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  1. I think a spacecraft designed for vertical load bearing may need massive reengineering to take horizontal loads. CANCEL THE ABOVE I didnt read OP adequately. Sorry
  2. Later flights. This flight will have an HD data recorder called Brutus which will record rentry data, survive and be recovered.
  3. Sounds good. I have been meaning to do another Mohole decent. All Moho missions for me have had massive deltaV issues, I will need to overbuild this one.
  4. So for every Starship launch 5,000 times the weight of soil must be mined, processed, processed and then dumped just for the fuel not the LOX? I hope the ratio is better on Mars.
  5. Quick question. What does the lunar mining look like in practice. Does a digger mine soggy soil which then has the water seperated by a machine? How big a hole in the ground is created to fuel, lets say one Starship?
  6. I would be worried to be on an about to be propulsivly landed Starship given that many propulsive landings have failed. Given that it was too hard to get the government to agree for a Dragon to land this way how hard would it be to have them approve a much larger vehicle landing like that?
  7. Yes but my point was I dont think you could make a lightweight crew capsule.
  8. Question from a dumb person: So this theory means I travel faster than light into a black hole when gravity itself only travels at the speed of light? Wont that change my perception of time somewhat?
  9. Is it scientifically possible to cool a lander on Venus to our temps? If it is, is it then possible to make it light enough? And this is on top of the DV penalties for the very heavy crew capsule. And then there is the DV required to reach orbit. I feel that one might land on the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Titan before this due to order of difficulty.
  10. Does it have to land with engines or will chutes do?
  11. Something I cant do if I want to return I did like that this made it look like a Harrier Jump Jet.
  12. Quick question. I believe SpaceX has to fly Block 5 a certain number of times for Nass certification. Does Falcon Heavy 2 count as 3 of those?
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