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  1. Not much done today due to life going insane, but I did get the prototype part into the game:
  2. Last part for Buffalo 2! Today I started modeling the B2 Submarine Sail. I am aiming to finish it by end of the month (ideally by the weekend, but we'll see). Here's a look: The leg from the stilt lift module is a stand-in for a retractable snorkel. I'm not sure that I'll keep it since Buffasubs tend to travel deep underwater. But the hollow space for an external command seat or perhaps some science instruments will definitely be a feature. And since the part requires SunkWorks, it will have a built-in sonar system as well.
  3. Maybe in KSP 2 I can revisit the Whipcrack jump engine for Blueshift. It depends on how KSP 2 handles interstellar travel.
  4. Buffalo 2 wasn't designed to work with the Hesisenber/bison gondola system, sorry. I have no plans to update Heisenberg at this point.
  5. Ok, this morning, I updated the position of the control panel. It's a compromise between having the HUD in a good spot so it's level with the camera when you first tap the "C" key, and being not too far down that the other controls are more difficult to see.
  6. Today I finished up the Guppy IVA. Stock: MOARdv's Avionics Systems: I'm happy to say that this is the last IVA that I need to make for Buffalo 2! Finally, since it wasn't too difficult to do, I added three part variants to the Guppy. Submarine: Submarine (No hatch): Station: ... And baring bug fixes/feedback updates, that concludes the Guppy Submarine Module! You can play with the latest here. There's just one more part left to make...
  7. I wasn't planning on it, it's the only way in and out.
  8. It's the same width and form factor as the Buffalo 2 body modules that have a ballast wedge underneath. For length it's a bit over 2.2m long. I went with the elongated nose design.
  9. Today I made progress on the Guppy's IVA. It isn't done by any stretch of the imagination. I focused on making sure that the interior lines up with the exterior, and that the IVA mask lines up as well. I got the interior lighting done as well. With that done I can finish up the modeling of the interior over the next few days. Here's a look:
  10. Ok, here is SunkWorks 1.0. It fixes the control groups in the Part Action Window so that the controls are all in their own control group.
  11. SunkWorks 1.0.0 is now available: - Moved the UI controls into their own control groups. This is also a version bump to 1.0.
  12. I'll have to make another SunkWorks update to group all the diving controls under a single control group in the Part Action Window...
  13. Today I finished the exterior for the Guppy Submarine Module. Currently I'm using the Buffalo 2 IVA but once I get the Guppy IVA done, it will hold a crew of 3. Here's a preview; my BuffaSub reference design is almost done!
  14. Kerbal Flying Saucers 1.0.1 is now available: - Fixed issue preventing vehicles from maneuvering when at zero velocity. This doesn't completely eliminate the slow drift to the ground when you're stopped but it's minimized.
  15. You know Warp Core Breech is one of their drinks.
  16. Interesting and relevant video on the shape of submarine bows:
  17. More progress on the Guppy today. I haven't done the top windows yet. I'm trying to figure out which one is more better- Cyclops (left) or Subby McSubface (right):
  18. Today I finished up the B2 Lockout Chamber's IVA. There isn't much to look at... I also started figuring out how the Guppy Submersible Command module will look: I'm trying to set up the command pod so that the front view will be as unobstructed as possible. Inspiration from this comes from: Anyway, I know that I said that this would be the last part for Buffalo, but I switched it up with the submarine sail- it needs some bake time while I figure out how it'll work.
  19. Thanks! I thought of making it a full Buffalo part, but realized that it would have better utility as a hatch. As for a lockout chamber variant for the airlock, I'm not sure what you mean. If it's just the hatch and back porch, that's not in the cards, unfortunately. But all the Buffalo body modules can be surface attached, so you should be able to place and rotate it to the desired location:
  20. No, but I'd suggest you take a look at Buffalo 2 instead. It will soon replace this mod. As in, by the end of this month.
  21. Today I built the exterior for the B2 Lockout Chamber. Here's a look: It still needs an interior; I'll get to that tomorrow.
  22. That really depends on how KSP 2 handles interstellar travel. If it's something like "Then time passes..." it is hand-waved off camera, and then suddenly it's 600+ years in the future and you're in another galaxy/solar system, then something like Blueshift won't be needed. In such a case, you'd just build your interstellar craft, launch it, and poof, new solar system to explore. If interstellar is anything like it is today, where we wait and wait and wait for the ship to arrive, then Blueshift has more relevance. We simply won't know until the developers of KSP 2 get around to making interstellar travel.
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