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  1. Haven't been written yet. Hop on Github (link in OP) and write a few, we can always use more!
  2. I think we can all agree that having a major games company overseeing development can't really hurt. One might even say that it's about time for some adult supervision
  3. Please direct further discussion of this to the official thread.
  4. updated OP, please ping me on irc if you want a new OP for you to maintain or if you update again
  5. I have updated the OP to reflect recent changes. Olympic1 should now be considered a co-equal maintainer of this mod.
  6. Do not currently have access to a PC with KSP on it but I'm sure it will work just fine. Thanks! Just throw me a PR and I'll merge it.
  7. i clicked the thread oh no
  8. Parts are parts, I think the number of people who use only rocket parts only for rockets and vice versa is very small, so a more universal/uniform design still makes sense
  9. I am not a modeler, but some of the design decisions seem a bit dodgy to me when compared to the current models we've got already. I would've leaned towards a more curvy design on the new tanks to match with the spaceplane parts we've got - instead it seems we're getting yet another style of part that doesn't mesh well with any of the previous styles. Now obviously @RoverDude can't emulate Porkjet's work completely as there's differences in experience, design philosophy, etc, but I was hoping for a more fluid and less angular design. That would make it more fun to combine different sizes and get a nice effect.
  10. Punted to Science subforum.
  11. I am not sure exactly what the problem is in the above image. Can you be more specific? Edit: If I am interpreting that correctly, the extra-long tag looks to a IPS bug, which we can't do anything about. Not sure what the deal with the picture problem is as everything looks good to me.
  12. Thread has been stickied and moved into the 1.2.9 subforum.
  13. No, but it is currently broken. Maybe functionality it needs will be fixed in 1.3