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  1. Thanks, that "solved" it for me! Was getting super annoying with now several ground stations set up ...
  2. This wasn't very clear to me - I misunderstood that if I was installing VSR for the first time ever, I didn't have to retract panels first. I installed with CKAN, loaded up, and my panels 1x6 were twisted sideways, and I could no longer retract the panels. I tried renaming the fix to cfg but that didn't work to let me retract them either, so I moved the cfg to the GameData (out of VSR dir), still didn't work. Removed VSR, tried again.. not only doesn't work, my craft are all messed up with weird spacing between parts. Solar panels are oriented right though, but I still can't open/close them. Is there something I could regex replace in the persistent.sfs to fix this? I don't really want to have to close all my RT satellite network panels and re-open them manually, anyways...
  3. I'm waiting for this to be available in CKAN - CKAN is too damn handy to install anything without it
  4. Apparently I had never actually left the atmosphere, though I thought I had... or maybe I just needed to restart KSP. I just tried again and as soon as I left the atmosphere I got the completions. I came in backwards though and exploded quite rapidly since my re-entry was straight down... lol.
  5. TL;DR: I apparently didn't wait until leaving the atmosphere before giving up on it. The message about needing crew is irrelevant to my problem, just means the pod is useless for control. I've built this goofy contraption (haven't unlocked anything that seats more than one Kerbal yet) I have Jeb in the top most pod, and all the others have tourists. I can fly the thing, put it on a suborbital trajectory clear of the atmosphere, but still won't complete the contract. I assume that error is the reason. Can we not simply have the craft piloted by someone in a separate pod (or a probe, which was my first attempt) ? Do we have to wait until we can get multi-kerbal pods / cabins before we can perform these contracts?
  6. "Win64bit detecting changed to prevent it to be disabled" in latest version, does this mean it's enabled (at your own risk) in 64bit?
  7. Any news on .25 compatibility? Works, doesn't work, ... ?
  8. "We can't stop! We're going too fast!" I feel like you need a logo of a Kerbal face planted into some console...
  9. If you can store it as a sparse file, all the unscanned areas at least won't take up any (or much, due to block sizes etc) space, at least on reasonable filesystems. Though, I'm not sure you can do that from within Mono / .net / unity ?
  10. I've had that same crazy CoM thing without KAS. I want to say I saw it once or twice before I started adding mods back in, but I could be wrong. Also, I'm running 64bit windows build, so... who knows! Currently I have: Toolbar Connected Living Space Crew Xfer Deb Refund Editor Extensions Enhanced Nav Ball FAR KJR Klockheed Martian stuff Mod Statistics (cause mods...) Hot Rockets Cool Rockets Docking Port Alignment Final Frontier Procedural Fairings Real Chute Remote Tech 2 Smoke Screen Toadicus Tools Trigger Tech Tweakable Everything Tweak Scale Universal Storage (core) I don't currently have KAS installed...
  11. Got one of these for one of the radial decouplers. What constitutes escape trajectory? Leaving Kerbin for Kerbol SOI? to the Mun? Just escaping the atmosphere isn't enough.
  12. Look at ResearchandDevelopement, ScienceSubject, ScienceData, etc... (i.e. things with research or science in the name). If you're using Visual Studio you can start typing and let the auto complete suggest things and look through the list. When you find something interesting, F12 on it to jump to it's definition in the assembly. If you're feeling more adventurous, google ILSpy and use that on the assembly... but while it gives you basically full source disassembly, a lot of the variable names are borked ... I think we can define new ScienceSubject objects via cfg (see , probe_science_definitions.cfg ), which we can then generate ScienceData objects referencing the ScienceSubject objects, just shove their config node onto the vessel somewhere (I don't think it matters where, I hacked up a few ScienceData nodes into my persistence file in several places in the vessel hierarchy and got debug log errors about the science subjects not existing when it tried to show the dialog - I haven't yet tried to create them via cfg and haven't figured out how to add them during runtime myself programmatically)...
  13. After looking at KSP's code with ILSpy (which can get some variable names, others it fails and instead of giving a nice human readable name outputs numbers but not as text.. i.e. the text view interprets them with symbols like [sOH] and [bS] and so forth), I may have a clue what I have to do. It looks like if instead of doing SubmitScienceData myself, I get my science into ScienceData and slap it as a certain kind of config node on a vessel that is being recovered (creating a fake one from scratch to handle the case where it has been destroyed but I want to show some failure analysis gain from it, perhaps), the recovery screen will work right... probably. Just have to figure out HOW to do it
  14. I've gotten part way there I think, science is increased but it doesn't show on the recovery screen as an individual entry (just in the total science at the bottom). ScienceSubject subj = new ScienceSubject("recovery@KerbinFlew", "Failure Analysis of flight components", 1.0f, (float)newScience, 10); ResearchAndDevelopment.Instance.SubmitScienceData((float)newScience,subj);