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  1. Thanks guys, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. I downloaded the zips and both include a "GameData" folder, so it's hard to get it wrong (they both go into the right folder automatically). I installed via CKAN, then did 3 manual installs after seeing the disclaimer about CKAN; I think I should have merged them right at least once?

    I had to leave town for work for a few days, so I cannot triple-check my actual install. I simulated an install on this PC by downloading the zip and expanding them and I confirm that the folders end up as intended. @Nightside, you can be 100% of the names: those are precisely the paths I'm getting.

  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to install MKS and USI Life Support together but I can't get them to work.

    If I install MKS first and then USI LS, I don't see any part from MKS but Life Support seems ok. If I do the opposite, the opposite happens: installing USI LS and then MKS means that I see all the parts from MKS but all the life support parts are missing.

    I'm doing a manual install, I'm not using CKAN. Is there anything obvious I'm missing? Thanks.

  3. 23 hours ago, Birdco_Space said:

      I'm also waiting for a mod that shows my masses in slugs (or pounds mass), forces in pounds force, temps in degrees Fahrenheit and distances in miles.  I got my engineering degree in the U.S., and all these conversions from metric into the English units I understand makes my head hurt.  

    I had no idea that the US still used steam technology.

  4. 50 minutes ago, Mjarf said:

    I bet that got your heartbeat up quite a bit.:cool:

    I had all my life support in the service module. I was returning from Minmus, so I was coming in *really* hot (mind you, this was before stock reentry, but of course I also had DRE and it was way less forgiving) and planned to do a couple of passes in the upper atmosphere before completing the reentry. In my final pass, I lowered the periapsis and jettisoned the service module when I entered the atmosphere.

    Surprise! I didn't drop deep enough and the capsule bounced off the atmosphere for another pass. And then another one. At the third one, I was sure Jeb was done. I didn't try to push until the third pass, because at that point I was getting really desperate.

    TAC-LS lets you survive for 2 hours without EC. I landed 1:50h after the battery had run out.

  5. 16 hours ago, TC One said:


    Just an idea regarding the thing discussed above. While "on rails" malfunctions will cost some coding to you and some performance to users, I'm unsure if mod checks mission duration when deciding on failures. In my experience, craft that spent 2 years in orbit awaiting for crew to arrive was good as new and performed it's mission perfectly fine. If I time accelerate for 2 years with the craft in focus I'm sure I'll get some failures, or at least parts won't be "good as new" anymore. So... maybe instead of background failures it would be a good idea adjusting parts condition based on mission time at the moment you focusing your space craft? Doesn't sound as something hard to implement.

    It's not hard to implement... in fact, it already is :) The failure chance is computed according to the age of the part. The age of the part increases as time passes, and can be modified by usage and temperature. Could it be that you had disabled the batteries you are talking about? IIRC, when you "close" a battery I stopped counting it as in use.

    As for on rails malfunctions, CoffeeMan and I had a mind to use this other mod to implement them, but we never got around to it. I never looked at it or tested it, but if it works as advertised, it should be fairly minimal coding to implement them.

  6. 12 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:

    Ok, so, since I haven't heard from Coffeeman, I'm announcing that I will be taking this over, and have created a new thread per @Ippo's request here:

    Please move all discussions over there.  @Ippo, feel free to ask this thread to be locked.

    Status Update:  I just sent a second beta to @Elkram.  He's done a great job testing for me.  Once he gets back to me, I'll package it for for release.

    It will be on Spacedock as well as Github


    Thank you so much @linuxgurugamer :) It's great to know that someone is picking it up again :)

  7. 29 minutes ago, linuxgurugamer said:


    @Coffeeman hasn't been around since April 11.

    How long should I wait before going ahead with this?

    Well, considering this, I'd say you can go ahead whenever you like. If you'd like to wait a little longer to see if Louis returns that's fine with me too... your call.

    P.S: if you take, would you please make a separate thread about it? I think it's better.

  8. On 14/10/2016 at 3:11 PM, FullMetalMachinist said:

    Yes, and according to my store account I bought the game in April of 2012. I have missed no backstory. 

    The fact is that no matter what you or I or anyone else thinks, KSP is a complete release simply because Squad says it is. 

    No one is saying that you have to like that finished product in it's current state, but it is a finished product. 

