issue where expired anomalies weren't being cleaned up properly. - Fixed issue where jumpgate anomalies would spa
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