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  1. Hi, as usual late to the party on this one. Has anyone created an MM patch that adds this mod's CactEye functionality to the various telescope mods out there (ResearchBodies, TarsierSpaceTech, ScanSAT, etc.)? If not let me know and I'll whip something up myself. It seems like models in this mod are causing some trouble, and we have lots of pretty telescope models from above mods.
  2. Probably was it then. I had terrible GC frame issues before heapadder, but removing it seems not to have affected it.
  3. I'm not sure. I run about 150-200 mods (some of which are just my own MM patches) and the way I troubleshoot is uninstall all mods not explicitly known to be compatible with the latest KSP version, then reinstall the ones I actually use (horrific, but frankly I'm not going to go through each mod individually). I believe it may have been a screenshot captioning utility. Might've also been heapadder? was causing me to hit beeg numbers on memory utilization and i wasn't really noticing GC hitches before I enabled it
  4. apparently it was some outdated mod. i got a crash.dmp tool and had a look. only took me about 3h to isolate the suspect.
  5. Hi folks. Usually I'm able to do my own troubleshooting, but I'm experiencing some odd crashes. The game runs fine, until suddenly I click on an element or simply wait too long, and kaboom! game is crashed. The logfiles have been far less decipherable than usual, seem to be referring to Unity trying to access something it definitely shouldn't be. This should have player.log and error.log attached. I have a bunch more of these as well, as well as a few memory dumps. https://gist.github.com/DuoDex/cd9e3dace278b6dce1a754e0652c509c Thanks for your time. Duo
  6. Hi @Gameslinx. Would you consider releasing your configs (not the mod itself!) under a different license so that people can use them as a template for other planet packs or for the stock system? Right now the only configs must be created from a blank file...
  7. Hi @nightingale. It seems that when using Contract Slot Machine, the contract rewards are re-randomized upon loading the save. I'm not sure why this is.
  8. Worth my while to put in a PR to remove SSPX science and the stock Comet stuff while we're working on it?
  9. Hi there DMagic. I've been using this excellent mod recently and have encountered a couple of issues with the most recent update (20.4). One of them is more of a nitpick than a real issue, and one is probably just a bug introduced in the latest update. The nitpick one is that Scansat persists in showing resources that I'm not using in my current save. Perhaps some way to exclude resources manually would be in order? The second issue is an annoying flickering in the tooltip when I enable the SCAN overlay.
  10. I missed one of the cometScience defs. cometSample_interstellar also needs to be in there. Updated the post above as well.
  11. Personal preference - the parts for those are intended for space stations and are not at all suitable for landings.
  12. Hi, I've made a couple of temporary fixes to that issue, these are two .cfgs that simply disable contracts for Nert's stuff and the comet science experiments as well. Obviously not an ideal situation but should tide you over until someone better with CC/MM than I takes a look. @CC_EXPERIMENT_DEFINITIONS { name = DisableCometScience EXPERIMENT { name = infraredTelescope ignored = true } EXPERIMENT { name = cometSample_short ignored = true } EXPERIMENT { name = cometSample_intermediate ignored = true } EXPERIMENT { name = cometSample_long ignored = true } EXPERIMENT { name=cometSample_interstellar ignored=true } } @CC_EXPERIMENT_DEFINITIONS { name = SSPX EXPERIMENT { name = sspxFishStudy ignored = true } EXPERIMENT { name = sspxPlantGrowth ignored = true } EXPERIMENT { name = sspxVisualObservation ignored = true } }
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