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  1. Optimal Transfer Windows.

    KAC is a must for transfer Windows
  2. Things to do in Kerbal Space Program

    Restart a new career in the next update Reinstall 50+ mods in the next update Make stupid rocket/planes/rovers just to harvest science from Kerbin
  3. Time to say goodbye....

    I do the same.
  4. corrupted ship

    I have a keyborard button that closes active Window/program. I use it for everything!
  5. How do you dock?

    When i first learnt to dock i followed the instructions of a tutorial, thats is more or less (after a rendez-vous): [0.- Reduce engines power output (right click at engines: change output)] 1.- Navball switch to target, aim retrograde until relative speed is almost 0. 2.- Aim to target (not too powerful) 3.- When very near the other vessel, control from docking port, set target docking port as target, then repeat 1 and 2 very carefully. I switch vessels to correct the alignement of the docking ports. There is also a mod called "Docking port alignement" but i don't take the point to understand how to take advantage of it. It helps in the orientation process. And i never used RCS in the tutorial, so i got used to dock without RCSs
  6. How do you dock?

    Hi, am i the only who never uses RCS?
  7. Hi, i think this would be an invaluable tool for all of us, if we could see real time inflight CoM and CoL, is it possible?
  8. Thanks, You have been of great help! With your advices, I refined the spaceplane and managed to orbit LKO with 2K dV left, so thats a great improvement over previous designs. Now let's aim for a bigger bird...
  9. Correct me if im wrong, but won't i need as much air as i can to feed the jets? If not, they won't hav enough power, so the plane won't catch enough speed? Thanks
  10. Wow, that concept is just fantastic! I might be a little exagerated... I just made a SSTO spaceplane able to land on minmus and back in one piece, but i find really difficult to optimize a vessel to do the same for Duna without refuelling...
  11. Hi, just suggest to add a new type of vessel when you rename it: A Spaceplane, for SSTO and so...
  12. Hi, i've been playing KSP longtime, before 1.0, and surfing the forum sometimes i see here and there people talking about his SSTOs that can land Duna and return, for instance. I find quite challenging making a SSTO spaceplane that can orbit and land without spinning, once in a forgotten savegame i managed to create one able to land on minmus (or was just orbit?) and back, but never dreamed about interplanetary travel with a SSTO, i looks like magic to me. So, what advices and tips can you give me an us to achieve that high objective? thanks
  13. Anyway its out of stock now...
  14. How can i buy it?!
  15. Woa! its quite expensive, but for once i can consider buying an expensive lego product...