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  1. Hi, something strange happened today. I was trying to use MJ to land at a chosen spot on the Mun, the vessel on a retrograde orbit with almost no inclinations, the spot near the equator. But when i engage the autopilot, the vessel tries to change orbit direction to prograde prior to landing, wasting the dV. Am I doing something wrong? Should i choose any particular option for MJ to do it just fine with a retrograde orbit? Thanks in advance
  2. There is a mod that prevents this kind of exploding, worldstabilizer, or something alike...
  3. Hi, can you link any or all the chutes calculators you know? if any... Thanks!
  4. I have something like many blinks at Duna's atmosphere, is it nominal? Can be an issue with any mod? Do you experience it? Thanks and congrats for the mod!
  5. I've been using Ven's Stock Revamp since i discovered it years ago, it's one must-have from me. On the other hand, i also want yo try different aesthetics. The "balance" using new parts from Kerbas_ad_astra and trying Restock is an interesting thing. I appreciate the work of both mods, i find both high quality ones, really!
  6. Hi, i don't know if both and Are they compatible? If not, what are your choices? What do you prefer, and what do you recommend? Thanks
  7. i supose it would be burning prograde at the opposite side of the other moon?
  8. ok, so they are two different things, on one hand the Planet that sets the MSA automatically, and below you can manually change it. Thanks!
  9. Hi, in the VAB there is the Near Future Systems Manager, in "Electrical" there is the "Solar Panel Simulator" and there is "Mean Solar Altitude", its value higly determines the energy output, there is a value between 5 and 500 Gm, what does Gm mean? Grades? , how can I use the Manager effectively to calculate solar panel needs? Specially if in planning to go Jool or further (i know solar may not be the best option though). Thanks
  10. "From Priax to Polta" Correct me if im wrong, but less than 500 dV is needed to change from one body's orbit to the other? Or 900 dV as total stated in the dV map?
  11. Yes! I already have the diagram at the desktop! But didn't know if there was a minimun Strenght. Thanks
  12. one more question (for your amusement :-D ) antennae related: For succesfully science transision and probe control, what's the minimun signal strenght required? I don't want to send a 300K Rocket to Neidon, wait 23 years and find that i cannot transmit science nor control Thanks for your patience
  13. Many thanks! I think i quick installed that mod from CKAN, sure didn't pay attention to that huge detail!
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