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  1. On 10/16/2022 at 8:42 AM, Alpha512 said:

    Is there a .craft file of a default Mk33? 

    On 10/16/2022 at 8:50 AM, OrbitalManeuvers said:

    There's one, yes. It's in a folder called SampleCraft inside the mod itself. So you'll need to copy the .craft file from there into one of your existing saves. It was created with a bunch of mods installed that you might not have, but those are only module errors at craft load, and the craft itself should still load fine.

    I have an update in the works that fixes those issues. I'm also working on this:


    It's one of the last parts that I'm making for KSP 1. Then I finally get to retire from KSP 1 modding. :)

  2. On 11/29/2022 at 12:31 PM, chaos113 said:

    Would be cool if you had a way to make the mini gates spawn randomly on planets and in orbit 

    On planets would be hard because of the way that I have to set up locations, and I'd have to know what the terrain is for each planet. In orbit is actually possible if you enable jumpgates. You could use the tetrahedron anomalies as a basis.

  3. Buffalo 2 v1.5: Sunken Treasures is now available:



    - Buffed the resource inputs and outputs on the Power Support Unit.

    New Parts

    - B2 Aquarium Module*: This module catches Fish.
    NOTE: With Snacks installed, the B2 Galley can turn Fish into Snacks. With Snacks Stress enabled, the Aquarium adds the Fishing activity, which will reduce Stress.
    - B2 Bioreactor: This module converts Fish into Liquid Fuel, and Intake Air into Oxidizer.
    - B2 Fish Tank: This part literally holds Fish.
    - B2 Fuel Cell Module: This part produces Electric Charge from Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer, and Electric Charge from Liquid Fuel and Intake Air.
    - B2 Fuel Tank Module: What this part lacks in crew capacity it makes up for in resource storage capacity.
    - B2 Fuel Tank Module (Short): What this part lacks in crew capacity it makes up for in resource storage capacity.
    - B2 Submarine Sail*: This part provides sonar capabilities for your submarines and has an extendable flagpole as well as extra air intakes. There's even a small service bay on top that's large enough to fit a single external command chair or some small science experiments.
    - Guppy Submarine Module: This command pod is specially designed for underwater adventures.

    * Requires SunkWorks

    And with that, I am delighted to say that Buffalo 2 is now feature complete! When I started this project in January 2022, I originally planned to take 3-4 months tops. Famous last words! Nearly a year of nights and weekends later, Buffalo 2 has blossomed into a complete mod that replaces the original and surpasses it in several ways. With Buffalo 2, you can make rovers, stations, bases, submarines, and even superstructures for boats. It not only replaces the OG Buffalo, but it is also a soft replacement for MOLE’s hab, lab, and greenhouse modules.

    I want to thank everyone for your interest in the development of Buffalo 2 and for your invaluable feedback. Your input helped shape the mod and helped make it the best it can be. I did the heavy lifting, but because of your input, Buffalo 2 was a collaborative effort. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the final product! :)

  4. 8 hours ago, Rutabaga22 said:

    Can't believe B2 is almost done. I've been following since you started on the IVAs and this mod has become one of my favorites.

    Me neither! I fixed the texturing/normals on the vent meshes, now they all look as they should:


    I'm doing final checks now, and scrubbing the sample craft of parts and part modules that others might not have. The BuffaSub is one of the sample craft. :)

  5. Today I finished up the B2 Submarine Sail. You can have separate decals for the body of the sail and for the retractable flag:


    Service people may cringe at this...


    ... when you select a flag. But fear not, you can reverse the right-side flagpole's decal:


    You can also reverse the decals on the sail body.

    With the part done at last, I can focus on fixing the funky UV maps on the parts with integrated ballast control valves. After that, Buffalo 2 will be done! I expect to be finished by the end of the weekend.

