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  1. Kasper, I'm starting to think you're beginning to enjoy this in a masochistic type of way lol
  2. Oh I just had a great idea! One that fixes the 502 errors, lessens the hype (sorry guys but it has to be done) and makes everyone happy that Squad goes through the "official channels" Email. Yes that old dinosaur email could be used to notify us of when updates are made! Everyone on the forum can choose to subscribe or not and those that do can sit back and not mash f5 and go about their day. The second the update is out they get a ping with their email! Is this feasible?
  3. Thank You Kasper! Really we're all (ok almost all but almost) just really excited! We appreciate the work all of you guys at Squad, the experimental tester, the modds and everyone else for their hard work! Hope you get to some nice Red Bull crash induced sleep soon.
  4. Kasper, you are having fun with this aren't you? haha hey i did I went and watched some nassault videos to lower the load... but I just had to come back and hit f5 just one more time. Or two. Definitely no more then 20 lol
  5. DO it the Kerbal way! Fast and dangerous!
  6. yup that is what i am waiting on. The mysterious FAQ.... I'm hoping it comes out alongside the update but I'm beginning to think we won't get it till tomorrow or later, regardless of what our friendly Mod Rowsdower said. Things come up and must be dealt with correctly. Thank you all for your hard work! Can't wait to play it whenever it comes out
  7. I refreshed the Forums and I saw that it said 242 threads in Daily Kerbal instead of the previous 241 and I just about lost it . This playlist needed some more attention, its cool you guys did it for FleetAdmiralJ. And thanks for the work on the update... I'm sure one of these next refreshes Daily Kerbal will read 243 threads lol
  8. Yup. My only rule so far for .24 is no quicksaving/quickloading/flightreverting ever. Beyond that just my usual self imposed rules I have that *disclaimer* I play to have fun my way and am in no way saying this is the "right' way to play or that it is the superior way to play. It's just how I play, and I hope you play whichever way is funnest for you *end of disclaimer* I always play by: no kerbal left behind, perma death, and only auxiliary mods like chatterer, alarm clock, visual enhancements, and KER. I'm a mod guy, and when 1.0 comes out I will be in mod galore but as KSP is a WIP I want to experience new additions to gameplay mechanics and parts fresh. In other words, when there are damaging effects of entering an atmosphere to steep I want to experience them first in stock, even though stuff like DRE looks awesome. Come 1.0, however, and I will go Burger King on KSP and modify it till its perfectly "my way" So those are my rules, hype is in exponential growth right now, can't wait!!
  9. Could you give a link or tell me what video Kurtjmac makes these comments? I'm a fan of his channel but don't have time to watch all of his videos. I'm just wondering, if you can't I understand.
  10. What?? Alt-L does this! Praise be to the Magic Boulder! That's awesome will absolutely use that. And, OP, I like that idea a lot. Very 'kerbal' IMO. Green for staging and red for abort in comic sizes; yes please!
  11. I think this is just one of those tough times. I get not wanting to abandon your save, and hopefully it won't break them. However, the game must move forward. Personally, I don't think making contracts optional is the way to go. Wait until the update and then learn if it breaks saves. If it does perhaps you could do some tinkering with save files or hyperedit and put all of your flags, bases, ships and kerbals into the new game. If not, well then you can keep your old save and just have to play it in 32 bit until starting a new one in .24. It's painful I'm sure, but I can't think of a way to move the game forward while catering to such a high extent to old saves. I guess I just hope for you that the saves don't break or they release a patch.
  12. Hmm that's a tough question. Aerodynamics or VAB control overhaul? I hope, and imagine, that both will eventually be worked on, however I'm going to go with aerodynamics. Not just for flying but I feel that adding something like DRE to stock is necessary and would be great. Just gives one more part of space travel to plan and build for. Both are good options though.
  13. Let's timewarp through this soi change. XD
  14. New version means a new save for me. When the .23.5 patch to fix the broken saves came out I was already well into my next tech tree And I agree; the long term future of the game should not be made dependent on not breaking saves.
  15. I sit here in the dark in front of my computer screen hitting refresh on KSP Forums, Youtube for the media team, and Tumblr waiting for one to pop up with something new.... This has been going on since the First Contract Video. My eyes may be bleeding now, I'm not sure. Checking would require I take my eyes off of the refreshing screens lol Seriously tho, not too much. I'm pretty active till "experimentals are SoonTM"then my space program comes to a screeching halt. At this point the knowledge of impending destruction of my save and mods prevents me from working on post-techtree ksp which is long term time intensive missions for me. So I go into an excited -yet-tensed mood until more news surfaces. Then I'm filled with joy till I have devoured the new source for a third time. Finally, I return to excited-yet-tense. Repeat for each new announcement. When the update is released I go crazy happy download it start a new career and am happy till the next experimentals are announced which causes me to again stop. This time the gap between experimentals and the update is even worse because I've decided to do something a little different for this update.... Guess I just have to wait and see.