    For some definition of finished.

  9. On 5/10/2016 at 5:58 PM, FullMetalMachinist said:

    I really don't understand why some people seem to be so upset about 'the end of KSP development'. You bought a game, and as of version 1.0 they owe you absolutely nothing. 

    The fact that they continued to update and add features for free is amazing. I'm astounded that they did that for so long. But did you really expect to continue getting FREE STUFF forever? The sense of entitlement in some posts is unnecessary and unrealistic. 

    As for paid DLC, I'll happily pay for new stuff, as long as it adds something meaningful to the game. 

    According to your forum profile, you joined on January 6th of this year. Therefore, you have missed quite a lot of backstory. If you had been here longer, you'd know that 1.0 was in no way the complete release (regardless of how much they'd like to promote it as such) and the game is not even complete yet as of 1.2 (at least according to a series of features that were announced a long time ago). Most notably, multiplayer was supposed to be in the game, and it still isn't as of 1.2. That's not counting a lot of work that is in my opinion necessary (really, a game about space with no clouds!?).

    I can understand why you'd feel that 1.0 was the complete release and everything after that is a present... but it really wasn't finished. 1.2 isn't, either.

    I guess you don't recall the "series" of beta releases (there was only one).

  10. 8 hours ago, MisterFister said:

    Do I interpret my CKAN and other sources correctly to note that the latest version of KSP that fully supported the latest version of this mod is KSP v1.0.4?

    I know there was scuttlebutt earlier this year to hand this mod off to someone else, is this the forum thread I should be following for the latest updates?  @Ippo, I have to tell you that this very mod is one of my favorite ideas for the game, and it's something I would very much be willing to invest some time and energy to help with (though my last computer programming experience is decades old.)

    Hello MisterFister, that's correct. I never finished the 1.1 update and 1.2 is coming out today, so I'd say that 1.1 support is coming out never.

    The mod was handed to @Coffeeman who did a number of updates and a couple releases, but it seems that real life got the best of him too. Once again, I'm sorry I'm not working on this mod anymore but honestly 40+ hours per week of programming at work make it "unappealing" to program for fun...

    Feel free to contribute, if you like :) I'm always available for help / questions if you need anything.

  11. I don't actually see the big problem. It shouldn't be too difficult to throw a quick plugin that applies the gravity of an asteroid to all the parts in physics range. You could never be in its SOI, but that would be silly anyway.

    What would be actually interesting would be to find a way to model the uneven gravity of the asteroids, but that's something I'll leave for @eggrobin and Principia.

  12. inb4 "elven boots of major thrust" . I guess you were not around at that time, but trust me... bad subject to bring up. Your proposal is very similar to the original pitch by SQUAD, which was flamed to death by the forum (first and foremost, by me). The idea that the crew can change the very physics of the hardware is nonsense and does not fit at all in a game about science and technology.

  13. 2 hours ago, smjjames said:

    Dangit, Ted left yesterday? Theres a bunch of turnover going on, but I guess it's inevitable and every company goes through this period anyway.

    What is de-LINQing?

    Anyway, not seeing much difference between the new tier 3 editor scenes (a before and after image would probably be good) compared to now, except maybe the lights are working again and the scaffolding is not so dark? The tier 1 and 2 editors definetly look better now though.

    Also, now that we have metallic stuff (the new shaders and effects in unity that are getting implemented/turned on), I wonder if we'll have shiny windows?

    LINQ is basically a Microsoft Library that allows you to write code that is very short, expressive and easy to read. It also happens to be quite inefficient, so the devs are now going through the code and replacing LINQ calls with "normal" code, which will be less terse but more efficient.

  14. 2 hours ago, autumnalequinox said:

    Everything just feels...  too reliable... without Dang it. :)

    I've taken to installing Far for aerodynamic failures and using the Mutiny option in USI life support to break whatever I can in the meantime. :P

    there's a 1.1 branch on github that builds and works partially. It still has a number of problems though. In the meantime, you could try TestFlight :)

  15. 37 minutes ago, sarbian said:

    So @Ippo do you feel that sourceforge was right to repackage OSS software with adware because the license allowed them to do it ?

    I wasn't around when that happened and I honestly don't know what you are referring to. Where can I find out what happened?