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  1. Well not much gravity especially considering the friction holding it there.
  2. Rus-Evo

    River-run Air-race Challenge

    So how high do I go to be considered out of the bowl? Also any recommendation on how to record for someone who has never done so (eg software).
  3. Rus-Evo

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    Im making progress. Currently my plane has small girders underneath that have 80ms impact tolerance. Of course the rest of the plane doesnt have that much. My next design will be a probe core so I can rescue the Kerbal I stranded in the lake.
  4. Rus-Evo

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    I am still stuck trying to build a plane that will not disintegrate on touching water. Is using structural fueselage as pontoons not a good idea?
  5. Rus-Evo

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    Oh my, the pictures dont do it justice!! I sent a very high speed recon drone to have a look-see, approach at 190ms not a good idea. I need a plane that can fly at 40ms to land, and 1,000ms to commute there!! ITS THE TOILET BOWL OF DOOM!!!
  6. Rus-Evo

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    Thank you.
  7. Rus-Evo

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    Slightly dumb question. How do you use coordinates to navigate on a planets surface?
  8. Rus-Evo

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I read a book called MARS by Ben Bova in the 90s. It had a depiction of a reasonably realistic Mars mission in which they used a "two spaceship on a tether" gravity system. The advantage was that everything for the mission was doubled for safety purposes. I suspect that the weight of cable is a big DV downside.
  9. Rus-Evo

    Who owns Telstar?

    Well this quote from wiki is what I am thinking: The law of salvage is a concept in maritime law which states that a person who recovers another person's ship or cargo after peril or loss at sea is entitled to a reward commensurate with the value of the property so saved. So whilst ownership is not transferred, there is nothing to stop someone going to take possession (if sunk or abandoned). I have a clearer understanding now than I did before this thread. With all things legal there woykd be many laws and loopholes.
  10. Rus-Evo

    Who owns Telstar?

    I dont think you still own a ship that sinks. Dont the laws of salvage apply?
  11. The space race had many benefits in terms of technological advances that help mankind. Also can you imagine not having detailed information on all the planets and moons? The solar system would seem so much more mysterious. Which brings my mind to considering whether the launch of space probes was part of the space race.... To actually answer the thread, I see it as a subset of the Cold War.... which is itself a major part of history.
  12. During the initial stages of reentry I realized chutes had not been repacked... So I sent out Bill (or was it Bob), who managed to repack one chute. Then the atmosphere started having an effect and the RCS wasnt strong enough to get him back in and he floated away. I switched back to the ship but wasnt able to get it to land on water so the other two died too as one chute was not enough. It landed NEXT to water...
  13. Oh interesting!! My assumption was that it held oxygen tanks, life support and fuel. Is Boeings capsule the same?
  14. I have a question. Why isnt more effort made to recover service modules (thinking specifically SpaceX)? Do they intend Dragon service modules to always be expendable? To attempt to answer my own question, is the extra heat shielding neccessary to stop a greater mass so much heavier that it affects cargo ability too much?
  15. Rus-Evo

    Will this craft get into Evian orbit?

    You could take the time to calculate or add a mod, or you can do what I do, just fly the thing. If it works save and refine the design. If you don't like to "return to VAB" then this way may not be for you.