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  1. So, about 1 year and a half ago I read an xkcd comic mentioning KSP. First I started playing, then I decided to start modding it, I eventually contributed to the CKAN, and all this code ended up on my CV... and starting from today, I'm officially a software developer So a huge thank you to Harv and all the KSP team (and the CKAN team too)!
  2. CKAN auto-detects the version of KSP you are using and only shows the mods that are compatible with it. The metadata already contains the compatibility info for each mod
  3. Then they are working. Enjoy the suspense
  4. Yes, it's required. It's stated in the manual installation instructions, and it's also bundled in the zip file. By the way, you should really use CKAN
  5. Woah guys. I don't care for ps4, but chill out, for jeb's sake. you are acting like they discontinued the game. If somebody wants to play a much more limited game on a much more limited computer, it's their problem.
  6. Did you install community resource pack?
  7. Dang It! Is not a realism mod, it is a difficulty mod.
  8. Just stopping by to say that with the new repo re-merge, building ckan is a breeze (in fact, you just run "make" and you are done). OCD-pleasure aside, what this means is that finally it should be super-easy to get CKAN to build into a proper debian-compliant package... which pretty much means that I should be able to finally make our own PPA
  9. Yep! You can find it here KS likes to have a freeform license field for the moment (and I'm guessing for the foreseeable future).
  10. Octopus salad, to anger the Kraken.
  11. Personally I'm more a fan of a more radical approach, original proposed by ferram4. If your mod creates files, then it's not fully ckan-compatible. End of story. It's a little radical, I know, but... I will use this occasion to forward my agenda of seeing an "uninstall" stanza join the spec to allow for the removal of created files
  12. 400K (hardcoded, which I agree is terrible).
  13. Not anymore. Manual installation is deprecated in favour of ckan. Glad we figured it out
  14. Well, the log is always there even if the game does not crash. But judging from the picture, you did not install Community Resource Pack.
  15. We are going to see the log for this. It's long planned, and not trivial. One day
  16. Craft files belong on KerbalX (which is also much more suited for the task).
  17. Sweet! If I come to mexico, can we jump/fall out of a plane together? Pretty please?
  18. Unfortunately no: you can only specify one trait and you must set its level. We could implement the second part (i.e, any trait with that level) but as far as I know the stock XP system allows only one trait per kerbal.
  19. It looks like someone has completely forgotten about the wiki and hasn't updated it to reflect the new version...
  20. I am absolutely fine with their choice of mods. Also this statement has no conflict of interests whatsoever
  21. the same file works on all platforms, including mac. Check the wiki for platform specific instructions (you will need to make sure you have Mono installed)
  22. You absolutely did not A huge factor in the original design of ckan was making our data available for other applications. Sadly, no one has used the opportunity yet, but this would be a great start! All the metadata is public domain, so we encourage every use of it, and we are available for help if you need it
  23. CKAN supports a "conflicts" relationship for incompatible mods, and an optional "supports" relationship that is there exactly to do what the OP wiuld like. It seems few mods use it, though.