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  1. I had no idea that the US still used steam technology.
  2. I feel like I just completed a rite of passage

    I had all my life support in the service module. I was returning from Minmus, so I was coming in *really* hot (mind you, this was before stock reentry, but of course I also had DRE and it was way less forgiving) and planned to do a couple of passes in the upper atmosphere before completing the reentry. In my final pass, I lowered the periapsis and jettisoned the service module when I entered the atmosphere. Surprise! I didn't drop deep enough and the capsule bounced off the atmosphere for another pass. And then another one. At the third one, I was sure Jeb was done. I didn't try to push until the third pass, because at that point I was getting really desperate. TAC-LS lets you survive for 2 hours without EC. I landed 1:50h after the battery had run out.
  3. I feel like I just completed a rite of passage

    I was playing with TAC-LS when it happened to me. Jeb's life literally depended on it. Those were some really scary minutes.
  4. [1.3] Dang It! Continued

    It's not hard to implement... in fact, it already is The failure chance is computed according to the age of the part. The age of the part increases as time passes, and can be modified by usage and temperature. Could it be that you had disabled the batteries you are talking about? IIRC, when you "close" a battery I stopped counting it as in use. As for on rails malfunctions, CoffeeMan and I had a mind to use this other mod to implement them, but we never got around to it. I never looked at it or tested it, but if it works as advertised, it should be fairly minimal coding to implement them.
  5. [1.3] Dang It! Continued

    I was hoping to go scots-free for all the bugs Really, a big THANK YOU to @linuxgurugamer. You rock man!
  6. Thank you so much @linuxgurugamer It's great to know that someone is picking it up again
  7. Well, considering this, I'd say you can go ahead whenever you like. If you'd like to wait a little longer to see if Louis returns that's fine with me too... your call. P.S: if you take, would you please make a separate thread about it? I think it's better.
  8. Fine with me, if @Coffeeman agrees go ahead thanks!
  9. According to your forum profile, you joined on January 6th of this year. Therefore, you have missed quite a lot of backstory. If you had been here longer, you'd know that 1.0 was in no way the complete release (regardless of how much they'd like to promote it as such) and the game is not even complete yet as of 1.2 (at least according to a series of features that were announced a long time ago). Most notably, multiplayer was supposed to be in the game, and it still isn't as of 1.2. That's not counting a lot of work that is in my opinion necessary (really, a game about space with no clouds!?). I can understand why you'd feel that 1.0 was the complete release and everything after that is a present... but it really wasn't finished. 1.2 isn't, either. I guess you don't recall the "series" of beta releases (there was only one).
  10. Hello MisterFister, that's correct. I never finished the 1.1 update and 1.2 is coming out today, so I'd say that 1.1 support is coming out never. The mod was handed to @Coffeeman who did a number of updates and a couple releases, but it seems that real life got the best of him too. Once again, I'm sorry I'm not working on this mod anymore but honestly 40+ hours per week of programming at work make it "unappealing" to program for fun... Feel free to contribute, if you like I'm always available for help / questions if you need anything.
  11. Asteroid gravity

    I don't actually see the big problem. It shouldn't be too difficult to throw a quick plugin that applies the gravity of an asteroid to all the parts in physics range. You could never be in its SOI, but that would be silly anyway. What would be actually interesting would be to find a way to model the uneven gravity of the asteroids, but that's something I'll leave for @eggrobin and Principia.
  12. [1.3] RemoteTech v1.8.8 [2017-09-03]

    Hello, I had made my own custom settings back before KSP 1.1 came out. I have now found out they are not working anymore. This config file was supposed to add more stations around the planet, but when I load my game the KSC is the only base. Can anyone help me to port the settings to the latest RT version? Thanks.