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  1. I'd just like to point out that ckan isn't a mod
  2. If it happened, it would be absolutely legal and understandable (although a real PITA). Software development is a lot of work: if one wishes to get paid for it, he/she has a point. Not saying that it would be a good business model, I'm just saying that it's understandable. Now, what skyrim mods are gonna be paid? As a skyrim player, I'm worried.
  3. Well, C# supports default arguments so it's totally possible that the new argument has a default value and thus the code still runs fine. Uhm, OP is from 2nd January 2014.
  4. By the way, does anybody know how this behaves in 0.90? I never checked it out (heck, I haven't even *played* since 0.90 was released). Not sure if it still works with the new glow shader.
  5. I'll take this chance to remind everyone that ckan supports metapackages, which are essentially modpacks
  6. There's no other way. However, make sure you remove every mod that depends on those before you remove them. CKAN doesn't play nice with manually installed mods: that's by design and it's not likely to change any time soon. My personal suggestion is to just delete *every* mod and start using ckan from a vanilla install.
  7. Hello everyone! As pjf pointed out before, I've been (slowly and poorly) experimenting with deb packaging for ckan, with the long term goal of making ckan available through the repository system. For the moment I'm still experimenting with the system (a *huge* thank you to Pinkbeast, who tolerated me this afternoon on IRC and helped me a lot): if you are brave and you know what you are doing, I'd like some feedback on the current build. Please note that the versions of ckan and netkan offered through the package are obsolete: they are only meant for testing, for the moment. Please report back! Github issues on the CKAN-deb repo are especially appreciated for this purpose
  8. Well, it would be great if you could point us to what works and what doesn't on OSX, exactly. I understand your experience hasn't been that great: we'd like to know precisely why to see if we can do stuff about it. While you are at it, if you could find a little time to review the wiki page regarding OSX installation, that would be fantastic As for "real" development, I'm really not sure what we are missing to be a "proper" OSX app, since to be honest I never used a mac for more than 5 minutes...
  9. The difference is that KSP (afaik) ships a native executable for every platform. The native executable is basically little more than a front-end to the underlying .NET code. CKAN instead ships directly (and only) the .NET executable. OSX support is very lacking for the simple reason that we have no developer on OSX: if you could help us improve support for OSX, that would be great! P.S: CKAN is not written in C#, not Visual Basic. Both are programming languages (not programs) that can be used on most platforms (including linux, where most of CKAN's development took and still takes place).
  10. Actually, all .NET languages run exactly like java. They are compiled to a portable low-level language and executed by a virtual machine. Mono just provides an alternative implementation of the.NET virtual machine. Even on windows it's not a native executable, exactly like java (that's why the same file can be run on all 3 systems). See here: http://it.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Language_Runtime
  11. Right now it's only controlled via the MM patches (which, I must stress, are still all placeholders).
  12. Regarding testing, please keep in mind that the largest part of KSP is assets, not code. So it doesn't fit on a cartridge, but it's mainly because of models and textures. Plus, the vast majority of the code (the engine) is Unity's responsibility. So yes, it's still totally possible to debug a game.
  13. AFAIK, only DangIt!, and as soon as I can find some time, it's ditching it too.
  14. I understood what he meant, my answer is still the same
  15. No, and it won't, because I don't think that's good design.
  16. Just a very small clarification for the three affected users (me, myself and I): you can specify multiple regular expressions at once, the matches are joined using a <or>. That is, if you specify 3 expressions and a package matches at least 1, it is selected for removal.
  17. Hours of use. An engine is in use when it produces thrust. Check the wiki for the long version
  18. Well, I had to implement my system because at the time there was no stock system, and after that development stopped. Really, it's not a design choice, it's just legacy code.
  19. I have nothing to contribute to this discussion, although I would be really really curious to see you stick to your original plan and get burnt just like we kept saying for months. ok, more constructive: ignore the deadline. Move it as far back as it needs to, 1.0 must be FINISHED, completely.
  20. My implementation of the leveling system predates the stock one. After that I never got around to remove it, that's it.
  21. Don't worry guys, there's not a chance in hell I'm working on Dang It! any sooner than may or even june, by that time who knows what mods are out there
  22. It's not currently possible with the framework we have. Maybe one day. Thanks for reminding me In truth, Daishi and I were thinking about integrating tools with KIS (meaning that you'd also need to pick up the correct tool, like a wrench). Then we got a real life to the knee...
  23. Well, I'm not Coffeeman, but it should be ok as far as I know