  6. 20 minutes ago, The Blazer said:

    I have a problem with the propellers and is that the don't do the spinning animation. They sound and produce thrust, but not spinning animation. The game says something like "WBIprops not found" or something like that. I do have firespitter installed as well as hooligan Labs. Any idea of what this could be?

    You need to install Kerbal Actuators. It comes with the install.

  7. 13 hours ago, TOMMY (JEB 2.0) said:

    why isnt there a way to set a depth in the controller and have it target that depth? is it a engine prob or just not implemented, reason i ask is the maintain depth sets the sub to rocket to the top

    It's not trivial to set up a numeric slider that can handle varying planets' depths and account for the submarine's collapse depth (which varies based on density of the water). It's much easier to have the player level off at the desired depth and turn on the autopilot to maintain whatever that depth is. If it's something that you really want to do though, I suggest investigating a mod like kOS. The SWDiveComputer part module has actions for maintaining depth, auto-trim, diving, surfacing, and emergency surfacing, and all the trigger and pitch controls are exposed as KSPFields, so it'll integrate with kOS pretty well. In fact, the Guppy, Buffalo, and AUXeN all have support for kOS already. kOS is pretty robust and it can easily and gently tap on the flight controls to adjust things like roll and pitch. I have no doubt that you can create a script to specify a desired depth, calculate collapse depth based on the density of the fluid, and more. Here's the forum link in case you're interested:

    Your sub rocketing to the surface sounds like you need to adjust the rate at which ballast is added and removed (#6 on the Kommodore Sea 64 ballast control card). I don't have the issues that you're reporting. What I tend to do is turn on SAS, level the boat via the navball, then turn on Auto-Trim and Maintain Depth Control.  I also have to adjust the pitch angle trigger and the flood/vent rate for ballast to keep it from oscillating. One trick I found is to dive the boat, come to a full stop, turn on Auto-trim and Maintain Depth until the boat is neutrally buoyant and level, turn off Auto-Trim and Maintain Depth for maneuvering (they automatically turn off when you maneuver, otherwise your boat will go crazy), and then just drive around. I can drive all over the place, stop, and the boat will just hover in the water.

    The dive computer isn't perfect- again, kOS might help with that- and some boat designs are harder to control than others. For instance, this one doesn't stay level and tends to nose over when the engines are running:


    but I have no trouble keeping these level and at depth:



    So, be sure to:
     - have fore and aft ballast tanks and unlock their Intake Liquid ballast resource.
     - have fore and aft trim tanks and unlock their ballast resource. You c an designate a tank as a trim tank in the VAB/SPH.
     - Adjust the dive computer's pitch trigger and flood rates to avoid porpoising.
     - For a more sophisticated dive control, consider augmenting the dive computer with a custom kOS script.
     - Given the highly modular design of KSP, expect to conduct many sea trials to find the right design and dive settings.

    I hope that helps. :)

  8. 1 hour ago, nascarlaser1 said:

    I don't read many mission reports, but I found this one by accident via google and its awesome! (Haven't caught up fully yet though.)

    1 mod question though if you don't mind: What mod are you using to get the furniture and TV screens inside of the custom made rooms in some of you're screenshots?

    I've got another chapter in the works but I need to grab more screenshots. After I finish Buffalo 2 I hope to have more time for this mission report. :)

  9. 2 hours ago, chaos113 said:

    Does the sail have a dive computer, if not then it should 

    The sail is equivalent to SunkWorks' Sonar Range Finder:


    The Guppy Submarine Module has a built-in Kommodore Sea 64. :)

    1 hour ago, DeadJohn said:

    "Kommodore Sea 64". I'm old enough to get that reference.


    My dad and I were more into Apple ][ (and later, IBM), but I got to play with the Commodore when I was a kid. I still remember when I took my dad to a computer museum a few years back, and he could practically give the tour since he worked on many of them. It was a bit disconcerting seeing thinks like Apple ][, Apple ][+, Apple ][c (I got to play with a prototype), and the like in the museum, along with things like 8" floppy disks. But technology marches on. Heck, I'm working on building a modern PC to replace this aging one, and the new computer won't have a DVD for it! No more "cup holder" for my system...