  16. In a recent thread Aladran posted this link http://www.orbiter-forum.com/showthread.php?t=22998. That link is HarvesteR announcing KSP to the Orbiter Forum community. There was, of course, discussion in that thread about that link. However, I think a new thread with a more specific focus on a certain part of that link is necessary. Specifically, this part: So do you think KSP has found it's 'different take' on space games? Are you satisfied with its approach? And, most importantly, do you believe it has achieved or surpassed HaversteR's original goal of being a stepping stone for Orbiter? Oh and one more thing, If anyone on this forum was part of the community back in the time when orbital mechanics were being debated... Thank you SO MUCH for influencing this game to include my favorite feature of this uniquely 'Kerbal' Game!
  17. And I agree a more open discussion of a time table would be nice. I would also be upset if they just stopped development tomorrow, though we both don't think that will happen. I believe it was you that used the contracting company repairing a leaky roof as an analogy. I like that analogy, particularly since I work at a roofing company and have repaired leaky roofs for them. For the analogy lets make the contractor squad, the customer us, and the leak your desire to play a fun game. A full roof is a full release game, a patch is a game like KSP. A fixed leak is when your desire is satisfied and you have a fun game to play. A leak that was not fixed means your desire remains, you are not fully satisfied with a game yet. IRL if you have a leaky roof most contractors will suggest you get a new roof and not a patch since they can make sure the roof won't leak when the job is completely done. The company I work for fully guarantees full roofs. There is more accountability there, just like with full games. However, we cannot guarantee patches, leaks are often caused by improper installation and that is very hard to detect with shingles on the roof. So if a customer asks for a patch as it is the cheaper option and still has a good chance of fixing the leak, we tell them outright that we cannot guarantee it. If a leak sprouts up after the first repair then we go back. This could take multiple returns as we could not guarantee that the first patch would completely fix the leak. However, we go back until the leak is fixed. This is kind of what squad did; they said here try this. we think you will have fun however its not a full job yet so no guarantees and it may take awhile to find that sweet sauce to make it awesome. So it may be slower than you'd want but as long as you call us back we will come. Now asking squad to redefine the game as a 1.0 to have the extra accountability would be like asking the roofing company to redefine their patch as a full roof after they did the work for the patch. It doesn't make sense. And I don't think that was what you meant. I think your point was that squad should let us know what to expect. And on that note, I agree. It would be like you calling the contractor to come redo the leak and he does it without telling you when he would do it, what he did or what to expect. Is it required by law? No, but you start to lose customers when communication breaks down. Or what if they just can't find the leak and walk away? They have the right, but it still would make you rightly upset. While I do think more communication would be a good thing, I am more or less content with the current state of affairs. You want a little extra, and as you paid for the patch/alpha game I believe you are allowed to ask for better customer relations irregardless of whether they were assured to you in a contract. And so, while I don't agree on the need for more communication I wholeheartedly agree with your right to request such. All I disagree with is asking for a full release for accountability after agreeing to the terms and before the game is ready. To do so would, IMO, be illogical and counterproductive to what I consider to be a worth while goal. Thank you for this discussion. Made me think about my stance and I think it has been productive.
  18. Which is entirely possible, and within Squad's legal rights. KSP was, and in some ways still is, a gamble. You paid a reduced price for an incomplete product. If it were to become a 1.0 game with the next update I agree accountability would go up. But the scope of the game would either diminish or cost you more for future DLC. I play with mods too and I agree that updates breaking mods are annoying, but it has to be expected when a game goes under such great change per update. If you wish to complain about a product after buying it that makes sense. But to complain about it not conforming to standards that the company explicitly told you it has no obligation to meet doesn't make sense to me. A more constructive option would be to report your bugs and make suggestions to squad then to ask them to redefine the game before they think it is ready, IMO. If I'm misunderstanding your argument please let me know, I'm all for constructive debate.
  19. KSP is a game that really could benefit from a custom set up like this. And while I am only a little intimidated by the physical construction (particularly soldering; I solder and braze a lot for appliances, but for some reason those skills do not transfer to electronic work ) I am very intimidated by the programming. The furthest I've gone was a Fahrenheit/Celsius converter that I copied line for line out of a programming for dummies book. Needles to say it scared me off. I respect the talent, I just wish I could find someone on the forum who enjoys doing this sorta thing as a hobby and would be willing to make one for a reasonable purchase price... hint hint lol
  20. Awesome idea! I would download this and make every Kerbal except for the Big Three a red shirt... lol
  21. Haha I know my save could use a kessler syndrome removing focused update
  22. Yeah when I heard KSP was on sale I figured being able to know how much time I had in the game was worth another fifteen dollars, heck the next update is worth fifteen dollars
  23. Thanks Spartwo and austin4050! This probably means I'll just switch over to my steam copy then so I know how many hours I have logged in the game.
  24. ... and while I'm not new to KSP I am to steam. Just seeing if anyone else played on both steam and, uh, on "not steam" to tell me if there was any difference beyond that steam counts your hours and auto updates. Thanks and Cheers!
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