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  1. Yes. In fact, some mods that are already available through CKAN are hosted on kerbalstuff (main example being KER). CKAN can update its metadata to post to the next hosting solution, but it won't be a painless experience...
  2. Hi guys, after installing ALL the mods (I am using "quite a few" of them), I am seeing this weird issue where the planets are rendered outside their orbits. In fact, the whole tracking centre graphics seem to be off: see this [URL="http://imgur.com/3C3DJyo"]picture[/URL]. Has anybody seen anything like this before? Only the tracking centre is affected. List of mods (plus 64k, which I installed manually): [URL]http://pastebin.com/8zBwpKRM[/URL]
  3. Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my own RT config. My config is the original 6.4x rescale config with a couple of modifications: - there's one extra station eastward of the KSC to facilitate launches in rescaled systems (I play 64k); - the range of all ground stations is stupidly large (1 * 10^18 m). The rationale for the last decision is that in real life we can track pretty much anything from our ground stations (think New Horizons). IMHO, this makes for a better gameplay: - a satellite network around Kerbin is not necessary anymore for interplanetary missions; - it does not negate the usefulness of a kerbin network (to give you coverage on the surface); - it gives you the option to choose between an interplanetary relay or a direct link back to the planet; You can check it out on my [URL="https://github.com/Ippo343/rt-config/blob/master/RemoteTech_Settings.cfg"]github repo[/URL], it's also available through CKAN.
  4. You can either upload it somewhere (onedrive, googledrive, dropbox...) or just email it to me at m.ippolito@outlook.com . It's weird because I can't replicate it on my install, I even deleted and re-downloaded a fresh copy from steam. Anyone else is seeing this problem?
  5. Just confirming that v1.2.1 works in KSP 1.0.5, so I updated the tag on kerbalstuff. If anybody has problems, please let me have the log and I'll look into it asap.
  6. Well, I managed to make some time for this tonight, and found out that actually the API didn't break (sorry SQUAD, I've been rude). So this should work with no changes in 1.0.5: could you let me have your log file somehow?
  7. Nope, html didn't work. Update: HTML seems to be ignored. BBCode is printed verbatim. White text it is, then.
  8. Hi everyone, I'd like to add some colour to the messages that I send to the player (using the MessageSystem). Does anybody happen to know how it can be done? (I'll be trying html while I wait for someone to answer, will report back on my results)
  9. I bet they changed the API. Again. One day I'll rant about honoring version number conventions (namely, patch numbers aren't supposed to break the API). I'll see to find some time to patch it in the following days (most likely this sunday).
  10. You can enable manual failures in the settings. This will let you trigger failures using the right click menu of a part. Unfortunately I never got around to make them bindable to action groups... :/
  11. At the cost of repeating myself, I will once again let people know that I am absolutely in favour of removing FAR from CKAN's index as the author clearly doesn't want it to be there.
  12. What!? BEST. EASTER EGG. EVAH. 10/10 would communism again.
  13. You are welcome 1) I don't think I have access to that information, I might look into it but I'm not sure the game tells me what part it originates from. 2) I don't know how we can have different colors in the message, if any modder knows how to format text in a message please let me know. 3) Implemented in v1.2.1 (only total funds and rep at the moment, because I'm lazy)
  14. It was a while back when people asked for a sort of "tier" system for the same part. Basically, if you spend more money on a part it gets more reliable (and I mean the same part: take for example a poodle and you can spend some money to make it more reliable than a standard poodle). I don't think that's a good thing though: this mod is about limitations, what's the point in paying to relax them? Most kerbal designs are inherently unreliable (how many of your rockets are multi-engine, and how many of them can lose an engine and still complete the mission?), so you'd just end up paying more for ~every part. Tanks risk explosions because of micro-meteorites, temperature stress and the fact that they are pressurized in a vacuum: all these dangers are still present if you shut the valve That would actually be pretty disappointing given that we have timewarp. I could calculate the probability of a failure in the next X hours / days / whatever, however given that we have timewarp you'll be basically skipping time from one failure to another and you'll likely never see this report. Because it's pretty annoying, actually Not sure about going to the moon and back (I haven't played this game in months), but that sounds about right. You'll need an experienced engineer to fix an engine, not sure what you have to do to gain enough XP. Eheh
  15. Ah, that was it Originally it was a MonoBehaviour, so I forgot to update it to override OnAwake when I switched to a scenario. I didn't congratulate you on the promotion yet, by the way: great job Nathan! Thanks everyone for helping!
  16. Version 1.2.0 is out now! I finally implemented the message queue. You will only get a message every n reports, where n is configurable in the options. 0 science reports are filtered out: thanks Taowulf!
  17. Hi guys, I'm seeing a strange issue. I have this simple ScenarioModule. It throws a NRE immediately after Awake() finishes: using darklight's ExceptionDetector, I see that the exception is thrown in ScenarioRunner.MoveNext, but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong... has anybody seen something like this?
  18. Sorry bro, not happening. Not from me, anyway. Well, it certainly sounds suspicious. I don't know what to say, sorry.
  19. Hello everyone! Sorry for not replying sooner, life's been pretty hectic and weird lately. For a variety of reasons, I just cannot stay at home, so even when I have some some spare time I'm not around a PC. The failure rate is influenced by the temperature: reducing the temperature by any means will be beneficial Unfortunately not, not at the moment. The LifeTime is the constant of the exponential decay (with all the implications that your read about already). MTBF is the initial value, at time zero. So for example, if you have two parts with the same LifeTime but different MTBF, the one with the higher MTBF will always be strictly more reliable than the other. I hope it's clearer now
  20. Eh, that happened a long ago. At least now I get payed to pursue my hobby
  21. Uh, that's unfortunate. I will update it, but please somebody send me a PM on sunday to do it or there's no way I'll remember to do it.
  22. Not at the two companies where I had an interview. At my current company (and actually, also previous as I was already working here in another position), my boss simply told me "all experience counts". At another company they asked me a lot of questions about it and didn't seem to care that it was about gaming (especially since they do everything in C#/.NET). Not sure how many companies didn't even call me after seeing "KSP" on the CV, though...
  23. (I'll just point out that actually, you do. My offer is still valid, you know)