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  1. Yes, the stock model generates too much lift for wing area. Your planes will also reach higher speeds in FAR than you do in stock.
  2. Planet shine has adjustments for ambient light. In the past, it has been known to conflict with other mods that mess with ambient lighting.
  3. So far so good with the new DLL and I even reinstalled the Jan25 dev version of KJR for IR compatibility.
  4. It's super easy to use, just click "use terrain altitude" and you can literally drag and drop the waypoint exactly where you want to on the body from the map view. Then if you need it at a certain altitude for some reason you can edit that manually.
  5. If you don't want to use a dev version check out Waypoint Manager, I just came back recently from a long break as well and was overjoyed to find this.
  6. If anyone wants the 1.1.6 sunflare back you can DL this edit which simply overwrites the new flare images with the old ones and changes two values in the .cfg file to match the entries from 1.1.6. Replaced .pngs in StockVisualEnhancements/SVE_Scatterer_Sunflares/Sun with the 1.1.6 .pngs In StockVisualEnhancements/SVE_Settings.cfg, replaced entries "flareSettings" and "spikesSettings" entries with the 1.1.6 entries. All the other entries in that section were the same. Edit: Updated for 1.2.1 SVE_OldFlares_for_1.2.1.zip: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz8b-qQdcJUJRGdpS0tY
  7. Is there any way to turn the sun fog off in the configs? I'm not sure I like it.
  8. I do expect it. I'll point the FAR thread over here. Thanks for looking at it. Stay safe from the storms.
  9. I'm running the latest developement version of FAR, without KJR now, and it's still occuring sporadically but I have a ton of other mods. The next time it happens I'll post another log.
  10. I had it happen with another craft, after removing KJR, but was unable to find reproduction steps. I uninstalled FAR temporarily and it landed fine.
  11. How do I get the custom ComSat contract I set up to appear. I've made sure they are enabled and can cheat it in. Do I have to do a specific mission to make them start appearing? Will they appear on their own? Do they have rep limit? Also, in regard to repair panels, will missions to repair sattelites generate for any sattelite with a panel? Or do they have to be sattelites that are made for contracts?
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