  10. 3 hours ago, TOMMY (JEB 2.0) said:

    how sub? i cant drive one at all without it ether launching 10m in air or smashing into the sea floor or both at same time

    Sub carefully. :)  Set at least one tank in the front as the forward trim tank and one in the back as the aft trim tank. Use the diving computer to maintain depth and auto-trim. Each boat is unique so use the controls to adjust how sensitive the pitch controls are, and how fast to control the trim tanks. Use the SunkWorks Sonar Ranger to beep when you are near the shore and/or near the bottom. When the ping starts, pull up!


    Today I made more progress on the sail. Now you can reverse the left and right decals on the body, and I plan to add that ability to the flagpole flag as well. Here's a look:


    That yellow stripe is a nod to Subnautica, which has been a big influence on the mod.

  11. 1 hour ago, Ooglak Kerman said:

    I just watched the full interview.  Pretty exciting stuff.  It looks like we'll be able to have multi-faceted games with more than just one thing happening at a time.
    It seems to me that the big challenge for the modders will be less about the actual mod and what it brings and more about how it will be fit in with the colony and resource driven scheme that it appears the KSP2 will have.   On a personal level, I'd like to see things like warp technology have the possibility of very difficult resource dependency trees - or easier, more approachable resource trees for those of us (like me) who are a bit lazier and more (in the words of JadeofMaar) hand wavy.
    Here's hoping it lives up to the hype!

    I had a feeling that modding would be more about filling niches. That's why I looked at bringing the concepts of SunkWorks, Kerbal Flying Saucers, and possibly Blueshift to KSP 2. Based on that interview, I could see Graviolium being hard to find- possibly mined from asteroids like it is now- and requiring other rare resources needed to build the parts/vessels. Sandcastle has the ability to require specific conditions to manufacture parts- like heavy gravity, high atmospheric pressure, and so on. It can also require specific parts as sub-components in order to manufacture a part. I could see bringing that idea over as well. Imagine that, like Celestial Being in Gundam 00, you need to make Graviolium-powered gravitic engine components in the atmosphere of Jool, for instance, and other components on the surface of Eve. At one point that was the plan for printing gravitic engines with Sandcastle.

    55 minutes ago, RobFalcon said:

    I'd be happy to post!  Been keeping a record of my escapades for my coworkers.  Got a lot of folks looking forward to KSP2.  :) 

    Here she is in all her glory, the Munar Buffalo.


    From front to rear, she consists of: Command Pod, Habitat, Observation, Large Logistics, Airlock, Ramp.  Full chassis provides power storage.  Solar panels up top are from Planetside, each giving 15 EC/sec, which has been more than sufficient.  Bon Voyage is included, but so far I've done all the driving manually.  Science gear is combination of stock and DMagic, along with a BTDT scanner.  Got scanner arms on both sides to simplify scanning surface features.

    I've got stock girders giving support to my wheels.  They also hold additional science gear and four additional cargo storage units.  I have a bunch of EVA repair kits and three deployments worth of Breaking Ground science gear.  I'm planning to send a resupply mission once everything is deployed.

    The Munar Buffalo, with those wheels, is shockingly fast.  I'll accelerate up to about 20 m/s and coast.  Gentle declines build on that, and I've ended up going between 40 and 45 m/s.  (So, about 100 mph.  On the Mun.)  It's only really a "problem" when a real rock hides within Parallax 2.0 rocks.  Then I'm yeeted once again.  A couple times without my wheels.  (Always remember the quicksave option!!)  The Buffalo's compartments are extremely resilient, I'm happy to report.  She beached herself without complaint, and just waited for the reload. 

