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  1. And yet module manager is distributed under a license that waives away your right to control the distribution, like most of the mods on the forum (including mine).
  2. Because they are not redistributing it. Even if you chose ARR, you never had the right to prevent me from teaching someone how to download and install your mods, so you can't reserve that. You never had the right to prevent me from scripting the download and installation, so you can't reserve that. You never had the right to prevent me from sharing that script, so you can't reserve that. The license we chose for our mods do not apply at any level to the work that someone else has done to script the installation. They are not taking your rights away in any form. I believe ckan should delist any mod upon request because it's *nice*. I just feel that it's unfair to treat the ckan team like they are stealing. I also think that if you are not ok with the consequences of open source licenses, you should stick with ARR. I mean this factually, please don't take this as an insult. I just noticed that many people seem to have chosen an open license without considering the full implications, and I see that many are now complaining when their word has been taken literally.
  3. I'd like to point out that CKAN doesn't redistribute anything*. The metadata contains only instructions on where to download the mod and how to install it, and these instructions are machine-readable which allows for automated download and installation. But the download is still taken from the author's hosting choice, therefore there is no redistribution. Imagine you write a post on the forum to explain how you download and install a mod: that would never count as redistribution, and could never be regulated by the mod's license. The same reasoning applies to CKAN's metadata: they are only instructions, and the mod's license does not apply. That being said, I am 100% in favour of allowing authors to opt-out. * although technically ckan keeps a mirror of freely-distributable mods as a backup, the downloads are not served from there.
  4. To be fair, it's hard to argue with that document. My mods are distributed under an open source license that allows for redistribution: if someone else decides to redistribute it, well.. tough. I waived away my right to control its distribution. If you want to keep your rights, then going ARR is not a bad thing, but it's actually the right choice. Additionally, it's also important to remember that technically the mods' licenses do not really apply to CKAN except for their mirrors: CKAN's metadata files are just machine-readable instructions that explain how to install the mod, a scenario that is not technically covered (AFAIK) by most open source licenses. That being said, I have always been in favour of removing FAR from the index (or any other mod, if the author wishes so). I recall that @ferram4 declined my offer to remove it from the index (back when I was still actively helping with the project). I still think that delisting a mod is the right thing to do, if the author thinks so. I submitted a pull request to delete FAR.
  5. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks. It feels incredible to see someone recommending your work to others
  6. Somebody on this forum taught a neat little orbital mechanics trick. Let's say you want to go to the Mun, but your tracking station is too low-level to use manouvre nodes (or even patched conics). You just need to launch to an equatorial orbit (standard 100x100 will do nicely) and wait until you see the Mun rise above the horizon. At Munrise, start burning prograde until your apoapsis reaches the Mun's orbit and voilà, you have an encounter! The same principle applies when you are plotting your transfer burn: place the node near the place in your orbit where there will be the Munrise, and you'll find the encounter immediately. The cool thing was that whoever posted this also included a mathematical proof that showed that this works for *any* moon of a planet. Unfortunately I've forgotten how the proof worked, if anyone were so kind to re-explain it to me it would be fantastic.
  7. check out Real Plume, it makes th exhaust gas more realistic making it expand with the diminishing pressure. It only addresses a small part of your wishes unfortunately, but it's something.
  8. No problem, I like you guys sorry for being slow though. During the week time is really an issue for me, so I doubt I will be making any real progress before next weekend.
  9. Quick update: things seem to be progressing quite well. After fixing the build it seems that there are not so many problems left (especially once I remembered to actually install the dependencies that I've personally chosen...). The biggest problem right now seems to be that the alarms are broken and I have no idea how, but I'll figure it out eventually. Worst case scenario is that I fix everything else and make a temporary release without the audio alarms, but I hope not. By the way, I hadn't seen the repair bay made by @Daishi in a while and oh god it's gorgeous. Kudos, it's absolutely fantastic! <3
  10. So, the good news is that I took a couple of hourse to set everything up again and update a couple of things. Now on github there's a "1.1" branch that does compile. The bad news is that it doesn't work at all. Stay tuned, I'll see what I can do.
  11. In case anyone needs it, a long time ago I had written a small parser for ConfigNode objects. It has never been 100% complete or tested, and I haven't checked if it works in ages, but it should be a good start I hope. https://github.com/Ippo343/OpenNodeParser License is public domain (aka "do what you want with it"). P.S: oh, and it's neither JSON nor YAML. It's just a Squad proprietary standard.
  12. Dear Felipe, we never met and you don't even know who I am. Yet you have been one of the most influential persons in my life. Finding KSP has literally changed my life in a number of ways, making me meet so many wonderful people and even making me able to pursue my dream job. I will miss you Thank you. Michele
  13. @PART[*]:HAS[MODULE[ModuleEngine*]] { @MODULE[ModuleEngine*] { @maxThrust *= 1000000000000 @maxIsp *= 1000000000000 } } This + principia = deorbit anything. (Not sure about the syntax, I am writing from memory with no access to a valid patch atm).
  14. "Diesel engines are a bit less powerful but a bit more efficient" starts sounding like "Diesel engines have lower TWR but higher ISP"
  15. I have very limited time to play, sometimes I might not even launch the game for a month straight. So what happens is that I setup all my mods, start a new career, play a little bit, and by the time I have the technology to go interplanetary a new update rolls out and breaks all the mods, and I'm back to square one. At that point I usually restart the career. In fact this time I decided to play stock and I've never gone so far so quickly before.
  16. Ippo

    FPS Viewer

    I'll do it soon, provided I don't forget I *think* that there's an FPS counter in the debug menu anyway now (but I might have just imagined it). Also, there's at least another plugin doing the same thing: ShowFPS.
  17. (I have just been pulled in the conversation by the mention and have no clue of the context of the post) Is there an issue with any of my mods' metadata? If that's the case, let me know and I'll fix it ASAP. Anyway, from what I gather of the post, the issue is twofold: the metadata and the source of the metadata. Yes, we can manually fix anything we want in the generated metadata, but if the source of the automatically generated metadata has a mistake, we'll keep generating wrong metadata that will need someone to fix it at every update. So it's basically like curing the symptoms without curing the illness.
  18. I don't know if labs do something different. I hook to the OnScienceReceived event, so I guess the labs are not triggering it for some reason?
  19. Uh... glad you like it, because apparently that's accidental too It was actually a pretty bitter comment I made after a squad announcement I didn't quite share (does anybody remember the "Gauntlets of Major Isp" period?). I should definitely remove it now, it's been long enough.
  20. I'll take this chance to remind everyone that this mod is public domain, should it ever be needed.
  21. Thanks to johnqevil, we now have the official 1.3.0 update A big round of applauses for him everyone, he has been working for you while I'm away doing silly things instead. Thank you! P.S: how do I rep him on this new forum?
  22. Hi guys, I registered on spacedock and I uploaded it there Mind you, I haven't tested it under KSP 1.1, it's *exactly* the v1.2.1 zip as it was before. If anyone has any issues, let me know. Cheers, Ippo
  23. Hey guys! Just chimin' in to say that while it's true I am not maintaining this mod anymore, I would definitely like to review a pull request to update the mod There is also a very slim chance that I might just update it myself, but it's very slim so don't count on it (I am trying to balance way too many things right now). Cheers!
  24. As others have said, KSP is not the only reason I use linux, so I'll surely keep using it.
  25. Not CKAN's responsibility, unfortunately (or it would get fixed right away).