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  1. You need to be at 600 000m for the 2.5m drive and at 900 000m for the 0.625m drive. You don't need to start charging exotic matter if the drive is full of it, though I'd recommend you recharge your stores before you go for a space jaunt.
  2. I'd like to change the minimum altitude so that I can start the drive in LKO. Ideally I'd like the minimum altitude to be at the border between space and not space. Can I do this by changing a value in a .cfg, or would that require something a little trickier? I had big plans for the warpdrive, and that failsafe altitude of 600k foiled them all (except maybe Duna).
  3. Congrats on being integrated to the stock game man! I'm excited to see this in pure KSP!
  4. There hasn't been an update in a while, but I'd like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! I hope your extended family isn't half as irritating as mine. And unfortunately the annual family dinner is being held at my place... Dammit...
  5. Navyfish! You're back! Yes! I'm so glad this mod isn't going to die. I haven't really had any issues with the mod, but your extended absence had me worried this mod was dead. This mod is one of 3 that I absolutely need when playing KSP.
  6. Yay you're back! Thanks for another chapter, and thanks for checking out my fleet post on reddit a while back!
  7. Helldiver, Nazari, this may seem like a pointless apology, but I'm sorry, I can only use Phase 3 and the Tug from KSOS. I hit the memory wall, and tried switching to x64. It was insanely unstable so now I have to switch back. I had to drop Phases 1 and 4 as they were my least used KSOS parts, and I'll now be able to play in x86 without hitting the memory wall. I'm apologizing because you put so much work into the mod and I feel bad completely ignoring over 500MB of goodness.
  8. For the reverse controls issue, it's because the rover wheels have their reverse motors on by default for some odd reason. Just disable reverse motor in the VAB or in the field and all will be fine and dandy again.
  9. After struggling with memory issues, fidgeting with wheels, and switching to KSP x64, I finally got to play around with Phase IV! Here's an album of my first Phase IV mission.
  10. I tried running the game after installing the full KSOS package (along with all 29 of my other mods) and my computer basically just went NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. I'm either going to have to negate Phase 4, or drop some other mods... I'll see what I can drop.
  11. *Installs KSOS 4.09 All Packs. Copying 666 Items (733MB) Me: "733?! Jesus. This isn't a mod, this is an unofficial EXPANSION PACK." Also I'd just like to say that there is an extra space between KSO and EWBCL for the title of the KSO 25 craft file. It essentially looks like this: KSO EWBCL Block 4. I have to fix it every time I update because it annoys me.
  12. You know what we need? We need a 'just the SST' pack. I want all of phase 1,3, and 4, but the only phase 2 thing I want is the SST. That SST is so nice...
  13. The number of posts in this thread is OVER 5000!!!!