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  1. Much evidence... no confirmation... and, don't you have the feeling that none of the probes we send go specifically for life search? For god sake, arm Curiosity with a microscope!!
  2. I respect your point of view, but for me, the search for extraterrestrial life is one most important objetives for humanity. I don't think thats egocentric at all, i think it is the contrary: we are trying to find we are not unique! And if you ask me why i find that so important, i must admit i don't have a clear explanation. Maybe I, as an atheist, want to see more greatness in this universe with more lifeforms inhabitting it... Of course my love for space exploration has something to do with that... Also, i can't believe someone interested in playing KSP doesn't care about extraterrestrial life chances!
  3. Hi folks, tonight i feel pesimist and i found that although i would love that life would exist outwards Earth, im starting to think there might not be the case. Things like the Fermi Paradox and Mars and Venus environements, and the rare conditions of Earth (with the moon, tectonics, magnetosphere, etc...) are starting to give me a bad feeling about this. Let's hope Clipper Probe and others change my mind! Regards
  4. Yes, some ramdom views you get while running KSP are just astonishing! Even more with some mods. Take these, for instance :-)
  5. That's a point, of course.
  6. Im pretty sure there will be a similar post, but couldn't find it and as i feel nostalgic tonight, id want to know your most positive memorable moment(s) playing this program. For me it will ever be the first manned Mun landing. I felt like all the NASA and Neil Armstrong itself! Also with the first interplanetary missions, specifically manned Duna landing (and returning! I also remember before checking forums the catastrophic rocket design miscalculation for Eve return, that granted my first stranded Jeb). Regards!
  7. May the universe hear you! We still know so little about life! And nothing about extraterrestrial one. But we have high hopes inside our solar system! I hope in the next century we will get many desireable surprises in this field. Im not sure if i will live to see evidences of present or past life in outter bodies (im 36, what do you think?), but i trully believe there must be, not sure if in our solar system, but for sure in our universe. Said that, we can wonder, imagine or deduce what lifeforms could dwell in KSP's bodies, i even started a thread about that! regards
  8. There are many mods that do that. But i always wanted more places to visit.
  9. If only procedural dwarf planets and asteroids would be generated, going to the edge would be justified
  10. I always wanted to make a mission to a far body with a full set of 3-4 Kerbonauts plus a rover. But as the design advanced most of the times i had to sacrifice crew capacity and the rover for the good of the goal. Also, when i arranged a mothership to jool with individual landing probes i had to crack my brain to organice them so that they fitted aerodinamically and orderly. And poor of me if a didnt play in a week with the vessel road to Jool, when i retaked the game, i hardly remembered the mission plan, it was so intrincated i just xouldnt remember and asked me again why the hell didnt i wrote it donw! And lately, my hardest decision was wether or not double clik KSP icon at desktop, i finally gace up after many years. Ahh the burnout (crying)
  11. I have been playing this game (i dont current play it anymore, the burnout) for ages, and if you can, take my advice: I found much more time efficient to design a vessel that can orbit all biomes, the another that can land in a biome, then jump to another (a cople times could be better) and then return all science to kerbin. Repeat until full explored. I aimed to the limist between towo or even three biomes in order to make things easier. That worked well for me for Mun and Minmus specifically. In my experience, rovers for instance are terribly boring and time wasting in KSP. But that's just my humble oppinion. The magic of thus game is each one can play his way, aim for his own goals, and have fun the way he wants. Good luck in your journeys to outter space!
  12. Ohh friends. The burnout I know ive played too much because i cant play it anymore! I still imagine missions, goals and designs, but i simply can't double click the icon of the desktop. I know it is going to be so much work, i instantly got overwhelmed (crying). I still enter the forum and pay attention to the posts, I create new ones, i give advices to newbies and suggest features but... I think im done with KSP. Don't know how many many hours days weeks months years will i have ihad nvested (never wasted) in this masterwork. Ive learned a lot. This was just the perfect game for me for years, i can only have words of thanks for the developpers, modders and this awesome community. Maybe some day i will regain the force of will for working (i dont even consider playing) KSP.
  13. That's what mods are for. Wouldn't you like so? Yes, i know, after the first playthrough, we will all know which ones have or had life, but i imagine the first checks, im sure they would be exciting! The first time you do athing in KSP are the most magical moments of this game. I still remember the first time i landed on the moon after almost a month of gameplay (no youtube watching makes it more epic for ourselves!)
  14. Life experiments everywhere. So many instruments that yield science, but none of them answers the main question: Is Jeb alone out there?