    The equipment behind the rover is a remote guidance system and a couple batteries; all that remained of the rig I used for landing.


    The aforementioned landing rig!  I brought her over unkermaned, just in case.  TCA was used to maintain stability during landing.  Worked surprisingly well!


    And here's my crew.  They've already gone somewhere between 80-100 km, meandering towards the northern polar region.  I was initially planning on rotating crews out, but now I'm thinking they'll go the distance.

    I'm planning my next version to be deployed to Minmus.  I'll add in additional reaction wheels so I can better keep her wheel-side-down during unexpected flights, and remove the light bar.  I won't be driving at night, and strangely enough it's the one thing to have caused lag thus far.  (And this playthrough also included a single launch orbital station in a ludicrously long fairing.)  Buffalo will eventually be deployed all over the Kerbin (+OPM) System.

    Biggest hurtle may be my planned amphibious version.  To be named the Higgs Bison, which is the friendliest species of water buffalo, after all.  :D  (Shamelessly stolen reference.)

    If I get any other good images, I'll pass them along!  Thoroughly enjoying Buffalo 2, and looking forward to exploring many worlds with the herd!

    Wow, those pics look fantastic! I like the idea of a long-duration rover traveling across the Mun, and your pics look even better with Parallax. The idea of a water buffalo is perfect! :) Thank you for sharing your adventures. :)

  12. 1 hour ago, RobFalcon said:

    Depends on the boat.  Mine was more like a longer version of what you made, with room for a few people to stand within.  Can confirm Ooglak's comments.  (Was an Officer of the Deck back in that life.)

    Semi-related side note:

    I'm running what I call my Munar Buffalo in my current science playthrough, and thus far have driven further than in all other playthroughs combined.  Enough space to hold 11 kerbals (though I'm running a crew of 6), and all the science equipment I have unlocked at the moment.  After some testing, I decided to go with a set of 8 TR-2L wheels, as I desired to go recklessly fast.  :)

    I've learned that, very surprisingly, the things I learned driving a submarine on the surface have served me very well driving on the Mun.  Look way ahead, maneuver carefully, and "brakes" are going full reverse.  That doesn't help as much when I suddenly discover that what I thought was a hill was, in fact, the rim of a crater, and I proceed to yeet my rover far higher than intended.  Thankfully, TR-2Ls provide excellent suspension in 0.166 g.  :) 

    Nice! Do you think you could post some pics? I'd love to see what people are doing with Buffalo 2. :)

    No updates today, I've been going crazy with work stuff and pre-Thanksgiving stuff. That' and watching the full PC Gamer interview on KSP 2. Hearing that it can take years of in-game time to reach the next star might mean that Blueshift in KSP 2 would be a viable concept-if the game supports it. And skyscraper-sized interstellar ships suggests that the KFS mothership should be big.

  13. 1 hour ago, Ooglak Kerman said:

    That is so awesome!  Sitting up in the sail and driving.  Memories of stuck on the surface north of U.K.  In the winter.  In a 100 year storm.  So.. much... barf..

    Do submarines have rooms inside the sail where you drive? Or are they like a… laundry closet where machinery goes but people don’t normally hang out there? 

    Glad you like the sail, it was a challenge to set up the colliders to make a “tub” for the kerbal to sit in. There will be a hatch to cover the top as well as air inlets, but I don’t think a snorkel is needed. Instead I think the sail will have a retractable flagpole- perfect for hoisting the jolly roger :)

  14. Last part for Buffalo 2!

    Today I started modeling the B2 Submarine Sail. I am aiming to finish it by end of the month (ideally by the weekend, but we'll see). Here's a look:



    The leg from the stilt lift module is a stand-in for a retractable snorkel. I'm not sure that I'll keep it since Buffasubs tend to travel deep underwater. But the hollow space for an external command seat or perhaps some science instruments will definitely be a feature. And since the part requires SunkWorks, it will have a built-in sonar system as well.


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