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  1. JNSQ does work in 1.10 with the bleeding edge dev branch of kepernicus. Or atleast its working well enough for me.
  2. Mostly anything that fits in the fairing while still looking right ends up with me not using the Centaur. I put a SCANsat satellite on it, and could have put it in orbit in RSS.
  3. I am sorry. Old picture, so i dont have one of it in flight. But boy is it overkill in JNSQ. SRB X best rocket.
  4. Ive got a bug report. The Crew cargo module control from here doesn't change the orientation, so its a real pain trying to dock from it. Everything else is great. I have CyroTanks and im not experiencing the bug. I am getting the ability to change tank types, but its working properly.
  5. 7.783*10^22 joules. its a sixth of the Chicxulub impact.
  6. Log. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2plkkxk507vhzue/Player.log?dl=0 Mod list. Once you make contact with the ground, the game just constantly generates the effect as fast as it can.
  7. I can confirm it also happens in 1.9. The second anything causes the effects to start the game drops to 1 fps.
  8. Orion drive, and what looked like an inertial containment fusion drive.
  9. Tried that, Sadly it didn't work. After Further testing, What i think is going on is the Bubble guide is scaled wrong for the 3.75 drive. Editing the Config to a larger bubble size fixes the Part breaking But it still doesnt match the Bubble Guide. Guess i need to report it on Github.
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